Hot, Sexy Librarian Ch. 07


She had a hot, sexy vibe, sipping pinot and wearing a short, bohemian skirt with tennis shoes. She moved through the gallery, gracefully, but with some swagger, and I could hardly take my eyes off that little skirt. We were in the middle of an art opening, spotlighting faculty work…we had a couple friends showing their photographs.

She took a sip from her glass and reached up to steal a kiss. It lingered some and her gaze fell to the bulge, that often defined my jeans. Looking around to see if anyone could see, she gave it a quick squeeze. She whispered, “I like it when “he” shows…it’s like he’s always waiting for me,” and got that sexy Megan-smile.

I tried to look stern, but I couldn’t help but smile. With those blue eyes, puffy lips, and that smile, I wrapped my arm around her waist. “Young lady, wait till we get to the car; you’re going to be finishing what you started.”

“I hope so…like it when I get to finish…you,” she grinned.

I whispered, “I want to lift that little skirt and fuck you silly…you little cock-tease!” She giggled and took another sip.

We were going out to dinner but the second we got in the car, she was pulling “him” out and stroking, running her fingers over the shaft. To focus more attention on the growing task, she worked my pants down, but I leaned over and pressed my tongue through her lips. With the steamy kiss lingering, I pulled her blouse off and slipped off her bra.

We were parked on a quiet, side street and the streetlights gave her fair skin a soft glow. I ran my hands over her silky, soft skin and wrapped them around her breasts. I fondled and tweaked her puffies; they were soft pink but a couple of shades lighter than the nipples. Overcome with arousal, they stiffened and felt engorged in my mouth. She moaned and stroked my cock, as I sucked her breasts.

Sliding my hand under her skirt, I slipped a finger into the tiny divide between her lips; she was wet, and I eased inside. I raised back up to bring my lips to hers, again, and our tongues did that steamy dance that always ends well. I wondered how we were going to do it in the car and thought about moving to the backseat…but then I realized it wouldn’t look great for a professor to get caught in the backseat, with a grad student. I’m sure it happens all the time, but if I stay where I’m at, I could at least keep watch and potentially drive away. I put the keys in the ignition, just in case.

She nudged me to lie back and, took it back in her hands, slowly closing his fingers around the throbbing girth. She stared into my eyes and ran her fingers up and down the shaft; she licked sensuously, sliding her lips down over the head.

As it pumped through her lips and her tongue worked the shaft, I gripped her head and pushed deeper. I watched my smokin’ hot librarian, face-down in my lap and pleasuring my cock. She didn’t let up and it was perfect on every level, watching her head bob up and down…I just wanted to savor it.

Breaking my trance, the jiggle of her breast caught my eye. I felt the warm, fleshy mound filling my hand…her nipples were erect, and the puffy areola stood proud of her breasts. I teased my fingers over the nipples, savoring the exquisite erections.

I pulled her off my cock and took one into my mouth, digging my fingers into the firm mound…massaging and groping. Her hand went to the back of my head, holding it there, as I licked and nibbled her nipple. With my lips stretched, I got as much as I could…and felt the engorged areola under my tongue. I licked and suckled, circling each with my tongue, exploring the raised puffy mounds that crowned each breast.

When she pulled away, I knew where things were headed. I looked down the street again, as she squirmed around, got between my legs and grinned up at me. She cupped my balls, almost gleeful with their masculine heft and what they could deliver. Moaning softly, she kissed the head and swirled her tongue over it. She opened her mouth wide, stretching her lips and slipping them over the head.

With her mouth straining to take it, she pulled off and smiled, “Love this…just fuck my mouth some…I want to finish you, sweetie.”

Using her other hand to stroke the base and gently cradle the balls, she gradually worked it deeper, taking it into her throat. I gently rolled my hips up to meet her lips and started pumping, pressing my fingers into her hair. I slowly…and sensuously pumped through her thick, pillowy lips; they were stretched tight and pushing me, closer and closer, to release. “Mmmm…Megan…god Megan…uhhhh…uhhhh…ahhhh…that’s…that’s so good!”

The desire to release grew within my balls, and I slowed things down to push it back, but it didn’t help. I gave bursa escort up my control and pumped with more urgency; at first, I wasn’t going all the way…and just teasing her throat. Megan, however, had something different in mind, impaling her throat and taking it all the way. That was it…all I could handle…and started groaning, “Uhhhh…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…uhhhh…cumming…cumming!”

Hardly surprising, she gripped tighter and kept it in her throat, as I exploded. She took it all and quickly swallowed as I emptied my balls.

My brain was still attempting to focus, when she kissed me; I could taste the cum.

She whispered, “Lets skip dinner, sweetie. We can find dinner at your place; there’s always something in that fridge…and most of it’s edible.”

All I could say was, “Yeah, let’s do that.”

Not skipping a beat, even though she gave me a roadside blowjob and took a load, she giggled and went on, “Very unusual for three guys, you know…to have a clean kitchen and edible food.”

“I know…but maybe we’re just more mature.”

“Well that’s questionable, sometimes,” she giggled, “but you’re probably right. I don’t see any of you eating ramen.”


I was going to check out the fridge, but decided dinner was coming later…much later. I was still horny from the car and decided to start a fire in the fireplace…screams romance…right?

Megan, again, had other plans…I knew what was about to happen, when she wanted me to check out something in the bedroom. When I got there, she was topless and had a sucker in her mouth…like a tootsie pop.

“What’s with the sucker…did you go to a bank?”

“No, I picked up a handful at the gallery…it’s cherry…wanna share?”

I looked around at the candles she had scattered, and she giggled as she pushed me back onto the bed. I scooted up to the edge, where she shared her sucker, rubbing it over my lips and kissing me. We started kissing more passionately and she climbed onto my lap.

When we came up for air, she started tracing her areola with the sucker and grinning, “Can I offer you some candy young man?” She giggled, “I’ve always wanted to do that!”

“So, have I baby girl…and I’ll take candy from topless strangers. My mother taught me that.”

“I doubt that.”

“Yeah, I’m paraphrasing, but I like your cherry puffies, topless stranger!” My tongue circled each and then I pulled them between my lips, while she moaned around her sucker. She rubbed her sucker over her lips, then mine, and we made-out again.

She grinned, “Lay back, honey,” and straddled my face. The tiny skirt was bunched up around her waist but flopping around, as she got over top. She’d already ditched her panties and carefully spread her pussy open. Enticing me with moist, pinkness and inserting the sucker, she sensuously pushed deeper and pumped it.

“And I’ve really wanted to do this,” tracing my lips with the pussy-covered sucker. She let me have a few licks, before pulling it away.

“Mmmm, I want more candy, baby girl.”

She licked it a couple times before grinning, “My pussy wants more, too.”

Again, she fucked herself and put it back in my mouth. Surrendering the sucker, I took over and worked it back inside her pussy. Dragging it, up and down, through her pussy lips, I teased it over her clit and fucked her more.

Once everything smelled like cherry, I pulled her down to my mouth, throwing the sucker aside, and ran my tongue over her labia. Circling the lips, I pushed inside, dragging my tongue through the tiny crack and savoring cherry-covered pussy. I reached up to caress her breast; she shook with a little shudder, when I started to tongue her clit. After a few moments of flicking, the little bud emerged completely, and I was able to take it between my lips.

I pushed two fingers inside, to work her g-spot; she fucked them and moaned, “Yeah, baby…yeah…yeah…that’s perfect…ahhhh…ahhhh…work it…work the clit…work my pussy! Oh god…that’s…that’s good…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah!”

Running my tongue back and forth, over the tiny bud, she started grinding her pussy over my face. I pushed my tongue deeper and let her ride it, till I could hold her still and go after her clit, again.

When orgasm took hold, she arched her back, moaned and almost stopped breathing. “Oh god…oh god, don’t stop…mmmm…don’t stop!”

I licked her through it and when she descended from the clouds, she rolled off to lay on the bed next to me. I watched her chest heave…her tits went up and down, as she struggled to catch a breath.

Her tits have that perfect bounce, that makes you rock bursa escort bayan hard…they spill over your hand but have a firmness that creates the perfect crease from weight. My hand dug deep into the flesh and slid down to caress her belly, teasing her belly button with my fingers. There were a few minutes of talking and watching the candles flicker on the ceiling, before we started making out, again. My hands were all over her body and my tongue pushed deep between her lips.

I was semi-hard but coming back and she reached down to stroke it. I pumped forward, fucking it through her hand.

“He wants some cherry, too. Sweetie, why don’t you give him some…grab your sucker!”

She got a sly grin, “I was thinking the same thing…you know, I’ve always wanted to give that dick some cherry!”

She soaked the sucker in her mouth and smeared it over the head. She looked up, “I’m not done yet,” and did the same a couple more times to cover the whole shaft. It left my dick shiny with a sugary coating. No time was wasted, before her tongue roamed over the long, hard shaft, “Mmmm…yeah…I love the cherry on you!”

By raising my hips off the bed, I was able to pump into her mouth, “Yeah…yeah, take that cherry cock!”

“Mmmm, cherry cock…that even sounds good! But I can’t wait to see how it feels…you gotta fuck me!”

“Suck me some more…and get it ready.”

She giggled, smeared more sucker over the head and pushed it back into her mouth. I teased her, stroking and rubbing it over her lips.

My sexy librarian could have spent the more time sucking my dick, and I would have been happy to let her, but we were both ready to fuck. I rolled off the bed, lubed my dick and pulled her to the edge; when I spread her legs, she pulled them way back, almost to her shoulders. Her pussy was showing arousal, with a tiny crack, and she still had the skirt bunched around her waist.

I prepped her with lube, pushing some inside, and pumped my dick over top, sliding my lubed dick over her pussy lips. Slowly I pushed inside, watching her pussy part and the swallow it. I went slow, but once I felt my balls fall over her ass, I held it inside, waiting for her to relax herself some.

She savored the stretching…and fullness, and she smiled with a sexy-as-fuck grin, “Mmmm…I do like a cherry cock inside…even better…yeah…yeah…fuck, that’s good…so good!”

She was ready to be fucked, gave me that sexy smile and rolled her body into mine. I pulled back and started pumping slow, with long, satisfying strokes. Almost doubled in half, she held her legs back and I gradually fucked harder.

With her pussy lustfully hugging and satisfying every inch, she moaned, “Yeah baby…fuck me like that! I can feel it in my belly…love that feeling…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…love it!”

With me pounding away, her tits had that sensuous bounce and her whole body slammed against the bed. She was close and starting to work her clit, “Oh…god…Rob…Rob, I love…love it…yeah, love it…fuck me…fuck me! Yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck me!”

She quickly increased the tempo of her fingers, pulled her legs way back and arched her back into the bed. Her breathy moans got choppy, “Yeah…yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yea…yea…yea…yeah…yeah!” My dick glistened with the juices and I continued slamming her, fucking with every last inch. Her ass slapped audibly against my thighs and she kept groaning, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…oh god…oh god…yes, fuck me…fu…fu…fuck me!”

Pinning her down and pummeling harder, I totally overwhelmed her. I could tell she was ready, but with my thrusts and her thrashing body, we got into a frenzied rhythm that seemed to stop time.

I grabbed her tits and squeezed hard, “Oh…oh…oh god…fuck…fuck me…fuck me…yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck me!”

She started screaming, “Don’t stop…don’t stop…yer makin’ me cum…I feel…I feel it coming…uhhhh…uhhhh…oh god!” I felt the tight, caressing bliss of her pussy while her body started to tense. Slamming hard and deep only intensified her orgasm; knowing I was stretching her insides and ramming her cervix, she exploded in a loud, screaming ecstasy. “Fuckkkkkk! Yeahhhh…yeahhhh…yeahhhh…fuckkkkk! Fuckkkk meeee! Fuckkkk meeeeee!”

When it all finally subsided, I rolled off and she took me in her mouth. Breathing ragged, I struggled to recover, as she cleaned me of sex and ran her tongue over my cock.

Yearning for my own release, I watched her carefully lick the aching shaft and knew she would give me everything I needed…and more. “Meg…oh god Meg…that’s good…get all that pussy…get all your pussy…mmmm…yeah…yeah…yeah!”

She layered it with spit, wrapping escort bursa her lips around the head and descending down the shaft. Pulling off and kissing the head, the glistening veins, ran up over the shaft, leading up to the stout, plum head. My balls hung heavy and jostled between my legs, while she stroked my cock. She parted her lips, stretching to take it back inside; groaning with satisfaction, I pushed her head down.

She jacked the bottom half, before pulling off again, “Jeez, it’s beautiful…fuck me, baby…drive it into my throat…but slow,” she grinned, “fuck my throat, sweetie.”

I dug my fingers into her thick, brown mane, as she started to bob up and down. I could hear her throat gurgle, opening to accept it and gradually going, deeper and deeper. I gripped her head tighter and pumped with a comfortable rhythm, slowly picking up the pace, until I was thrusting through her lips and the room was filled with her muffled gurgles.

“That throat…fuck…I can hear it…its music to my ears!”

I exhaled, “Megan…oh god, Meg…fuck…fuck…that’s fuckin crazy…yeah…yeah…yeah…suck it…suck it, baby!”

I was disappointed when she pulled off, but then she grinned, “Honey, use it…use my pussy…fuck me…fuck me till you cum.”

On all fours, she looked back, while crawling over to the edge of the bed, “Fuck me!”

My cock was rock-hard, and it bobbed painfully as I scooted off the bed. I teased her with head and wedged it in the swollen lips; her pussy, well-fucked and wet, effortlessly took it all. Filling her with cock flesh, she threw back her head and groaned. “Fuck…fuck…Rob, do it…use that pussy…fuck me…fuck me hard!”

I grabbed her hot, little ass, digging my fingers into the flesh and wildly pumping her, from behind. Her pussy was spread wide, and her sex coated my dick. I lengthened the strokes, pulling out until my cock head was barely inside, and then slamming it back inside.

“Ahhhh…yeah…yeah…fuck that is tight…tight fucking pussy…yeah…yeah…fuck!”

I watched the taut lips work over the thick shaft and then her tiny, puckered asshole, looking up. I spit on my thumb and slowly pressed it into her ass. We fucked like that for a good while, before I rolled her over, onto her back.

We went at it, again! I fucked hard, with my balls slapping her ass and cock teasing her cervix.

Orgasm was imminent and when my balls tightened, I pushed as deep as I could. My balls emptied into her belly and I screamed, “Fuck…fuck yeah…yeah…yeah Meg…Megan…yes…yes…yes…cumming…yeah, cumming!”

She was groaning, “Oh my god…oh god…that’s good…so good…good!”

As I came down from the cloud, I withdrew my softening cock and cum bubbled from her pussy. She took a deep breath and looked down at the creampie, before sinking back into the pillows. We laid there catching our breath for a few minutes, before she whispered, “Would you kiss me down there, sweetie? Just a little kiss, please?”

Absolutely, I thought; I can’t say no to this woman. She spread her legs and I planted a kiss, gently licking the tiny gap. Inhaling the aroma of sex was overwhelming, and it took me a second to really process things, but she took charge, pushing my face into her pussy. More than willing, I was ready to make out with her pussy; I dipped my tongue inside, pulling the pleasure from her steaming insides. It was musky and salty, on my tongue and I looked up into her beautiful eyes.

She softly whispered, “Now, kiss me, sweetie…share with me…I love to taste us.” My lips, covered with pussy and cum, met hers and I felt her tongue. She explored my mouth, traced my lips and pushed her tongue inside. Passionately embraced and kissing, I grabbed for the back of her head and pushed her lips against mine.

Exhausted from all the mattress activity, I eventually laid back and closed my eyes, till I felt her lips on my cock. She sucked the tip, kissed it and looked into my eyes, “Look at what can happen when you take candy from strange women!”


We started dinner about the time Benji came home and we were all sitting in the living room. Darin came in ten…or fifteen minutes later, “Dude, there’s more tortellini and wine…grab a plate…join us.”

I looked at Benji, “There was wine left, right?”

“Yeah, I opened another.”

We talked about the gallery and the opening. Megan took her plate to the kitchen and asked Darin to top off her glass, while she went off to my bedroom.

She emerged with one of the suckers, as he sat down, “What’s with the lollipop, Megs?”

“Oh, its dessert…I got them at the gallery,” with her trademark sexy smile, “and I really like cherry.”

“Tomorrow, I think I’m going to stop by the candy store and get a whole bag…and maybe get bigger ones.”

Neither of them noticed our discrete smiles, but I knew exactly what she meant.

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