Subject: HOT DATE PART FIVE Hot Date Hot Date Part Five � Van T Z Boi 2018 (The usual disclaimers apply, this remains the property of the author and you do not have permission to download and post this anywhere else without the author’s permission. Please remember this is just a story and keep yourself safe. If you enjoyed this then please support and make a donation; without you would not be able to read and enjoy such fanciful creativity and they need your financial support so you can continue to enjoy stories) (HEALTH WARNING: Due to the number of comments from readers you are warned that reading this material may involve the self-indulgent loss of bodily fluid. Please ensure you have a supply of water, vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc to replace that which may be lost whilst reading this further chapter. A good supply of tissues should be close at hand in case of sudden emergencies!) (Thanks to all who have written it is nice to be appreciated, I do enjoy reading your comments and observations and suggestions and I always look forward to reading your views on this or any of my stories. Please note the new email address ail. Now please read on. Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) From Part Four “Hi I’m Todger, owner of Todger’s Boys Escort Agency,” Todger was apparently unflustered as he held out his hand to Zack, his eyes however were glued on the famed thick pole that Dean was still sucking hard on. Robin watched with an open mouth and a whirling brain, his one thought was, `Can I really take something that big?’ and his boy pussy twitched and swelled and his pussy lips opened slightly in cocklust. His eyes ballooned at the sight of the teenager’s mouth that was doing its best to take the huge orange sized lump inside. Part Five Zack automatically took the proffered hand but his eyes were drawn to the young red haired beauty that stood just behind Todger. Dean gurgled as the cock inside his mouth swelled and jerked in reaction to Zack’s sight of the very cute boy that had also just appeared in the corner of his eyes. He could not swivel round to look directly at the pretty attraction as his throat was impaled on the meaty tube that almost blocked his airway. “Hello and who are you?” Zack’s head was bent looking directly at Robin who trembled as he came face to face with the cock of his dreams. Unflustered Todger, shook Zack’s hand, griping tightly to enforce who was in control of the situation. “This is Robin, one of my select team,” he pushed Robin to the front with his free hand. Robin blushed at the words `select team’ `I’ve only just joined his agency,’ he said to himself, `what’s he on about `select team’. I didn’t even know he had a select team,’ and then he thought, `does being `select’ pay more.’ His mind wondered momentarily to his sick father and his younger brothers who were so dependent on him. Todger gushed on, “All my boys are personally trained in the proper traditions of escort boys, they will provided complete satisfaction,” his eyes took in the fat thick tube that was being sucked by the teenager on his knees. `Fuck that weapon is so much bigger in real life,’ he thought, his own dried up and little used manpussy tingling and oiling itself in hopeful anticipation. `Fuck I’m leaking!’ Todger found himself pressing his free fingers against his manhole, sensing the moistness that oozed from the tight pucker. Zack gently eased his dick out of Dean’s floundering throat and mouth, the rigid steely fleshy pole dripped juices on the carpet and Robin imagined that the cocklsit seemed to be winking at him, his hands clenched as he imagined taking even just the first inch of the purpled head inside him and the inner tingling and itching roared to a strength he had never know. Zack bent down and took Robin’s small hand in his. “Nice to meet you Robin,” he shook the slim hand, noting that Robin’s eyes like most boys were locked on his jerking dick. “Robin, the client is talking to you,” Todger gripped Robin’s shoulder with just enough force to distract the boy without hurting or causing the prospective client any concerns. “Oh, what, er, yes, Hello,” Robin’s high pitched voice trebled in the room. “I’m Mikey,” Mikey stepped forward and led Robin away from the two men. Dean silently kneeled away, he knew business was about to be conducted and his Papaboys training told him to make himself scarce. Robin followed Mikey to the bathroom, Dean behind them. “we can wait here,” Mikey smiled, “If it’s agreed you will replace me at the dinner that Zack has to attend,” he sneezed several times and wiped the gloopy snot from his face, “I’ve had a reaction to something I ate and with that and my medicine I can’t attend the event. ” He was trying to be as helpful as he could, it was not the first time his allergies had caused such a problem but he knew Zack would be careful of any replacement. His eyes fell on Dean’s cock and the impulse inside him surged, `Oh no not yet,’ he strained to control the demanding urge inside him. “As I said my boys are the best trained and will,” Todger was interrupted by Zack. “Usual nondisclosure contract conditions will apply. You will not be allowed to publish or advertise that I have used your services,” Zack was too `all business’ now, he had a reputation and an image business to run, “however you will be allowed to advertise your agency on my website without any costs for a full year,” he stopped as Todger mentally worked out how much business he would get from such a condition, Todger’s eyes grew round as he tried to compute the financial benefit. “You will also be allowed to link your own website to the advert on my site,” Zack paused again as Todger trembled his head was swirling as the possible income soared from what he was hearing. He knew well enough that just having access to the site would be an advantage; although no direct approval or patronage would be stated just by being allowed to advertise on the celebrated website would be sanction enough. Zack continued, “The boy will be paid direct for his services, he will also have to sign a non-disclosure contract; have you authority to act on his parent’s or guardian’s behalf or de we need to call them?” Zack waited for Todger’s brain to stop its financial computations. Todger shook his head and managed to close his financial business mind, allowing himself to respond to Zack’s question. “No, yes, yes I do have parental authority to act on Robin’s behalf,” his voice was high pitched as the sums of money seemed to mount and grow. “Good, now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, I have an event to attend and time is running short. Zack naked and heavily erect led the way to the sofas where he took one and directed Todger to take the other opposite. Devon sat quiet in the truck, his boypussy ached from the fuck session but he already knew he wanted Jarvis’s huge cock back inside him. `As many times and in as many positions and whenever and wherever he wants it,’ he told himself repeatedly başakşehir escort hugging his knees to his chest as his fingers played with the sensitive lips to his boyhole. “Okay,” Jarvis,” nodded to the two old men who beamed at him through the truck window, “Devon here will visit you on Tuesday’s after school. You can take him around the home and you and your fellow residents can fuck him as much as you want. Staff members too and by all means invite friends around, make it a party if you want.” He waved as he gunned the motor and the truck took off. He looked down at the naked youth beside him, `not bad for a first outing, he’ll soon learn to put it out more easily if he want to be one of my boys,’ he reached over and squeezed the stiff cocklet and silky empty sac, `Good no sign of his balls yet, got a god few years of boyfucking to take before they drop and I’ll make sure he sees more sperm than he can make,’ he chuckled and Devon looked up wondering what was making Jarvis laugh. “Now boy did you get that?” he squeezed harder making Devon wince, “that’s a weekly fuck fest for you, the retirement home. Make sure you give those old fuckers good service, I don’t want any complaints or you can say goodbye to being fucked by me,” he slid a finger into the spermy puddle inside Devon’s boycunt, “and make sure that hole of your is well seeded. I like my boys to make free with their pussy’s so you take dick and give head whenever the chance comes.” Devon stared at the windscreen, he was confused and yet impatient, `What have I got myself into?’ he asked himself as he stole a sideways glance sat the fat thick nine inches of Jarvis’s dick, the sight caused his boynub to quiver. `Fuck I gotta have that cock back inside me, even if,’ he thought about the fucks with the two old seniors, `they did fuck well even if they didn’t smell or look nice,’ and he squirmed as he recalled the differences between the cocks which had filled his pussy. `I can take those ol’ men easy,’ he decided, `as long as I get Jarvis’s dick’ he sat back thinking whilst three miles away another of Jarvis’s boys spread his legs for his twentieth dick that day and sucked heavily on the dick in his mouth; wishing as ever it was Jarvis’s nine inch fucker. `He said he’d be around later,’ the boy said to himself as the line of ready cocks stood pulsing and waiting to fuck the eleven year old who had set his sign up in the gardens of the library. Doug checked himself in the mirror, `Not bad for a forty-eight year old,’ he smiled at his image, posing himself as the fat eight inches of his dick swelled slightly to push and jerk upwards. He checked the side image, his plump backside wobbling slightly made him purse his lips. `Need to tone that up,’ he decided, “More fucking and less driving around,” he spoke to the empty air. He checked the washroom, turning of the light and the heater; it would not be needed for a day or so. Inside his office he dove into his small wardrobe and found a pair of pressed dark blue corduroy shorts. An oversized blue and white patterned shirt hung on the rail; he looked it over and sniffed it, `slightly musty,’ he thought and sprayed some fabric freshener on it. A final sniff and he judged it acceptable. `That’s the trouble with business; clothes have to be available in so many places and being left hanging or stuck in a suitcase don’t help,’ he buttoned the shirt and snapped the belt on the shorts, stepping into his brogues he decided against socks, `don’t like to fuck with them on and they keep getting lost, better to go without than go without,’ he chuckled at his joke. In the yard he watched as Jody took Rick’s cock deep in his young pussy whilst sucking heavily on Jake’s slimmer dick. `Shame the boy is so young, can’t take him with me on my trips,’ he thought to himself, `but the welcome, fuck it when he opens that boypussy my dick sings,’ he reached down and felt his swelling cock inside the shorts and unzipped the fly to release the eight inches of manmeat, `don’t want to spoil the shorts too soon,’ he told himself as he worked the oozing precum around the growing head. Jody sucked and swallowed at the slimy eight and a half inches of Jake’s slim dick. He was easily able to cope with the length so the full extent of Jake’s cock slid inside his mouth and into his throat. “Fuck this is so hot,” Jake grunted as he watched Rick’s fatter dick plough back and forth, he could just about see the wedge as it moved back and forth, it was easy to imagine the wide shaft sliding in and out of Jody’s boypussy. “So fucking tight and hot,” growled Rick as he rammed back and forth, all thoughts of what he and Jake would be doing with the twins no longer in his mind as he concentrated on getting his end of inside the hot fuckhole that surrounded his dick and made him hot and randy for more. “Boss sure was lucky when he found you,” he grunted and muttered as he fucked hard at the tight boypussy. Jody sighed and twitched and then went into another orgasmic spasm as a hot dry cum rattled through him. “Fuck, I’m blasting,” cried out Rick as his dick spat its load deep inside the melting furnace of Jody’s fuckchute. “So am I,” moaned Jody as a second hot wave crunched up and down inside his young body. He sucked avidly at the cock that slid back into his mouth and seconds later Jake yelped as he too lost his hot load, this time to the squelching throat. “Thanks lads, I can handle it from here,” Doug stepped forward his own meaty piece leading the way. Both co-workers nodded and looked at each. “Looks like we need another shower,” sighed Rick as he stroked his dick, letting the final drips of his cum splatter onto the ground. “Oh yeah, yeah,” grunted Jake and he followed his mate back inside the building. “Leave the heater on,” Doug shouted after them, “I think Jody and I will need a shower too before we leave.” He grinned at the dissolute figures that lay sprawled on the sandbags, he could see the pearly glint of spunk shine softly in the late afternoon sun and moved forward, Jody reaching out to guide the hard pole back inside his boypussy. As the head and shaft slid in he sighed, the sensations of Doug’s cock sending more happy messages inside his body, already he was looking forward to a hot dry climax, he could feel the tingling itch start up. unsnapped the belt and his short fell to the floor, `Fuck, here we go,’ he sighed as he slid his dick back inside Jody’s sweltering boycunt. Dan reached up to kiss Jim, ignoring the sights and sounds of what was taking place at the tables around him; he now only had eyes for his lover. The two kissed, tongues gently licking at each other, sending the happy sensations course up and around inside each other. Reaching down with his hand Dan caressed the hard spongy shaft and teased his fingers around the foreskin which was stretching to allow the plump head of Jim’s dick to make its appearance. Jim sighed as the soft skin of Dan’s touch send his surges of pleasure to rise higher and higher, he looked into his young lovers eyes, they had all night and he was going to enjoy every fucking moment of it. Dan twitched slightly halkalı escort as his cocklet pulsed and jerked and rubbed against Jim’s shaft, the warm precum was sliding down the meaty pole and Dan’s pricklet made contact with the sticky juice, he could just about scent it with his nose as he looked down, the cockslit winking sexily at him as Jim’s needs made themselves aware. Slowly Dan rose on his haunches, balancing himself on Jim’s lap and then taking the throbbing weapon in his hand he guided it to his pussyhole. Both sighed with sensual delights as the manmeat slid inside the hot funnel. Dan relished the sensation as the sticky liquid allowed the steely shaft to push its way inside with just enough pleasure pain before the lubricating effect of Jim’s precum slicked the way. Balanced carefully Dan took several deep breaths, allowing himself time to attune his boupussy to the hardness once more inside him. Judging he was ready he first of all used his inner muscles to caress the fat spongy length, his ears and his head loving the cooing sounds Jim made as his dick was serviced internally. Gently Dan commenced to move up and down, simple direct movements which spread the precum around to allow him to be more adventurous. Jim grasped Dan’s waist to support his young lover as Dan’s pace and range of movements increased. He could sense that Dan was close and then as his cockhead butted the swollen nub he felt the tension, the seconds only tautness before Dan squealed softly as his first delight of the evening took off. Jim held his breath as he delighted in the squelching and squeezing joys as his cock and shaft were compressed and pressed as Dan’s gentle dry cum took flight and then landed. He paused; the two of them still and quiet as he waited for Dan to move so they could do it again; `and again and again’ thought Jim as he patiently anticipated the next fuck. Simon Stringle lay flat on his back as RJ the `bride’ rode his dick. Around them the room was fuckfrantic busy as all the guests and the staff joined in the massive orgy that was a Papaboys wedding. All the mattresses and couches were busy and some couplings took place on cushions dumped on the floor. Simon sighed as the tight contractions of RJ’s boypussy once more manipulated his shaft, the sensations rising now as RJ reached another high dry explosion for himself. `He’s cumming every two minutes or so now,’ thought Simon and was glad he taken one of the pills on offer to help those who could not last the pace. The tightening was proving too much and he knew he was about to blow himself as RJs bouncing took on an urgent pace. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” he warned RJ and his face went into the rictus of orgasmic joy as his dick exploded and his sperms joined the mess of the previous dicks that had fucked the randy bride. Seconds later the rictus was one of pain as RJ’s climax shook and rattled him the pain shooting up inside his body from his tortured dick was just as intense as that of his orgasm. Gritting his teeth he held himself straight and taut to allow the boy to have and enjoy his own delights. `Ever the professional’ Simon told himself as he used his special mantra to combat the sharp ache that beat torturously inside his cockhead. “I’m done,” RJ leaned forward and slid the slimy dick out of his boypussy, a stringy mess of mixed spunks fell out to drop on the Wedding Coordinators body but RJ was already eying up the room where his next fuck would come from. Simon grabbed at one the various boxes of tissues that had been left out for just the purpose, he ignored the sticky mess, it was `part of the job’ he reminded himself as he wiped the stickiness away and then rubbed the soothing perfumed lotion which soon had him as back to normal as he could after such a heavy riding. He watched the young figure walk away and as the boys plump backside weaved he felt his dick already responding. `Fucking good pills those,’ he smiled at himself as his dick swelled and stiffened. “Good you’re free,” he looked up at the owner of the voice, his young boyfriend Ricky stood there, a gleam of lust shining in his eye, “and you look like you’re ready,” Ricky sat down beside Simon and leaned over to suck the pulsing rod. “Oh I am so ready for your tight hole,” sighed Simon as he manoeuvred Ricky onto his back, `This is so the life,’ he chuckled to himself, `being paid to actually fuck one’s own boyfriend,’ and he thrust good and hard, Ricky yelping deliciously as his lover’s cock swatted his hot boybud. Dirk sighed as Nick’s mouth sank down on his dick, Alan was doing the same to his son Gary; they were between courses and Alan had told the waiter to wait for a while. The waiter had smiled understandingly and left them alone in the booth. Gary writhed and squealed, his high voice mixing in with other similar noises and moans from around them. Dirk moaned deeply and growling, his lower voice joining those of the others of a similar tone. “You done?” Alan lifted his head, his lips wet with saliva where he had been furiously sucking the slim pricklet. “Heaven,” grinned Gary. “My turn then,” Alan slid along the benchseat and took his place at the end of the table, here his naked body was fully on show and his thick dick, glowing and glittering with precum jerked and throbbed in the warm cooking smells. Gary knelt beneath the jutting cock and holding onto Alan’s knees he sucked the pulsing rod straight in and down inside his throat, expertly he deep-throated the hard dick and showed anybody watching just how good a cocksucker he was. Alan noticed the admiring glances from some of the other patrons and nodded his appreciation. He also turned down the signals and signs for sharing, `not tonight,’ he said to himself, `with Nick and Dirk available, I’ll have a lot of pussy and cock to play with.’ He held Gary’s head between his hands and throat-fucked the boy with several hard thrusts, Gary used by now to Alan’s lovemaking, taking every ploughing inch shoved at him. “Yes, yes, yes,” Dirk yelped and gasped as his own cock rocketed inside the sucking mouth of his part time lover. He mentally quailed for a moment as he knew he and Nick would take their place at the end of the table, he was not adverse to public display but his lack confidence made him jittery. Nick sucked quickly, swallowing the spicy salty mixture, `Dirk sure eats all the right stuff to make his cum taste sweet,’ he said to himself as he suckled gently to ease the final salty drips out of the throbbing mancock. He looked over to where his brother was standing against the edge of the table, his twitching frame informing Nick that Alan was close, `Good,’ he grinned, `then I can get my rocks off quickly too.’ He kissed the drooping cock and licked his lips free of any last traces of Dirk’s juices. Dirk trembled both with the ebbing effects of his oral satisfaction and the thought of his returning the favour in view of the other diners. `Will I be able to put of a good show,’ he agonised, trembling uncertain as his son sucked heartily at Alan’s cock. “You sure you’re okay?” Ralph quizzed his son as Archie grimaced in response to his careful twisting of şirinevler escort the huge inflated dildo that spouted from his son’s boypussy, the lips were dark red and straining as they stretched to accommodate the girth of the heavy rubbery piledriver. The sight of the enormous silicon protrusion poking out from his son’s boypussy both enflamed and concerned him. “Yes dad, yes, dad,” Archie yelped shrilly in reply, his face and body contorted as the huge instrument moved within him. `I must be able to do this,’ he repeated to himself, `I only get this one chance to meet Zack face to face and in private. Dad has paid out god money for me and I so want to be able to take the fucker’s dong.’ His face and body reddened even more with the effort to try and manipulate the hard object, he could feel his muscles working against the unyielding dildo. `At least his dick will be softer, I hope,’ he wheezed and gasped and then cried out as the ridge in the plastic caught his boybud, the friction was hard and insensitive. `A cock will feel so much better,’ he told himself as balancing up on his elbows he used his internal muscles and was pleased to see the dildo move in response to his efforts. “That okay son?” Ralph peered at his son; he took the remaining weight of the inflated rubber shaft in his hand and watched as Archie continued to practise moving it. “Sure dad, sure,” Archie bleated as he summoned up the energy to work the dildo again. Both watched the implement move with steady jerks. Ralph was pleased for his son’s success but was also intrigued by how Archie had worked the huge hard heavy rubbery contraption and his own manpussy twitched, he knew now that once Archie was finished with his practise he would simply have to try it for himself, the mental image of Zack’s pulsing cock inside his head, an image he like many of Zack’s supporters carried with them daily, especially at night just before any lonely hand induced sleeping fantasy. `God having that dick inside me,’ he blushed at the thought and his manpussy lips gaped open welcoming the warm air that brushed past them, the draft made Ralph twitch and he rubbed the opening, feeling the sticky lubrication of his own juices freely flowing. Archie’s movement as he lay back still and quiet brought him back to earth. “Had enough son?” he managed to keep the eagerness out of his voice and his balls twitched in anticipation. “Yer, yes da,” Archie moaned as he carefully eased the inflated dildo out of his bruised boypussy, the stretched lips hanging open and staying hanging wide as the muscles fought to contract fully. “At least I managed to get it out fully expanded,” Archie beamed a tired but happy smile at his father. “Best go shower and rest,” Ralph suggested as he picked up the plump plastic plunger, the strings of lube shining where they caught the light on the silicon shaft. Already he was wondering should he try to take it as it was or should he try Archie’s trick of deflating it and then blowing it up once it was inside. `Cos inside it is definitely going,’ he said to himself. Ted Hankton rolled the car to the valet stand, the naked youth stepped forward and opened the door. “Usual Ted,” the naked valet grinned at Ted as he and the others exited the car. Ted grinned back and waggled his limp dick, “Nah,” he chuckled, “just park the car, there might be a tip later,” he stroked the end of his dick, exposing the winking cockslit at the smiling valet. “Sure thing, Ted,” he slid into the drivers seat and drove away. Ted stood for a moment the image of the teenager’s pussy smiling at him as the valet had bent down to get into the car giving him other ideas. “Come on pops,” Terry his young son called from the doorway, “we want to eat.” “Okay, okay,” Ted strode forward, his swelling cock leading the way, `I can fuck him later’ he told himself, `its polite to tip the valet and I’ve always got the right tip for him.” Inside they were shown to a booth, “This okay Ted?” Gerry the waiter asked, “only we’re very busy tonight what with Zack Donovan coming.” Ted slapped the young teenager on the backside, holding the plump flesh just after the slap. “nice to see you Gerry,” he squeezed the soft tissue, his finger snaking to the gap where the hot lips pulsed as his finger found them. Gerry twitched and stood still as Ted’s finger slid inside, he moaned slightly, it had been a few years since he had been Ted’s young boyfriend and he recalled the happy couple of years when he had spent a lot of time with Ted’s dick inside him. He looked over at the cute boy, `must be his current boy,’ he thought and smiled as he noticed, `hey he looks a lot like I did when I was that young,’ he clenched his muscles to squeeze the probing finger. “You’re pussy is still as hot as I remember,” Ted whispered as he tickled the swelling teen bud he found, his mind swung to the thought of a threesome with Gerry and Johnny and his cock snaked up hard and pulsing. “Still feels so good,” sighed Gerry as he stroked the thick length recalling the hot times it had given him. “That your new boy?” he nodded his head towards Johnny who smiled sweetly. “Uh-huh, not as hot as you, yet,” replied Ted, “but he’ll learn just like you did,” He eased his finger out and sniffed the sticky liquid, “fucked recently then,” he grinned and wiped his finger down Gerry’s swelling dick. He moved close and whispered quietly, “maybe you and me and the boy could meet up later?” Gerry turned to look at Ted, his eyes drawn to the rapidly swelling cock that glittered in the bright lights, the precum lubrication shining bright, he licked his lips, his memory swam with long reimagined times when that particular cock was the only one in his world. “Why wait,” he leaned against the edge of the table and swung his legs up, sliding just far enough back on the polished wooden surface. He opened his legs as he leaned back he exposed his teenage pussy to Ted’s view. The pink lips also shone in the light and the slim cock above jerked, a slide of teenage precum sliding down over the shaven groin to droll across the pulsing roseate. End of Part Five To Be Continued…??????????????????????????????? (Wow Hot Dates all round it looks like, or is the night now over for all our `hot datees’? Is it time to pull the curtain over the nights plays? Have you had enough of the preparations or do you want to find out what will happen at Bangbang Point? Right then you know the score all you have to do is let me know for sure. So then if you do want more and really want me to continue this story then you have to write and tell me or this could really be the end. Don’t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on ‘s prolific authors listing ( fty//authorslist.html scroll down to V for Van T Z Boi ) . Please also remember to make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this and further chapters. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi)

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