Hot Night at Home


He taps my waist, and I feel the little drum beats on my leather belt. It’s a nudge to move out, head home from dinner. We give parting courtesies, and friendly hugs. By the time the car is brought around, I feel my nipples standing at attention under my dress, in the night air and a familiar warm tension between my legs.

In the car, he gently runs his hand down the crease my skirt leaves between my thighs. The smooth fabric glides a bit, and his fingertips explore the texture of my legs. Lightly, gently, he traces abstract roads from my hip to my knee as we make our way home.

At the red light, he tugs up the edge of the skirt and slips a finger under the edge of my panties at my hip bone. It tickles a bit, such a sensitive spot. He plays with the hollow created there, not quite touching my leg, not quite touching my vagina, but teasing sex into the spaces you don’t normally find it. The tension is palpable and I squirm a bit to feel the satiny finish of my dress glide along the tops of my breasts and along my stomach.

It’s rainy, and there’s moderate traffic in the middle of the city.

I slide my strapless bra out through the arm of my dress and give him a sweetly naughty smile. He reaches through the open fold of my halter top gown, cupping under my breast and gives my nipple a long, slow, tug. I love to feel the pressure, bursa escort and just a bit of pain, and just now I want so much to put part of him in my mouth. His lip. His earlobe. His fingers. I just want to nibble him and start taking him in.

We make it home, and to the bedroom at an efficient pace.

My skirt is up on my hips, and on my back on the bed, he tugs my panties to the floor. Sliding hands up along the insides of my legs, he gives gentle kisses and nibbles along my thighs, parting them as he goes.

My labia open naturally, and he takes one into his mouth for a slow, gentle suck. He chews gently, fingers working their way from my hips to my opening. He slides a finger inside, gently, just to take up some of my natural lubrication. He switches sides, and nibbles my other lip, while starting to stroke inside of my folds. He gently takes my clitoris in between his thumb and forefinger, and presses. Then more. The pressure builds, and he tugs, then swirls, then moves his mouth over to suckle my inner labia and give my sweet button the attention it’s been longing for all night.

I unbuckle, undress, and am ready for anything he wants to do next. This is not my night to be in control, I’m loving that he’s taking the lead and is firmly driving the evening’s pace.

Nude, we stand facing for a moment, and he palms bursa escort bayan my breasts, letting them drop down a bit, and then taking them by the nipple and holding them up. We do this for a few moments, the pinch, lift, squeeze, and drop. It’s a beautiful tease.

He seats himself with his back against the headboard, and I lie down on his hip, tracing through his body hair with my finger, taking in his scent. His member stands tall, proud, and softly pink. I kiss the spongy helmet, and give it a light nibble. He’s beginning to taste faintly of salt. A few more wet kisses and sucks, and he redirects me to come lay across him, tummy on his knees.

He strokes my behind, ticklingly lightly, tracing the road from the small of my back, down the center and to my knees. My cheeks part a bit, and he encourages this by nudging them outward with the heel of his hand as he strokes. I feel so exposed, but so safe with him. I want him to love every inch of me.

He is talking to me in soothing tones, and telling me how beautiful I am as he licks a finger and continues tracing. He starts to trace deeper into the crack, and makes circles around my rosebud. He can see my everything from this angle, with my head a bit down, and my butt up on top of him. He dips a slick finger just a bit inside of my bum, twists, and pulls out. I whimper with pleasure. escort bursa He does it again. And again, and starts to go a little bit deeper. He’s patting my ass with his other hand, and starts to pinch my fat little bottom a bit. He bites it. He’s still slipping in and out, in and out, slowly, rhythmically, just a couple of inches. My pussy aches for him.

He pulls me up into his lap to face him, and he nurses from my nipples. I start moving my open folds against him, and feel the ridge of the helmet rubbing against my clit. I change motion just a bit to slide the tip inside, and he presses my hips down, firmly. I feel my body open to hold all of him, and he is so, so deep. We stop to kiss, nibble and lick each other like animals for a moment, then we rock.

I move up, he pulls me down onto him. There is a rhythm, a steady pace, and we are making this stroll together. I move to put more pressure on my gspot, and he stops, locks eyes with me and rolls me onto my back where he is not only putting all of his masculine weight behind his thrusts, but he’s holding my legs by the back of the knees and opening me wider as he pleases.

We moan. His growl in my ear is so primitive and deep. We are moving together, and I feel myself getting so wet, so open, so hot, aware of the feeling of blossoming in my sex, like I could create whole universes with this man. The tempo quickens, our muscles grow tight, we slip, we sweat, we both scream out, and then it’s done.

There is a hot river flowing out from my legs as he retreats and we collapse, entwined.

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