HORRIBLE HOLIDAY 2Early 1999 saw wife Sarah recovering from pneumonia, but she still Wasn,t well enough for sex and seemed quite content to let Dear daughter Christina keep me happy in the mean time even though Chris had taken up a new relationship with a new guy. She confessed to me she always fucked on the first date as “If I like a guy I want to test his equipment as soon as possible”. She hadn,t yet decided whether to move in with new man Dale. “He,s not as good a lover as you Daddio, but with me as teacher who knows?” she joked. Chris was almost as good at sucking cock as her Mum and like her mother always swallowed and Didn,t mind practising on me from time to time. She even took me by surprise one evening while Sarah made a cake in the kitchen not far canlı bahis away. Occasionally Chris invited her best friend Nita round to the house. One afternoon while Sarah was working and I was off work Chris brought Nita round to our house. Nita was of Pakistani descent, short, petite with big breasts and tight bottom dressed that day in tee shirt and painted on jeans in low shoes. Nita was a really stunning girl a year older than Chris who worked in the same office. Chris made me a cup,of coffee, them tea and we sat and watched a bit of telly. Chris had told Nita all about our relationship so Nita Wasn,t shocked when Chris sat in my lap and snogged me passionately. “Hey Daddio. Nita needs a hug, too.” Chris laughed as she moved to a chair beside me. “Come bahis siteleri on then Nita?” I opened my arms in invitation and she climbed in them. “Hey Big Man. I see you,re happy to see us!” Nita rubbed my hardening cock. “Naughty Daddy. Guess you,d better do something about it then Nita.” Chris laughed and in response the girl unzipped my flies and fished out my stiff prick. She sat down next to me on the settee and proceeded to move her hand up and down my shaft using her long delicate fingers. “Something so hard needs to be sucked!” She whispered in my ear in a husky voice and leaned over to do just that whilst Chris lowered her trousers and knickers so she could finger her pussy as sheceatched us. I knew there was little chance of Sarah catching us bahis şirketleri as she Wasn,t due home from work for hours and soon Chris joined us on the settee so I could finger her juicy twat while Nita continued to suck me. I just managed to extract my penis from Nita,s mouth and into her cunt when Chris stood before me moving her pussy to my face so I could lick her as I pummelled Nita. I wanted my climax to last longer, but these young women just could not wait and as soon as I filled Nita,s Fanny with my heavy white semen Chris dived down to lap it up, sharing it with Nita as they kissed passionately between laps. Totally exhausted but happy we had another cuppa and were all sitting chatting when Sarah arrived and amazingly Sarah Was in the mood for a Fuck that night and even more animated when I told her of the events of the afternoon. “You,re a lucky man to have such a sexy family and friends, Joe.” She gulped the last of my heavy semen down. Hard to disagree with her!

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