HORSING AROUNDSarah,s friend April RIP used to invite us around from time to time, the two working in the same office, but her husband Jim see,Ed to be working most of the time so we rarely saw him. Avril,s neighbour Clyde seemed to be around even more than Jim, but Avril claimed he was just a good friend. Jim was loaded and they had a swimming pool in their rear garden in northwest London back in 1990, which they could use even in winter as it was enclosed in a sort of fibre glass cover which could be opened on a hot summer day. One Sunday when I was off she asked Sarah and I over for a swim. “Don,t have to bother with bathing suits if you like as I often skinny-dip or are you too frightened to see me in the altogether?” Avril teased. “I,m not frightened, but my body would probably scare you away!” I teased back. “Well illegal bahis bring your suits then.” So we arrived at 3 pm and joined her at the side of the pool with neighbour Clyde sitting opposite each with a glass of beer next to them and both in swim suits, Avril a navy bikini which showed off her big boobs and bum to full advantage, Clyde in tight trunks which outlined a sizeable cock under neath. Sarah and I excused ourselves to change into our swim suits and soon I emerged with trunks looser than Clydesdale and Sarah in her new one piece black suit with white stripes across the bosom. Avril had got us two beers and we chatted nonchalantly as we sipped the booze. As usual Jim was grafting at his chartered accountants, job though it eventually emerged he,d been having a torrid affair with Avrils, sister Carla illegal bahis siteleri for months. I suspected Sarah and Avril had been doing a bit if lesbian fun, but had yet to see it demonstrated, but of course the booze does loosen inhibitions and tongues. “Remember Carol Dorset with the giant boobs we used to work with?” Avril asked Sarah. “She,s only left her hubby Pete for Lois Taylor.!” “I Didn,t know Lois was a Lizzie!” Sarah sighed. “Oh Yes. She likes to make like she,s straight, but she,s very bisexual!” “What,s Harry think?” “Harry,s taken up with Gina Thomas so doubt he cares much.” “I thought Gina lived with Russ Atkins?” “She did for a while, but they split some months ago!” They carried on in that vein for a while while Clyde and I discussed the prosepects of who would win the Ashes Cricket canlı bahis siteleri Match in progress. “I,m so bloody Hot I,m taking this off!” Avril announced, git up and removed her bikini top to expose her boobs with the puffed out nipples, then her bottoms to reveal her neatly trimmed “v” of pubic hair over prominent pussy lips and shapely back side. Sitting back down on her lounger and yptaking a big sip,of beer she laughed “Come on Clyde.Show Sarah and Joe what you,ve got between your legs!” “Okay!” Clyde was about forty years old with no excess flab any where with lots of body hair. He peeled off his trunks and his “Horses” cock sprang up! I couldn,t believe how long he was, but must have been a foot in length or more and thick in its uncircumsised state. “WOW! You are BIG!” Sarah gasped. “So How Big Are You?” “My late wife measured me at just under thirteen inches!” he smiled. “I,ve never had one even Near that big! Not sure I want to either!” Sarah laughed nervily. “Well I love it! After Jim,s little sausage I love Clyde,s Real Meat!” She chuckled. TBC

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