Hot Lady Needed More Than A Flat Tire Changed

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Hot Lady Needed More Than A Flat Tire ChangedOne evening while coming home from the gym, I took a rarely traveled short cut through a tree-lined un-paved road. There was a middle aged woman, standing beside her car. As I got closer, she flagged me down. When I pulled up behind her, I saw she had a flat tire. This very attractive petite 5-2” tall woman who must have been in her mid-40s came up to me and explained that she had a flatter and her she could not make a call on her cell phone. Obviously, frazzled, I tried to calm her down a bit and said I could change her tire. I got out of my car, still in my sweaty T-Shirt and gym shorts and walked over to the car. Her name was Julie and she was dressed very professionally in a rather loose fitting French blue blouse and charcoal skirt that really highlighted her tight waist. She had pulled over to the incorrect side of the road, so I had her pull her car up a bit so the car had a level surface for the jack. As I jacked the car I could hear her open and close the car door. She then came back and asked if I needed any help. I could’t help but notice her nice firm legs and the fact she was wearing 3-4” black heeled shoes just accentuated their shape. We had been making a bit of small talk, but when I saw those legs, I just blurted out “you have some sexy legs.” She thanked me for the compliment and said she wished her husband appreciated them”. During this conversation it came up that she was having problems with her husband – this was obviously bothering her, but it did not seem appropriate to dwell on it. Julie must have felt the same way, as she changed the subject, “I appreciative you stopping and helping me.” No problem,” I responded, “ I am not in the habit of leaving women along the side of the road, especially one as pretty as you.” She then bent down and helped me find the lug nuts handing them to me as I put on the spare. As I took the first lug from her I looked over and realized she had unbuttoned her blouse exposing her ample cleavage! “ ow,” I thought “those are some nice fun bags.” To say the least, I was getting turned on. Our conversation turned to much more flirting with with a definite tone of intent. I finished the last lug and stood up with her still kneeling illegal bahis next to me. “Geeze’ you must really like what you see.” My rock hard cock was pointing straight out in my gym shorts right in her face (honesty I did not plan that). “Yes, you are fucking hot and if you want to return the favor, I have ideas” I replied. She did not miss a beat, “ I have ideas.” And she pulled my pants down and grabbed my cock bringing it to her mouth. “Ohhhhh that feels so good,” I moaned as her mouth encircled my rock hard cock. I told her to stand up and take off her blouse because I wanted to fuck her tits. Soon I fucking those 32D sized tits. She use one hand push my dick between her boobs and I pushed on the side with my dirty tire black hands. I left go and she went right back to sucking my dick. The sight of this older sexy woman on my dick combined with er expert and enthusiasitic effort had me close to cumming. I told her I wanted to taste her and she said let me finish you first. With that I grabbed her head and started to meet her bobbin with some thrusting. The harder I grabbed her head the more she responded. My orgasm grew and I put a hand on the side of her face and kept the other on top of her head guiding her to my orgasm. “Oh shit,” I screamed “this is going to be good” and I felt my cock explode in her luscious mouth. I pumped shot after shot of cum in that sexy warm mouth. Julie swallowed like a starved girl. As soon as I caught my breath I told her to go the back of my SUV and take off her skirt and panties. “But leave the heels on” I commanded. I followed her back there, opened up the SUV, and laid the power seats down. I picked up a very aroused woman and laid her on her back. With in seconds, my face was down at the Y. As soon as I spread her legs and saw her pussy was absolutely soaking wet. I started eating her and it was like licking melting ice cream she juiced so much. Within less than a minute she surprised me and grasped my head and came with a loud scream. She convulsed for a well over a half a minute as her body shook in orgasm. As she her orgasm subsidized she pushed me away giving me a chance to come up for air. “That was amazing, I had not cum that hard in a while.” She said in between illegal bahis siteleri breaths. I asked her, “ when was the last time you were with a guy?” She said, it had been 3 months since her husband had touched her sexually. “Damn, I hit the jack pot I thought.” Our whole escaped sexually had lasted last than 10minutes to this point. We both wanted it to go on! I then slid down to her trimmed pussy again and started eating her out again. After a while I pushed her legs back and had her hold them. This spreader her pussy wide and gave me an excellent view. I pulled her cheeks back and saw her very tight asshole which was coated in pussy juice. I dove down and licked her brownie making her moan. I then move up to her pussy and soon she was approaching orgasm. However, she could not her over the edge. So, I took a finger and rubbed it around her tight orifice and then as she was peaking I pushed my finger into her very tight ass. That was the trick. She let out a scream and humped my face and finger to a second O. I was hard again and I pulled her to the edge of the SUV. With her heels on, legs in air, and her bare ass on the bumper, I drove my hard cock into her pussy. I was balls deep immediately and fucked her pretty deep and slow. I then shifted between some hard fucking and slow deep grinding. She was enjoying everything moaning and groaning “fuck me please fuck me this feels so fucking good.” I was getting close and told her so. “Please do not cum inside me, I don’t want to get pregnant.” That fucking turned me on and it was all I could do to not cum inside. I slowed way down then said “how about letting me cum in your ass?” She did not respond and I could see she was nervous. “You enjoyed the finger, so you will enjoy my dick even more.” I reasoned. “I have never done it before that way”, she said. I replied, “well tonight will be your first.” She still hesitated, I got a bit more aggressive “Either I cum in your pussy or ass, what is it going to be?” I was not serious, but I wanted to see if she would call my bluff. I moved a finger back down to her ass and inserted it. I started to gently finger fuck her ass. “Will it hurt” she asked. I said :To be honest, yes it will until you get used to it. If you canlı bahis siteleri listen to what I say, you will cum too.” With that she whispered “OK…I’ll do it”. With that I took my finger from her ass and then fucked her pussy some more to get my dick nice and wet. I pushed her legs back and told her to spread her cheeks which she did. I told her it would be in intense and that she could tell me to take a break at any time. “But you have to tell me to stop, or else I will keep on going”. She shook her head in understanding. “This will be intense” I said. With that I started to slowly push in my dick, when I reached the tight inner ring I backed off for a second. Then I reapplied pressure let her anus expand to take my engorged cock. My glands popped into an incredibly tight ass. “Oh Fuck” she said a rather loud voice as she beat her hand on the SUV floor. I held my cock there for a few seconds to let her ass calm down. After what seemed like a minute, I started rocking back and forth, pushing deeper with each stroke. She slapped the SUV floor and whimpered as I slowly fucked her ass in long deep strokes. I rested for a few seconds so I did not cum so quickly from the iron grip of her ass. I told her she should try to cum by rubbing her pussy. “It will make it feel a lot better.” She did not need to be told twice and as I started to fuck her ass she seemed be rubbing her clit intensely. Her winning turned to a****listic grunts as I was not sure if she was enjoying it or not. I picked up the pace which made her squirm. I was enjoying the sexy sight of this woman doing this special act for me. All of a sudden she her tits and face got really red and she let out a very loud scream! She came hard and long. After the first 4-5 contractions I felt warm juice splashing us as I fucked her for all she was worth. Fuck she was peeing or squirting I do not know, but it was fucking hot. I fucked her ass hard a few more seconds and I exploded in a massive orgasm filling her rectum with my love juice. We collapsed. After resting a few minutes we decided to get dressed and head our separate ways. I looked at the sexy sight. Her hair dishoved and tangled, black marks from the tire dirt all over her face and naked body, and a well satisfied look on her face. I showed her in a mirror what she looked like and she smiled saying “ well I guess I looked well fucked because I am well fucked”. We laughed as we got dressed and exchanged phone numbers before going our separate ways.

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