Hot For Teacher


As Jess walked into the first day of the new term at Seaview College, the only thing she was looking for was a bit of male eyecandy. At 18 years old, Jess had been legal for two years in Britain and had certainly taken advantage of it. A bit of a party girl, Jess had the looks, charisma and just plain sexiness to wrap anyone around her little finger.

With long, curly brunette hair that fell down her back, her bright green eyes were accentuated, only more so by the dark eye makeup surrounding them. Jess headed to her locker, and put in her sports kit along with a few folders, before closing the locker door. As she turned to leave, she bumped into someone, sending the contents of their arms flying.

Swearing under her breath, Jess bent down to pick up a few of the folders as a pair of masculine hands picked up the others. Jess stood up, aware that her cleavage was showing, and studied the male in front of her.

At least a good six feet tall, with muscles that were nice but not too excessive, suggesting he hit the gym regularly but not every day. His blonde hair was geled into spikes, and his brown eyes were filled with lust at the sight of Jess. She handed him back the folders, and he snapped out of his trance.

“Thank you. I should be more careful.” He said in a deep, chocolatey voice.

“It’s fine. I haven’t seen you around before.” She said, wrapping a curl of hair around her finger.

“It’s my first day here. I’m Mr Davies, I teach Art.” He said, extending his hand.

Jess had to stop her jaw from physically dropping. With him wearing dark jeans and a white shirt, Jess had just imagined that he was a year older than her, and one of the students graduating soon. Never had she imagined that he was a teacher.

“Wow. I’m Jess, I study Art.” She replied, shaking his hand.

“Well, I’m afraid I have to go, Jess who studies Art, but I’ll see you later.” He chuckled.

He walked off in the opposite direction to Jess, who stood there, slightly shellshocked. Jess was no stranger to attractive men, but she always knew that she could win them over. With Mr illegal bahis Davies, however, that wasn’t going to happen. It was illegal, for a start.

“Bloody hell.” She whispered.

“Jess!” Hayley, her best friend, called.

“Hey, Hayley.” She replied.

“Have you heard about the hot new teacher?” Hayley asked as they walked down the corridor to Registration.

“I’ve met him. Just.” Jess replied, and Hayley squealed.

“Is he as hot as everyone says?” Hayley asked excitedly.

“I suppose you could call him hot.” Jess shrugged, grinning wickedly.

“Looks like this term is going to be fun, then.”


Jess was walking into her last lesson of the day, Art. She was eager to get there and drool over Mr Davies, who had apparently been breaking girl’s hearts all day. She opened the door to find that she was the first student there. Mr Davies looked up, surprised to find a student that was almost ten minutes early.

“Jess!” He said in surprise.

“I had a free period just, so I thought I’d introduce myself properly.” She replied calmly.

“Great. Take a seat, I’ll come and join you.” He laughed.

Jess sat down on the table, which was quite high up. It was the start of the summer term, yet even in June, England was in the midst of a stifling heatwave. Jess had dressed accordingly with the heatwave, sporting short denim shorts and a vest top. Her long, tanned legs hung down from the table, and Mr Davies eyes were drawn to them as he sat on the table next to her.

“So, tell me about yourself.” Mr Davies said.

“You first.” Jess laughed.

“Um, Okay. Obviously, I’m Mr Davies, but you can call me Tom.” He said.

“How old are you?” Jess asked, looking interested.

“I’m 23.” He chuckled.

“You’re the youngest teacher here by far.” Jess said.

“Am I?” He asked.

“And the hottest.” Jess whispered, in the hope that he didn’t hear it, but by the look in his eyes, he did.

“Nice to know you think that, Jess. So, tell me, how many boyfriends do you have here?”

“Are illegal bahis siteleri you calling me a slag?” Jess asked, feigning anger.

“Oh god, no! Sorry.” Tom blushed. “I just meant – cause you’re so pretty-“

“It’s fine, I’m just messing with you. I’m single, if you must know.” Jess laughed.

“Good. 18 Year Old boys are dicks. I remember.” He chuckled.

“I’m sure you weren’t that much of a dick.” Jess said.

“That’s what they all say, Jess. Looks like the others are coming in, you should take your seat.”

Jess nodded, and jumped off the table. As she walked to the back of the classroom, a few boys wolf whistled at her, but she took no notice of them. However, she did take notice of the anger in Tom’s eyes when they did it.

Jess sat down at the back of the classroom, and her current friend/fuck buddy, Damien, sat down next to her. Jess once again saw Tom staring at the two of them, though he quickly turned away when he saw Jess had caught him starting.

“Okay, class, today I want you to introduce yourselves to me. However, I want you to do it through your artwork. Show me what your style is, what you believe in, how you are feeling. You have one hour.” Tom instructed.

Jess set to work, grabbing a sketchpad. She pulled out her tin of sketching pencils and set to work. Within a few minutes she had a basic outline of what she was doing. She had sketched a heart shape, and an arrow going through it. With twenty minutes of the lesson left, Jess had become bored of the day’s learning.

She turned to Damien, who’s hand had slowly been rising up her leg. It had made her slightly excited, but nothing like the thoughts about what could never happen between her and Tom had. She turned to Damien, who thought Jess was going to yell at him for trying it on. Instead, Jess, sensing that Tom was watching, pulled Damien into a deep and passionate kiss.

Someone nearer to the front of the classroom wolf whistled, and Jess pulled apart from Damien. She saw that Tom’s cheeks had flushed, and that his hands were balled up into fists.

“I’ll canlı bahis siteleri be back in a minute.” He hissed.

He stood up, but not before Jess could notice his bulging package. All that time he had been watching her that lesson, he had been getting hard! Within a few minutes, he returned, much less angry. That was until he saw Damien feeling up Jess again.

“Mr Salvatore, please refrain from feeling up Miss Harrow in my lessons and allow her to complete her artwork.” Tom snapped.

“Somebody’s not getting any.” Damien whispered, making Jess laugh.

If she could help it, that would be changing very very soon.

“Alright class, hand your work into me and then you can go early, I have some things to sort out. Oh, and Jess, could you stay behind for a moment please?” Tom asked.

“Of course, Sir.” Jess replied.

She took her artwork and put it with everyone else’s, before hopping up onto the table. Tom waited until the class was well out of sight, and then sat down on the table next to her.

“Are you okay, sir? You looked pretty… worked up.” Jess said, licking her lips flirtatiously.

“You’ve had me worked up all day, Jess Harrow.” Tom replied, his eyes flashing with lust.

“I thought you hadn’t noticed.” Jess laughed.

“How could I not notice? You’ve been misbehaving, Jess. And now I’ve got to punish you.” Tom said firmly.

“Can you please quit the porno crap and fuck me already?” Jess asked, calmly.

Within seconds, Tom attached his lips to Jess’s, and they began to make out passionately. Tom pushed her up against the desk, and the proceeded to lay her down on it. He began to slide down the straps of her vest top, and undid her bra so that her breasts were free. They were a 32C, not too big and not too little.

“Shit.” He muttered, rummaging around in his desk.

“What are you looking for?” Jess asked in frustration as she started to play with her clit, getting bored of waiting for Tom.

“A condom.” He replied, his eyes drawn to where Jess was masturbating herself in front of him.

“No chance you’re having that monster in me without a condom, Tom.” She shrugged, starting to reach her climax. “Holy shit.”

“Looks like we have a little exhibitionist on our hands.” Tom chuckled, staring lustfully at Jess.

To be continued…

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