Hot day in a ABS

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Hot day in a ABSI just returned from the ABS and I am sitting here with an ass full of cum and a smile on my face.Since I had some spare time, I cleaned myself out very good and got into my favorite video booth with the large glory hole. It’s an end booth, so only one hole, but that’s ok since the booths are too wide to comfortable use both holes at the same time (pun intended).I dropped my shorts, lubed up my ass and pressed it against the hole. Due to the size of the hole, if I bend over and push against it my ass cheeks extend through just slightly and the edges pull the cheeks apart just enough to provide a deeper and tantilizing view.Shortly, I heard the next door open, close then latch; always a good sign. I heard him start the video machine, then the wonderful sound of tuzla escort a zipper. I didn’t hear the tear of a wrapper and immediately felt his dick against my lubed hole. Good, that meant he was bare. I love it that way.This was to be a straight fuck, cum and leave. He immediately pushed is cock all the way in and started stroking until he started to cum. Then he held still with his cock buried to the hilt in my ass and, using my ass muscles, milked it for more cum. He emptied his sack, pulled out and left.Immediately, the door opened, closed and latched. Again, no condom.He teased me for a couple of minutes by rubbing his fingers up and down my ass and around the hole, followed by his cock head doing the same; then little strokes in and out, not even getting past the sphincter muscle.Suddenly, tuzla escort bayan he steadily pushed his cock fully into my ass. I relaxed my muscles to allow full penetration. I should stop here and let the readers know that I have great muscle control, making my ass so tight you can barely get a finger in, or so loose that you can drive a small car into it. I can also pulse the muscles to milk a cock and get every drop of cum from it. Sometimes that results in the guy getting hard again and having another round.Well, that’s what happened this time. I tried different muscle techniques to see what he responded to and found he was responding to tight on penetration, loose when he was fully in, then tight upon withdrawal. Soon, he pushed all the way in and held it. escort tuzla I pulsed my muscles and felt the responding contractions of his cock as he erupted his cum deep in my ass.I thought he would pull out and leave, but instead, he pulled out, jacked himself firm again and started fucking me again. This time he responded to me just keeping my ass tight and making him work to get it in. When he was ready, he pushed all the way in and held it. I relax my muscles and he pushed a little further in and stayed there. I flexed my muscles and he started to cum again. I was in heaven; three loads from two guys.To my surprise, as I flexed and milked his cock, he started to get firmer and began stroking in and out. This time I alternated methods and was rewarded with him cumming again while buried deep inside of me.I didn’t want him to stop, but I have to admit my back and legs were starting to hurt. He pulled out, cleaned himself up and left. Since my time was up, I also pulled my shorts on and left.

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