Hot Day on the Slopes


She blinked her eyes open. The early sun’s light leaked around the edges of the curtains, creating shadows in the room. She lazily rolled over and looked at the clock. Quarter to eight in the morning. She stretched and crunched the pillow up under her head. It had only been two hours since she had kissed her husband goodbye when he left for his twelve-hour shift. She longed for the warmth of cuddling with him and at the same time was glad she had the day off by herself. Her classes ended two months earlier and the New Year had just started. She rolled over and sat up on the bedside. Guess I’ll take a shower and get the day started then figure out what I want to do today. Strolling over to the window she peaked out the blind. A coating of new snow covered the back yard. Wow, she thought, I’d better check the snow report!

As she walked to the bathroom she got a sidewise glimpse of herself in the mirror. She stopped momentarily and ran her hands from her perky breasts and erect nipples to her light brown bush. Not bad for a thirty-something woman with two children, she thought. As her fingers brushed across her bush she felt an electric-like sensation running down the inner thighs of her legs. She remembered her most recent lovemaking session with her husband. It was good and he always made sure to pleasure her. Still, he was considerably older than her and she wondered if it would be different with someone her age. It had been years since she had been sexually intimate with someone her own age. For a brief moment she considered jumping back into bed for some intimate pleasure with herself. No, she thought, there may be fresh powder on the mountain. She hurriedly took her shower, dressed, and went downstairs.

As she loaded her skis and equipment in her SUV she regretted that she was going alone but was excited to get on the way to the new snow. She thought about her first ski experience, at her husband’s urging, and how much she had come to love it since then. Skis loaded she shook her head that the sun screens they had put in the rear windows last summer for a trip were still there. She thought, at least they shield the vehicle interior from sun and outside eyes but I’ll have to take them off when I get a chance. After stopping at Starbucks for coffee and a quick breakfast she continued the trip up the mountain. Being a weekday the traffic was relatively light even with the new snow and she was at the top in less than an hour. There were few cars in the parking lot and she quickly parked and unloaded her ski equipment. Only ten fifteen, she thought, I can get in several runs before lunch. Parking in her favorite parking lot she donned her ski gear and slipped onto the slopes and skied toward the lift.

The slopes were not crowded she rode the lift up alone several times. Her skis glided quietly over the new snow and she felt exhilarated by the cold clear air and sunshine. As she rode up the lifts she couldn’t help notice that there were not many skiers on the slopes despite the new snow. On her fourth trip up on the lift a man jumped on the lift. Oh great a snowboarder, she thought. Snowboarders were frequently rude, undisciplined on the slopes and would abruptly stop and sit down in most inconvenient, unsafe places for others. When he turned to say hello, she was surprised to see that he was a coworker. She felt embarrassed by her feelings towards boarders and managed a cheery, “Hi, how’s your day going? Guess you’re off today.”

They had always worked well together, engaging in good natured teasing and generally enjoying each other’s company. He said, “The powder is awesome,” and smiled. “Want to do a couple runs together?” She nodded, glad to have company. They did the next few runs together, chatting about work on the lifts and laughing at each other’s tumbles in the soft snow.

After the last run flushed, breathless, and laughing he asked if she would like to get a bite to eat. “Gee, I would but I brought my lunch. I was just going to eat in my car and get back on the slopes.”

Surprised he said, “Really, I brought mine too. Where did you park?” She told him where she had parked and coincidentally they were parked in the same lot. “Well, the least I can do is walk you to your car,” he said.

Arriving at the parking lot they headed off to their separate vehicles when he asked her if she would like to join him for lunch in his car. She thought a moment and responded, “Sure, but why don’t we eat in my car? We can sit in the back of my SUV, take off our boots and stretch our legs, as long as your feet don’t smell.” They laughed and he agreed. He retrieved his lunch and went over to her car. She was already sitting in the back of her SUV. The rear seat was folded down to accommodate ski equipment and she was sitting in the back, boots off and legs stretched out when he tapped on the window. “Hop in,” she said, smiling. He climbed in, sat down next to her, and unpacked his lunch. They ate, talked and laughed about work, the great ski conditions, and having to go back to work the next day. “You know”, she said, “you brighten bursa escort up the days when we work together. You have a great sense of humor and it makes the day go by faster.” She glanced up at him and was surprised to see his blue eyes studying her face.

“Thanks, I didn’t think anybody appreciated my attempts to lighten up some of the intense situations,” he said. She looked deep into his eyes and impulsively he leaned toward her and kissed her on the cheek. She recoiled and blushed. He stammered, “I’m…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know what got into me.”

They sat in silence for a minute or two. Finally she managed to say, “Well, I’ve always thought of you kind of as a brother, so I guess its ok,” she mumbled.

“You sure you’re not mad,” he asked.

She said, “It’s ok, forget it.” As she said it she patted him on the thigh and as she did she heard his breath catch. Wonder what that was all about, she thought, and resumed eating her lunch. He shifted his weight and stretched his legs as if to get comfortable. She couldn’t help but notice the outline of the growing bulge in his groin area extending down his right leg under his ski pants. Uh oh, what have I done, she thought. She could feel her throat tightening, and her breathing becoming labored as anxiety built up. She felt awkward and at the same time excited that she was able to incite arousal in a man as young as her friend. She looked up and noticed that he had become aware of her fascination with his obviously swollen member. She blushed and they sat in tense silence for several minutes.

After what seemed like hours he said, “I’ve never said anything before but I really enjoy working with you.”

“With me, really, why”, she asked.

“I like your personality, you are always so upbeat, and you have a smile that just draws me”, he told her. “And”, he continued, “I kind of like looking at you. I shouldn’t tell you this but sometimes I wake up in the morning in this, uh ..condition.. and I think about you while I shower. I know, it’s kind of kinky but it happens and it turns me on.”

“Really, and then what happens,” she asked obviously delighting in this new revelation. “Oh, never mind,” he said.

Mischievously she said, “No, I want to know, after all you brought it up.” She looked down and saw that his organ was now protruding against the fabric of his ski pants. She thought she noticed slight pulsating movements.

“He looked at her and said, “Alright, I play with myself.”

“You what?” she said.

“Come on, give me a break” he said, “I play with myself.”

She giggled. “And do you, um, you know,” she said deliberately teasing him.

He looked at her with a strained look on his face and said, “Yes I do. Now can we talk about something else?”

“Mmmm,” she hummed giving him her most alluring look.

They sat in silence. She admitted to herself that she had always enjoyed working with him and liked the attention he showed her. Her chest felt tight. She thought of past lovers she’d had. She felt growing warmth in her femininity and forbidden fantasies flashed in her mind’s eye. The silence was uncomfortable and he finally said, “This is embarrassing. I just want you to know I did not intend this when I asked about lunch. Obviously my other head is doing the thinking now.” She grinned, obviously enjoying his distress, leaned her shoulder against him, and said, “Don’t worry about it, it’s not like you’re hitting on me. And I won’t tell on you. Sometimes our bodies just work that way.”

He put his arm around her shoulders, gave her a hug and said, “Thanks.”

He left his arm around her and she could feel the warmth of his body against her. She felt nervous but comforted by the apparent mutual attraction that had brought them to this point. She felt a warm, tingling sensation growing between her legs. She closed her eyes and imagined what he might look like, what it might feel like and sighed. He was not a very big man and she compared his physical characteristics to past lovers trying to correlate body type to erections she had experienced. Desire was stirring in her.

It had started snowing and the sun was hidden by clouds. The sunscreens on the rear side windows and the road spray coating on the rear window obscured their view of the outside. Sitting in silence, engaging in sensual fantasies she could feel sexual desire building. She knew she was wet. She laid her arm on his leg and casually let her fingers fall on his swollen organ, almost as if by accident. When he made no response her fingers moved over his shaft and she grasped it through his ski pants. His head fell back and he groaned. She could feel his erect, hard cock throb with her touch. She rubbed along his length gently on the surface of his ski pants. He accepted her strokes without resistance. She knew her nipples were erect. As she lightly ran her hand over his organ she watched his face. His head was lying back against the seat back, his mouth slightly open, his breathing easy but deep. She sensed that his swollen manhood bursa escort bayan was begging for release. She opened her top and put his hand on her breast assuring that his fingers contacted her swollen nipple.

Without a word he reached down and unzipped his pants, invitingly. She accepted the cue and slid her soft, delicate fingers inside his ski pants. He had a thin ski base layer on under his suit and she could feel his erection through the thin material. Slowly she reached her hand through the fly and found his erect organ. It was blood filled, hot, and harder than any she had held for a long time. It was not too thick but it was long. She could feel the blood-filled vessels as she slowly stroked its length. She ran her fingers over the length of it and found a drop of fluid on the end of it. She scooped it up with her finger and slowly put it to her lips, watching his reaction as she licked it from her finger. His eyes widened and she smiled. Sliding her hand back inside his pants she wrapped her fingers around his erection and began to stroke it slowly, up and down the entire shaft from the base to the head. He groaned and said, “Oh my God, you don’t know how that feels and how aroused I am.”

She felt her pulsations between her legs. She smiled and said, “Oh yes I do, I can feel how excited you are.” She knew he was on fire with sexual desire. The thought that she had done that to him increased awareness of her own feelings. She could feel the longing in her vagina and she knew she was wet with sexual desire. With her free hand she unzipped her own ski pants and slid her hand down to her groin. Her panties were wet. She moved her hand up and slid it under the elastic waistband all the while slowly stroking her young friend. She put her middle finger on her clitoris and felt an electric sensation spread up into her vagina. She began to slowly stroke her vagina with two fingers feeling the wetness between her outer lips. She slid the two fingers in and rubbed that spot her husband had read about and had showed her. Geez, she thought, I could cum doing this. For a few moments she forgot about her companion while she pleasured herself. She noticed he was watching her.

His breathing was faster now. “I want to touch you,” he said. She shifted her bottom and pulled her ski pants and panties down until her bush was exposed. He put his hand between her legs and began to gently touch her womanhood. He lightly caressed her clitoris and then slid two fingers into her wet vagina. “This is what I think about in the shower,” he said. She gasped at the sensation and relaxed into the erotic feelings he created in her.

Unexpectedly there was a tap on the rear window and the rear lift gate popped open. As they sat with their most private areas exposed, one of their coworkers opened the door. It was a physician they were friendly with at work. The smile on his face quickly transformed into shock at the scene in front of him. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I saw you guys from the lift walking over here with your lunches and thought I might join you. Guess I better leave, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” They still had their hands in each other’s pants and they quickly withdrew them.

“You have your lunch so you might as well get in and eat with us,” she said to him. Her young friend shrugged and nodded agreement. The newcomer had a pained look on his face, feeling that he had intruded on something not meant for his eyes.

They ate their lunches and when they were done the newcomer asked, “So what exactly did I walk in on, if you don’t mind my asking?”

She responded first, “Well, we came to eat lunch, got to talking about things and one thing led to another. It’s probably a good thing you came along.” She glanced at her young friend’s crotch, still partially exposed, and she could see his erection was beginning to grow again. When it popped out of his pants at attention she said, “We just kind of got carried away, I guess.” Now fully exposed and standing up for the three of them she touched it again. Realizing that she was still in a state of unsatisfied arousal she began stroking it again, oblivious to the wide eyes of the newcomer. Her young friend groaned and began thrusting his hips in synchrony with her strokes.

The newcomer said, “I better go.” He was sitting with his back against the back door and she could see the rising level of excitement in his face.

She leaned forward, put her hand on his groin where she felt his growing erection, and said, “Well we are all medical personnel, nothing we haven’t seen before,” and laughed.

She leaned back and the gravity of the situation struck her. She thought, OK, here I am sitting in my truck with two horny men, with my hand wrapped around and stroking an erect penis. As she was having these thoughts the newcomer unzipped his pants. The scene was too intense for him and he pulled out his own erection. She looked at it in surprise. It was average length but wide and thick. Now that would fill a woman up, she thought. She was aware that her young friend had reinserted his hand into escort bursa her crotch and was again rubbing her clitoris. Her hips began to move involuntarily in rhythmic gyrations. The newcomer began to pump his own hard cock while he watched the other two of them stimulate each other. Her young friend was pumping his hips to her strokes and she knew he could soon cum. Her hips began to thrust at the very thought of how much she had turned him on. As she and her young friend pleasured each other, she watched the newcomer stroking his hard penis, his strokes becoming faster. She saw the glistening bead of white liquid rise from the end of his erection and she knew his climax was building.

Suddenly she was overcome with her own sense of sexual arousal. She longed for release and satisfaction as she knew her two men friends surely must. She released her young friend’s cock, lunged forward on all fours, and took the newcomer’s hard-on full in her mouth. She tasted the salty drop on its head. His erect penis was hard and thick, filling her mouth. She ran her tongue around the head of his cock and sucked hungrily. She put her hand on the shaft of his erect penis and began to pump up and down as she licked and sucked it. Unexpectedly she felt two fingers enter her vagina from behind and slide over her dripping wet clitoris. She moaned and thrust her hips back at the unexpected entry. She felt the hard-on of her young friend enter her from behind while at the same time his hand reached around her belly, his fingers massaging her clitoris from the front. She felt a wave of fear and guilt wash over her knowing that she had crossed into forbidden territory. At the same time she realized this was a long-time fantasy of hers, having two men at the same time. She slowed the rhythm of attention being given to the newcomer and at the same time slowed the return thrusting to the rock hard erection filling her from behind. She was keenly aware that she had control over two men’s climaxes, both of whom were ready to pump their respective loads into her. She relished the thought. But she had to be satisfied also.

She told her two friends, “You are both going to have to slow down and wait for me. We girls don’t get there at the same speed as you guys do.” Longing for the expected reward to come they relaxed and slowed down. The man behind her massaged her clitoris, his pulsing hard-on still in her but holding off on thrusting for the moment. The newcomer put his hand in her top and cupped her breast. He gently squeezed her nipple and she gasped. She could feel the explosion building in her. Her breathing became faster and she groaned at the clitoral stimulation. “Oh, yes, keep it up and start thrusting again,” she said. At the same time she took the newcomers thick, hard cock back in her mouth. She began slowly pumping while sucking. If I can time this right, we can all cum at the same time, she thought. She began thrusting harder and faster against her young friend’s thrusts. She pumped the newcomer’s erection harder and faster. She knew she would soon be over the edge. The cock filling her mouth began to pulsate. She tasted the salty emission of his pre-ejaculate and she knew he would soon cum. The thrusting from behind was becoming faster and deeper. She thought, oh yes, I am so hot and turned on, I am going to explode soon. She put her hand between her legs and started rubbing her clitoris as only she knew how. She could feel the spasms of her climax starting. All at once she felt a deep thrust from behind as her young friend buried his cock in her. She could feel it throbbing within her, as he came hard in her, filling her up with his thick, hot cum. At the same time the dick in her mouth exploded and filled her mouth with salty liquid. She swallowed hard to retain it all. Her own climax hit her and her stomach muscles tightened with the spasms. It left her quivering and she felt her juices running down her legs mixed with the younger man’s cum.

After several minutes the three of them disconnected and sat in the back of her truck. One by one they pulled their clothes back on. They sat and looked at each other in disbelief. This had obviously been a first for each of them.

The younger man said, “That was just too awesome” and the newcomer nodded in agreement.

The newcomer said, “I better be going. We should probably keep this to ourselves,” he said. They all agreed. They all got out of her truck and hugged. The men started back to the ski hill. I should probably go home and clean up, she thought.

She drove down the mountain reflecting on the scene of the afternoon. Wow, she thought. I’ve always fantasized about that and now I have done it. The afterglow of the sexual experience warmed her body on the trip home. She knew she was very wet still. She wanted to get home before her husband and wondered what to say. Maybe nothing, she thought. No, she would tell him and include all the juicy details. She knew her fantasies excited him and this was even better. She thought with excited anticipation of his response and smiled. She knew she would be getting another hard cock before the day was over. As she drove home thinking about the days activities she slid her hand inside her still wet panties and gently massaged her sensitive clitoris. A perfect ski day she thought.

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