Hot Dream


Dear Reader, This is my first story and attempt at writing an erotic story. Any comments, or constructive criticism are greatly welcome. While I generally dislike stories written in the first person, this is an actual dream I had and I didn’t know of any other way to write it. Enjoy.

Dream in Chicago

I’m sleeping in my hotel room, it’s warm and I’m not wearing anything under the blanket. Suddenly I wake up, at least halfway anyway and something feels strange.

I sense a presence in the room that doesn’t belong, yet I can’t see much because it’s so dark. As I wake a little more, I smell a light, pleasant scent of perfume in the room that certainly doesn’t belong to me. As my eyes are adjusting to the darkness, I see the outline of a slender body wrapped in a raincoat right next to my bed. I let my eyes glide down and see a firm set of calves that end in a pair of high heels. Not a word has been spoken yet and you’re not moving, just looking at me, I think.

I drop my arm over the edge of the bed and lightly touch the back of your calve. I whisper “hello.”

I barley hear you say, “I told you I would surprise you one day.”

Slowly caressing the back of your calve between your ankle and knee I realize what a fantastic feeling it is to feel your muscles under the sheer material of your nylons. I think I see you smile in the dark and your legs are twitching a little under my touch. It arouses me, but I think I’m not the only one who starts to breath a little harder than normal. I let my hand glide up to the back of you knee and around the inside, slowly moving up. I’m anxious to feel where the nylons stop, yet I’m not in a hurry. Finally, after what feels like hours, I feel the end and I touch your smooth skin with my fingertips. I hear a Escort bayan light gasp coming from your lips and a twitch of your legs. I keep caressing the back of you legs just above the nylons and you seem to like it. You give my hand a squeeze through the raincoat to let me know you like it. My hand wanders up a little further, wanting to know what other surprises are hidden under that coat. I reach your cheek and glide my hand over your bare butt and then between your legs yet not touching your most private part.

I hear myself say “please show me” and you slowly unbuckle your belt and ever so slowly open you coat to my gaze. Just as I hoped, there is nothing underneath except a nice red bra. “

“I want to see you too,” you say and I eagerly fold the blanket down so you can see just how much you excite me.

You step closer to my head and I think I can smell your excitement and I run my hand down over your stomach, but you catch my hand, just before I get too low.

“I got another surprise for you” you breath and with that you slowly move my hand further down.

You are completely bare and it feels so beautifully smooth, I love it. I spend some time exploring your smoothness with my fingers, yet carefully avoiding the most sensitive part. I can’t help myself and lift my head to your stomach and start kissing and licking you lightly, then move down to the spot where your legs meet your hips. There is a light coat of moisture on you, from the excitement and I love it. Your soft hands find they’re way to my head and neck caressing me, which causes me goose bumps all over. Our touches become a little more urgent and stronger and I finally can’t hold back anymore. I stick my tongue out and run it over your lips and you twitch again. Bayan Escort I apply a little more pressure and I feel you pussy open up and your wetness spills out onto my tongue. You taste wonderful and your legs are positively shaking now.

I look up and I see you have pulled your breasts out of your bra and you are caressing your nipples between your fingers. I am entranced by this and I just watch you while my fingers play with you between your legs. I can see all the arousal in your face now and you’re mumbling things I really can’t understand.

I use my other hand to touch myself a little and you say “yes, stroke your cock for me, it excites me” and I love to please you.

I pull your hand, trying to get you on the bed with me before your legs give out. You shrug your coat off completely and I can finally see you completely in your full, naked glory. You bend over and we kiss for the first time. Gently at first, but quickly our kisses become more urgent, as our tongues touch and caress each other. I pull you onto the bed and we embrace into a long kiss and roaming hands.

We are both extremely aroused and you say ” I want you in me, please!”

But I say, “not yet, I want to taste you again first.”

I kiss your neck and slowly move down to your breasts, gently kissing and nibbling. I feel you winding yourself around and I am completely intoxicated by you. I move further down over you stomach and finally, lay down between your legs. I want to cover your whole sex with my mouth and inhale everything you have to, or want to give. My tongue kisses you, caresses you and drinks your excitement, I can’t stop.

Our hands meet for a squeeze and I beg you “please come in my mouth, I want to taste your orgasm”.

You Escort seem to like it and moan your approval. Together we step into a different world, no longer gentle.

You scream “yesssss eat my pussy, make me come all over your face.”

This almost puts me over the edge myself, just from enjoying you and rubbing my cock on the blanket every time I move. Your hips are gyrating and you explode in my face while screaming obscenities at the world. While you slowly float back to earth, we just hold onto each other for a little while, but I gladly see you’re still hungry.

“Now come up here and fuck me,” you hiss and I need no further invitation, because I’m going crazy with lust.

While I’m up on my knees, you spin around and put your mouth over my hard cock.

“Sorry, I had to taste you first,” you grin at me and then push me onto my back, climbing on top of me.

You lift your hips and move them back and forth over my cock, teasing the both of us. You lean forward and we kiss on the lips and around the neck. Then I feel your hand between us guiding me to your entrance, slowly taking me into your body. The feeling is indescribable, we both moan in pleasure as you start to move your hips up and down, back and forth.

At times we hold hands, at times we touch each other everywhere. It’s the first time, we know it will not last forever. As your hips are moving back and forth, it’s rubbing all the right spots for both of us.

I yell, “please make me come I can’t wait any longer” and you moan “yes, give it to me.”

The room explodes for me, do I see colored lights? I feel like my whole body drains into you, not just my seed. I feel your fingernails, digging into my skin but it only heightens my orgasm and I just hope you feel as good as I do. Why can this not keep going forever?

Finally we start to hit earth again, look at each other and just laugh out loud. You lean down onto me for a big hug and a little cuddling.

Can we please do this again very soon?

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