Subject: Hot for Harden (5) This is a fictional story about a man I have become instantly infatuated with. I came across this perfect specimen if maleness recently. His name is Hunter Harden. All I can say is. “Have you seen this GOD of a man”. Utter perfection is all that can be said. I have never met him, ans may never. But I know he is gay and if ever given the chance. I am all over him. Enjoy. Hot for Harden (Part 5) … We lay there in the bed for a few moments. Chris had just finished sucking me off to a nice eruption. And then he turned and lay down next to me for a moment. He looked at me. And I back at him. He was so damned hot too. “Wow.” I huffed “That was hot” I turned an then kissed his mouth. Tasting my own cum again on his lips and beard. I then placed my hand to his hairy body. I then began to move it through the dense fur. It fekt so good under my fingers. “Hmmm. Nice” I said Then I traced my fingers around his nipples and chest. Then let my fingers found his nipple. U then gently pulled in it. Chris groaned as he felt my hand on his chest. But that did not last as I wanted to get to the rest of this bears hot body. So I moved up and looked down at the handsome hunk. “Damn. You are gorgeous” I said “Such a sexy bear” I kızılay escort leaned down and kissed his mouth again. Then let my hand move down hairy form and then down his belly towards the studs dick below. My hand quickly found it and pulled ot into my palm. I then started to stroke his dick as I moved down from his mouth. My lips kissed his neck and chest. Then I moved to his nipple I licked around the hardening nob as I continued to stroke his cock. “Hmmf. Fuck yeah man. Thats good” he huffed And I sucked on his nipple for a bit. My hand was stroking in his hardened cock too. Feeling his very nice dick. And after another few moments in his tit, I moved down his furry belly. I worked my way down to my prize. Chris’s cock. “Wow. Thats a pretty dick” I stated “Gonna love this” I looked at his dick. It was almost perfect. The size and shape of it. Not too thick as to have an indication of it hurting. The head was blunt and arrow shaped. I licked at my lips as i held his awesome cock in my hand. I stroked it several times as I prepared to consume his dick. The slight curve on his cock was a nice thing to see too. Telling of how nice it would feel once he pushed it into my ass. “Hmm. Suck” he softly “Suck me baby.” keçiören escort “Need to feel that mouth” I then did as the hot bear if a man asked. I moved in closer to his cock. Then I pulled my tongue out and then licked up the shaft of his dick. He cooed as he felt my tongue on him. “Hmm. There. Do that.” He said “Then suck me off man” I licked up and then down on his cock. Feeling the warmth of it on my tongue. Then pulled my tongue back up and to the head of his dick. I then licked at the head and tip. Then moved my tongue around his awesome dick head. It tasted very nice. His body twitched as my tongue lapped at the underside of the mushroom head. “Hmmf fuckk” he cooed “Yess. Ohh fuck yess” So i had found a sensitive area. And i decided to exploit it. Licking at the head more. Then as I slid my mouth over his beautiful dick. I squeezed at the head and let my tongue flick at that spot that made the man squirm. “Ughn” he crowed as I did Then his hips lunged up at my mouth. And his cock slid up into my face. He moaned deeply as my mouth wrapped tightly around his hardening shaft. His cock tasted wonderful. And I was just gonna blow the hunk until he blew. That was the plan at least. I grabbed his dick. escort ankara Then licked at the head as I stroked it quickly. Flicking my tongue over the mushroom top. Chris groaned heavily and his hips thrust at me. The cock sliding through the tight grip of my fingers to find its home in my mouth. And I welcomed the thing “Yes. Awee yes that’s so nice man” he moaned “Knew you were gonna be graet.” “Suck yer daddys dick man. Suckk!” He grabbed at my head again and lunged at it. Trying to dig all his cock into me. Into my face. Bit my hard gripping hand prevented the choke that I figured would occur if he did. But his hips continued to fuck my hand and mouth. “Ughn, ughn. Fuxkk!” He huffed again “Suck me. Suck me!” I did my best to give the hairy bear pleasure. I continued to slobber on his awesome dick like it was my last meal. Slobbering down his granite hard dick as I stroke at it. Getting it ready for the fucking I was gonna get by this hot bear. “Suck. Suck!” He groaned “Take that dick in that mouth man” And I continued this for some time. Feeding on his delicious dick. Keeping it nice and hard for my ass. Then to aidde in the prep for sex. I got up and then climbed on top of him. Flipped around into the famous sexual position. Offering him my cock and ass. “Here stud” I said “Theres the hole you want” “Eat it” I pushed back at his face. Giving him my hole as I played with his dick some more. I felt his fingers back there. Then a hardy loogiee of spit hit my ass hole “Yeah. Nice ass man” he said…. To be continued

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