Hot Asian Co-Worker’s Panties


Hot Asian Co-Worker’s PantiesI have a stunningly beautiful co-worker at my office that is a petite Japanese woman. She has long black hair and a slim hourglass figure, with perfect perky breasts and a tight ass that she is always showing off with her form fitting pantsuits. Don’t get me wrong; she doesn’t dress like a slut, but in expensive class clothes that look tailored just for her.I am at her desk, where she has been sitting each day for the last six months. I think about her pussy, warm and wet, humid on the seat cushion for hours in the same spot where my crotch is right now. I wonder if I got on my knees on the floor and put my nose to the spot where she sits, whether I could smell some trace of her pussy, or maybe the sweetness of her ass mingling with the sweaty musk of her cunt. As I look for some of her personal items, I see a plastic bag in the drawer. I open the drawer and take out the bag, heart beginning to race as I realize it is her jogging outfit. She has a hat, her jogging bra, a spare pair of socks, and, my throat tightens, a pair of lace panties. I slowly pull each piece out of the plastic bag, bringing them one by one to my nose and inhaling deeply. The hat has a sweaty smell, mingled with the scent of her shampoo. A faint series of white lines marks where her sweat has soaked in and dried. With my eyes closed, the smell immediately isvecbahis yeni giriş triggers a visual image of her long black hair at the end of a long day and in the middle of her run, the hair slightly damp with her sweat and shiny with the oil from her scalp. Putting her hat down, I bring the jogging bra to my face. I immediately smell the acrid muskiness of her sweat and my cock twitches up in reaction. There must be some strong pheromones soaked into the fabric, and I realize that she must not wash it very often. She probably leaves it here for her daily jog, not bothering to wash it after every run. The soft inner lining where her nipples rub have the least scent, but the straps that wrap around her under her arms have a strong smell, one that fills my nostrils. My cock is straining and pulsing and I feel lightheaded, lost in lust for her. The socks are neatly rolled, undoubtedly fresh out of the laundry, and when I bring the crotch of the lace panties to my nose, I can smell the perfume of laundry detergent. The soft cotton of the crotch where her pussy lips rub is white and clean, still unused. Horny, I have an urge to masturbate. Holding her panties in my left hand, I stroke my cock with her panties, rubbing the head with the cotton crotch, right where her pussy would be when she wears them. With my right hand, I put her jogging isvecbahis giriş bra to my nose and breath in deep even strokes to the same rhythm of my cock thrusting against her panties. My initial thought is to spray my cum into her panties, but I realize that if I do that she would know immediately that someone had put something into her underwear and would not wear them. Instead, as I build close to an orgasm, my head full of her musky scent, I slow down, creeping close to coming but backing off just before I am about to spasm and shoot my sperm into her panties. I have to clench to cut off the spurts of jizz just about to come out, but a pearly ball of cum squeezes out of the slit and into the crotch of her panties. I rub the soft cotton over the head of my cock, spreading my semen into the crotch of her panties. A little more leaks out, and I wonder if there is now too much to soak in, but as I rub my cock with the fabric, I see the cum soaking in. I twitch again; almost out of control and with strenuous effort manage to cut off a spurt of cum so that only an inch or so shoots out in a viscous line. I use the sensitive area just under the head of my cock to spread the sperm around the crotch of her panties. Just as I move the panties out of the way and replace my left hand with my right, I lose control and begin shooting cum into isvecbahis güvenilirmi the cups of her jogging bra. I grunt uncontrollably and thrust my hips forward in spasms, each driving jab erupting in a long shot of cum. Most of the cum has missed the bra and hit the inside of the desk, fortunately, but enough has stuck to the inside of her bra that I know it will caress her nipples and breasts as she jogs the next day, slowly melting into her sweat and coating her beautiful tits as they bob up and down. My orgasm is subsiding now with a few last twitches. My eyes squeeze shut involuntarily, my whole body shivering with the power of the orgasm. I sag into the office chair and wait out the delicious tingling. After the last warm waves of pleasure have ebbed, I carefully fold her bra and panties the way I found them and put everything back in the bag. I smile in anticipation of seeing her tomorrow, perhaps I might even catch her as she heads back from her jog, her body flushed and glistening with sweat. Will my cum mix with her pussy juices as she runs, perhaps even swimming up into her cunt and impregnating her? I thrill at the possibility that even without fucking her, she might get pregnant with the sperm that I have deposited in her panties. I imagine what it would be like to catch her late at night in the office, all alone, so that I could corner her behind the desk and throw her down on top of the papers, ripping her panties off and fucking her. Would she struggle and scream? Would she acquiesce as my cock pounded into her wet pussy? I imagine her grunting and moaning as I rammed into her, even screaming as she has an orgasm.

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