Horse Photographer Returns


Caroline had been thinking of returning to Jake’s horse farm all week. Every time she had thought about it, she’d gotten wet with desire. Now that it was Saturday, she could finally go.

She took her time in the shower and getting dressed. She chose a peasant blouse with an elastic neckline. Having perky C-cup breasts, Caroline could get away with not wearing a bra so she chose not to on this fine morning. A wide, above the knee flowing skirt and flat shoes completed the wardrobe.

Caroline grabbed her camera gear and her tripod and started driving towards Jake’s farm. The two hour drive to the country went by fast as Caroline thought of the horses and of Jake himself. She had enjoyed her last visit and was looking forward to another fun visit.

She parked her car and made her way to the horse enclosure and started taking pictures of the beautiful horses. Then, she spotted Jake in another enclosure, talking and petting a beautiful stallion. She walked over and took several picture of the horse. Then, she set her camera aside and climbed up on the fence. Jake came over to her and she bent down to kiss him. They kissed for a while and Jake reached up and started caressing her breasts through the fabric. Discovering that she had no bra on, he pulled down the blouse and took out her breasts to better play with them and tease the nipples while he continued kissing her. Then, he stopped kissing her and started kissing and sucking on her dangling breasts.

Caroline moaned softly as he sucked on her nipples. Then she asked “Are you happy to see me?”

Jake let go of her nipple and laughed “You get down from the top rung and come through the middle of the fence here and see just how happy I am to see you.”

With a laugh, Caroline did as he suggested and when she poked her upper body through the middle part of the fence, she saw that his pants were already tented. “You should free that wild horse of yours so I can play with it” she teased.

Jake pulled down his pants and freed up his growing erection and got close enough to Caroline so she could reach it with hands and mouth.

“Mmmmm. Looks good.” Caroline purred as she reached for his hardening cock. She didn’t waste any time and engulfed the tip of his cock into her mouth while she closed her hand around the shaft. She pumped his cock with her pendik escort fist, licking and teasing the head and got him to full length and hardness.

She let go of the shaft and moved her hand to caress his sack while she took more of him into her mouth. Jake put his hands in her hair and gently pulled her on him, showing her the rhythm he liked. He was fast reaching the point of no return and didn’t want to come in her mouth, wanting to keep that moment for when he’d be buried in her tight pussy so he stopped the movements, holding her still. Caroline, understanding his actions, simply gently licked his cock in her mouth.

Then, she felt something behind her, a hand on her backside. She tried to pull away but Jake held her in place. “Don’t worry dear, my friend Wayne won’t hurt you, he just wants to play with you like I am.” Caroline could feel a hand moving up her leg and pulling up her skirt. The skirt was pushed up onto her back, exposing her nude crotch to this Wayne. She then felt his hand caressing her ass and then her slit. The hand felt soft against her shaved pussy lips.

Caroline tried to shake her head but Jake was holding her tight. Then she heard another voice “Been told I’m an excellent pussy eater so relax and enjoy this!” She felt a set of lips on her pussy lips and a tongue gently probing. Being extremely turned on already, Caroline let go of her fear and relaxed. After all, she had come to the farm more for sex than for the horses.

She moved her tongue on Jake’s cock while she opened up her legs wider, giving Wayne more access to her pussy. Jake started gently fucking her mouth again, saying “You’ll love this baby, trust me.”

Caroline was feeling Wayne’s tongue teasing her slit and then he stopped. She felt him put his head between her legs and understood that he wanted her to spread her legs even wider. As she did this, she felt him come up between her legs and start licking at her pussy again. When he found her clit, Caroline understood why Wayne had been told he was an expert. Soon, under the effect of his expert tongue, she was feeling the tingles of an orgasm coming on. She sucked Jake’s cock harder for a while as she enjoyed Wayne’s tongue but as she neared her release, she let go of the cock in her mouth, holding on to it with her hand and moaned “Oh God, that’s so good, I’m escort pendik going to come. Don’t stop Wayne, don’t stop!”

Wayne didn’t disappoint and quickly brought Caroline to her first orgasm. As both men let her come back down to earth, they suggested she turn around. Caroline, ready to be fucked, didn’t argue. She turned around, allowing Jake access to her pussy through the fence and finally saw Wayne for the first time. Wayne was shorter than Jake and had curly grey hair. He had a very gentle looking face and a killer smile that lit up his eyes.

Wayne came up to her and gently kissed her on the lips and said “Glad to meet you Caroline. Jake’s told me really nice things about you.”

Caroline blushed but then, as Wayne was pulling his pants down, she saw his cock, slightly longer than Jake’s but thicker, much thicker. At that moment, she felt Jake enter her from behind and caught her breath. “Oh yeah, that feels good.” She said as he slowly pushed his cock into her wet pussy.

Wayne positioned himself in front of Caroline and she reached for his cock, like she had done just a few moments earlier with Jake’s cock. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and took the tip in her mouth, licking and sucking gently. Wayne moaned his appreciation and said “I’d say you’re quite the expert too. If I don’t watch out, I’ll end up spending my seed in your mouth instead of waiting my turn for your tight pussy.”

Caroline smiled around his cock and gave it a little suction. She then got in sync with Jake fucking her and enjoyed having two cocks at once. Wayne put his hands in her hair and helped hold her there. Meanwhile, she reached for his balls to gently massage them while she sucked and licked his hard cock.

Jake was holding her hips and slowly fucking her, enjoying her tight pussy as he had the previous week. The three of them continued with this rhythm for a while and then Jake said “I’m ready baby. I need to pound you hard.” Caroline stopped sucking on Wayne’s cock and took him into her hand while she let Jake fuck her hard. Being close to another orgasm herself, she encouraged him “Fuck me Jake, make me come baby!”

Jake, holding on to her hips, fucked her hard, as she liked it. Soon, he felt her pussy tighten around his cock and she exclaimed “oh yeah, Jake, oh yeah baby, I’m coming!” That was his pendik escort bayan undoing and he came into her tight pussy. He slowed down while they caught their breaths. Then he said “How about you turn around and let Wayne mount you while I go let the stallion and the mare play together?”

With that, Jake withdrew from her pussy and dressed himself up. Caroline stood up and faced Wayne. Wayne took her face between his hands and kissed her deeply, pulling her into his arms for a few minutes. He caressed her back and one hand reached for her breast, teasing the nipple while he kissed her. Then, he pulled back and asked “you ready for more, cutie?”

Caroline nodded so Wayne turned her around and pushed her down to lean on the fence while he took his place behind her. Meanwhile, Jake had gotten the two horses together and was helping keep the mare steady so his stallion could mount her. Wayne said “It’s her first time but he’s a pro.” And Caroline felt the tip of Wayne’s cock being rubbed up and down her pussy lips. Just as Jake had done the week before, Wayne waited for the stallion to hit his mark before penetrating Caroline’s pussy himself. There was something absolutely erotic in being penetrated at the same time as seeing a stallion penetrate a mare and Caroline moaned loudly. Wayne grabbed her hips and started fucking her. Caroline felt her pussy stretched by Wayne’s bigger cock and moaned again.

“You liking this, cutie?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Want me to fuck you harder?”


“Is that what you need to come on my cock, a good hard fuck?”

“Yes! Fuck me Wayne! Fuck me hard!”

Wayne gave her what she wanted as they both watched the stallion pound the mare. Soon, Caroline was nearing her third orgasm and cried out “Oh yeah, I’m going to come again, don’t stop. Don’t stop!”

Wayne held on to her hips and fucked her hard, feeling her pussy contract around his cock. Soon, his own release came and he was spent too. He slowed down and let Caroline’s orgasm subside as his own breathing came back to normal. Then, he withdrew, tucked his cock back into his pants, straightened Caroline’s skirt and wrapped his arms around her, holding her against his chest while they watched Jake lead the mare back to the other enclosure again.

When Jake came back to join them, he took Caroline’s hand and asked “Think you’ll be back even if mating season is almost over?”

Caroline smiled and said “If you want me back, I’d love to.”


The end.

Thanks to “tellstory2jake” for the inspiration!

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