HOT SHOTS: M.I.L.F Spring Break Ch. 02


HOT SHOTS: BIG ASS M.I.L.F Spring Break 2

Perpetual slacker Shawn had been promised sex by his rich girlfriend Daisy if he could pass his final exam…Well, he failed and went over her house in an attempt to coerce her into sex anyway and ended up sleeping with her mother Mrs. Diane Hartford, a SMOKING HOT M.I.L.F!! Mrs. Hartford took his virginity and the couple was nearly caught by his girlfriend and her father!!

What will happen next?!!


I was a mess of mixed emotion and confusion as I hit the off ramp on my Ducati and pulled down my block to the home I shared with my Uncle Bud. It had been less than an hour ago that I’d fucked my girlfriend’s mom and lost my virginity. Mrs. Hartford had kind of bullied me into it but I wasn’t complaining. She was one of the hottest women I’d ever seen and I’d be the envy of all my friends. But shit; I couldn’t tell anyone about what happened without my girlfriend Daisy finding out and what about her dad?! He already had a problem with me and finding out that I’d railed the snot out of his gorgeous wife might send him over the edge!!

I’d secretly lusted over Mrs. Hartford ever since she’d had me rub oil into her back while she sunned herself at her pool and my mind kept replaying the image of her nude body. My tumescence had returned with a vengeance and I was intent on rubbing one out even though my cock was still sore from Mrs. Hartford’s tight cunt.

“Shit!” My girlfriend’s car was parked outside of my Uncle’s trailer and I could see her leaned up against it waiting with her arms folded across her chest. I was scared that I’d already been exposed for fucking her mom when I noticed she was smiling as I pulled up. She looked kind of nervous standing there in her track suit. I noticed she was wearing a pair of form fitting athletic shorts instead of the workout pants she’d had on earlier.

“Hey Shawn.” Daisy sounded nervous, she was looking at the pavement and pivoting on each foot.

“What’s up babe?” I would have kissed her but I’d hadn’t even washed her mom’s scent from my face. It would have been so wrong to go there with her as I tried not to sound guilty.

“Look, I know I promised we would “get together” and everything but dad wanted me in tip top shape for my uh, track meet on Saturday. Don’t be mad Shaw, you know I really want to excel this year and get into an Ivy League school.” She was here to back out of having sex with me and I was relieved. I didn’t want to get everything twisted so soon after I’d fucked the crap out of Mrs. Hartford; her hot mom.

“So you drove over here just to tell me that?”

“Well; since I know I promised you something for passing your exams, I thought I would give you a little treat.” She smiled as she turned around facing my house looking around to make sure none of my neighbors was watching. Daisy covertly slid the small cotton shorts down revealing her tight toned little bubble butt.

“What’s up with this babe?” While her little perky ass was inviting, I found myself comparing it to the big, wide heart shaped derriere of her mother. I wondered if she would end up with a similar big butt later in life like her mom after a few kids.

“I know how much you like my ass so I thought that maybe you’d like to feel it against your big cock.”


“No Shawn not that; I want my first time to be really special and I just thought that you’d like to fuck my ass cheeks. I want to reward you for studying so hard.” She leaned forward against the back of her car pushing her thong clad butt out at me. I couldn’t help myself taking a liberal handful of both of her cheeks kneading them and pulling them apart to partially expose her cute little brown eye. Daisy bounced and twerked her hips.

“Come on Shawn, hurry up and fuck my crack before someone sees us or is that what you really want? Isn’t it fun to sneak a thrill?” Her tone was playful but it had an immediate effect as I reluctantly let go of buoyant little cheeks.

“Look babe, I’m sorry but I failed my test.”

“WH-WHAT; but we spent all that time studying Shawn!! How could this happen?” She quickly yanked her pants back up and gave me a shove in the chest.

“I don’t know babe, it seemed like I passed but I just didn’t.” Daisy did a double take at my answer.

“What kind of fucking answer is that Shawn?! Do you realize how much time I WASTED tutoring your ASS?!! Do you have any idea what I’m trying to accomplish in my life? Do you have any idea what a SACRIFICE I made taking you under my wing only for you to FAIL AGAIN?!!” She was yelling at me but looking elsewhere and I felt three feet tall.

“Daisy, I’m REALLY sorry. I just have a week of makeup classes and a quiz baby. We can win this time; just one more week honest.”

“Oh no Shawn, no no no buddy cause you’re on your own with this shit.” She shoved me aside as she fished around in her jacket pocket for her car keys.

“What am I gonna do without your help Daisy?” She was yanking open her car door casino oyna completely aggravated with me.

“You’d better pass that quiz or we’re FUCKING OVER!!” I watched her beamer pull off burning rubber into the hot night air.


I’d had trouble sleeping all night finally passing out just before dawn and I was lucky I wasn’t late for my first day of makeup class. I was completely bummed after being chewed out by my girl Daisy and was worried she wouldn’t be mine for long. I rode into the parking lot to find the school nearly deserted except for the hired cleaning company.

I noticed a Range Rover parked near the building where I normally took Mrs. Oderkirk’s class and rolled up right beside it figuring it had to be long to my teacher. I have to admit I wasn’t as focused as I should be considering that I’d fucked my girlfriend’s mom in the last twenty four hours. I couldn’t get the images of Mrs. Hartford out of my mind. I couldn’t believe how forceful she was and how she’d got me to go down on her. There was just something about Daisy’s mom that I couldn’t resist and the sight of that big juicy butt bouncing back and forth on my cock had me nearly in a fit. I was craving another slice of that M.I.L.F pie and didn’t know what to do with myself and the memory of Diane had me sporting a tremendous morning wood even now.

I walked down the deserted hallway to class noticing a few janitors cleaning the floors with a large buffer and waved to some of them. A couple waved back and I knew most didn’t speak English but I’d shared a joint or two with the homies on occasion.

Mrs. Oderkirk was sitting at her desk in the empty classroom working on her tablet.

“Good Morning Mrs. Oderkirk.” She responded with a dismissive wave of her hand and I found myself a seat near the back of her classroom. I sat there for over twenty minutes while she continued working on her computer silently.

“Uh Mrs. Oderkirk, aren’t we supposed to be doing some kind of school work?” I couldn’t believe I was saying that. Time was passing at a crawl and I was just sitting there watching the paint dry and being tormented by the memories of banging Mrs. Hartford on her coffee table the night before.

“Well Shawn we could do a few exercises but what would be the use?” she continued typing as the computer screen lit up her thick horn rimmed glasses obscuring her green eyes. She had her dark brunette hair up in a bun over her heart shaped face.

“What do you mean Mrs. Oderkirk?”

“Don’t strain your little brain Shawn. Do be a doll and fetch me a soda from the vending machine in the hall.” She fished a small jeweled coin purse from her Gucci bag and pointedly placed the change on the end of her desk facing me. I trudged to the front of the class and begrudgingly snapped up the change. Who the hell did Mrs. Oderkirk think she was ordering me around like this?

“Wrong.” She replied when I sat the soda down on her desk.


“Wrong type of soda Shawn.” She fished around in her coin purse and once again placed the coins on the desk with an exasperated sigh.

“Wrong.” I’d once again brought her the wrong soda and she actually sounded frustrated as she issued me a dollar this time.

“Wrong again.” I ended up going to the vending machine three more times and Mrs. Oderkirk ended up with six sodas on her desk as she leaned back in her chair and pushed her glasses up on her nose.

“Why can’t you walk down the hall and bring back the right soda young man?”

“Well, uh I don’t know ma’am.”

“I figured that out ten minutes ago, come with me.” She got up from her desk grabbing me by the forearm and led me down the hall to the vending machine. Mrs. Oderkirk was probably about five foot four in height, but I felt like a little kid in her company. We both stood in front of the vending machine looking at all the selections.


“Well what ma’am?”

“What kind of soda do I want young man?” Her question was as plain as day but for my concerns she could have been asking me about Chinese arithmetic. I was completely intimidated as she stood next to me with her arms folded across her chest waiting for my answer.

She had this sort of arrogant smirk on her face like she knew something I didn’t. Mrs. Oderkirk had always seemed to be in my business during the regular school year here and there giving me a hard time. I never understood it because I’m such a cool guy and all. The chicks really dig me and I’d never done anything to her at all.

“You know standing here with you like this Shawn; I could swear that I can almost hear you thinking. The only thing I asked you was what kind of soda do you think I want?” She sounded really irritated now.

“Gee Mrs. Oderkirk, I don’t really know. What kind of soda do you want ma’am?” she pointed at a diet soda with a single finger. I noticed the red nail polish on her well-manicured nail matched the bright red lipstick on her rather plump lips. She clapped as I retrieved the “right” slot oyna soda from the vending machine.

“Now my little brain surgeon, I want you to hold that can in both hands and march back to class.” I felt like a complete idiot as I cradled the can between all ten fingers and slowly walked to class a few feet ahead of Mrs. Oderkirk. She was walking about a foot behind me. I could feel her eyes on me and it made me nervous for some reason. All of the other classrooms were completely dark and I could see my reflection in the darkened glass that framed the doorways. I could’ve sworn that Mrs. Oderkirk was checking me out.

I sat the can down on her desk with all the others and watched as she fished around in her larger bag and produced a simple paper lunch bag. Mrs. Oderkirk pulled a plastic bottle of water from her bag as well. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Mrs. Oderkirk was straight up fucking with me!! She even took a deep drink from the bottle looking directly into my eyes.

“Can I ask you a question ma’am?”

“I don’t know Shawn, can you dear lad?” She was eating from a small container of cottage cheese and looking at her laptop.

“Well; yeah Mrs. Oderkirk I can ask a question.” I felt really stupid as she kept typing away and eating.

“I’ll answer but only on one condition.”

“What’s that Mrs. Oderkirk?” I noticed a slight smirk before she answered.

“There will be consequences for the indignity of having to answer to a inconsiderate spend thrift like yourself. You will have to do the next thing that I tell you Shawn, is that understood?”

“Uh, I guess so ma’am.” I watched her actually smile for the first time that day and lean back in her chair as she ate from another small container while prodding me on with her plastic spoon.

“I’ve been here all morning just sitting and then you uhm, made me go get you a soda and kept making me go back again and again. Now you’re kind of just blowing me off. What gives Mrs. Oderkirk?” She was already chuckling as she stood and walked around her desk eyeing me the whole time.

“What gives? Well Shawn I’ve been asking myself that for quite some time every time you walked into my class late, every time you failed to turn in your homework even going so far as to say your dog ate it…and I always thought that if I could just get through to you everything would be alright. But I recently gave up on you Shawn and do you know why that is young man?”

“No Mrs. Oderkirk; why did you give up on me?”

“Exactly two weeks ago I was sitting right here at this desk grading some papers and as you can see the class is here on the first floor facing the parking lot. Don’t think too hard about that one Shawn. Well imagine my surprise when I heard one of my most troubled students right outside my window bragging to his equally inept stoner friends about how he was going to quote, unquote “BONE” Daisy Hartford. Complete shocker right Shawn; I was absolutely flabbergasted by the language this, this cave man was using to describe one of the bright spots here at this school. Daisy Hartford is going on to BIG THINGS and you…”

“Mrs. Oderkirk, I didn’t mean …” My heart caught in my throat as she continued reading me the riot act.

“I know Shawn, believe me I know you didn’t mean for any one of consequence to hear you acting like a complete, what do you kids call it? …an ASSS CLOWN!” She took her thick horn rimmed glasses off to emphasize her point. I don’t know why but I was hyper sensitive noticing everything about her. I gazed at the wealth of darker hued mascara which brought her incandescent green eyes, her small button nose and the full juicy rose colored lips. She made me sound like some kind of jerk, but I would do anything to change her mind. I’m really a nice guy.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Oderkirk.”

“Sure you are Shawn; are you ready for your consequence?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Drink.” She motioned towards the seven cans currently resting on her desk.

“Which one?”

“All of them.” She pulled the tab on one of them and roughly handed it to me spilling some of the soda within. I downed the soda in three huge gulps as she pulled the tap on a second and then a third.

“Mrs. Oderkirk, why do I have to drink all of these sodas?”

“Because you made a stupid decision and now you have to pay the consequences.” I reluctantly downed the other four sodas under her watchful gaze as she returned to her laptop.

“Uhm, Mrs. Oderkirk?”

“Yes Shawn?”

“May I go to the restroom…It’s the sodas you made me drink.” My bladder was on the verge of exploding.

“No; you will sit there and contemplate your future young man.” She was typing away at her laptop and I was dying to take a piss but I didn’t want to disappoint Mrs. Oderkirk.

“Uhm please let me go Mrs. Oderkirk.”

“No Shawn.”

“P-PLUH-PLEASE MRS. ODERKIRK!!” I was just about to piss myself when she closed her laptop with a huff.

“I-will allow you to relieve your pathetic bladder Shawn, canlı casino siteleri come along now.” She surprised me by getting up and taking my hand like I was a kid or something and walked me down the hall to the boy’s restroom. I was shocked when she entered the restroom alongside me like it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Y-you probably shouldn’t be here ma’am.”

“Do you want to relieve yourself or go back to class and sit silently for the rest of the day?” I didn’t have time to answer her and ran to the nearest urinal nearly ripping my cargo shorts to get my cock out in time. I moaned loudly as I finally relieved myself.

“MRS. ODERKIRK!!” I found her watching me intently as I was urinating standing there with her arms folded across her chest and quickly zipped up. I was about to bolt from the bathroom when she grabbed me by the collar.

“You are truly of the lower classes, you didn’t even shake.”


“Shake, you know wiggle your cock to make sure all of the piss has been drained from it?”

“It’s been drained ma’am we can go back to class now.”

“I’ll be the judge of that Shawn, now go to the urinal and pull your cock out.” She’d barked the order so casually that I nearly obeyed her without question.

“You know that’s wrong ma’am and you probably shouldn’t be in here watching me take a piss either.” She had walked over to the urinal and was looking at what was left from my frenzied deposit.

“What’s wrong is wasting good tax payer dollars trying and failing horribly to educate unenlightened cretins like you. Really shouldn’t waste my time coming to class for the rest of the week Shawn. I think a failing grade is the order of the day for you my good and contentious boy. Maybe you can get it together in summer school while all of your stoner associates are “BONING” unfortunate young women with bad judgment skills.”

She’d threatened me so quick that it took me a few moments to process what she’d said.

“But you said I had a week of makeup classes and a quiz Mrs. Oderkirk.”

“We both know you’re not going to pass that test. Why deny what’s right in front of your face Shawn. You are a person of little consequence. Think Daisy Hartman is going to want to be with a guy who FLUNKED OUT of high school?”

“O-Okay Mrs. Oderkirk, you win.” I knew when I was defeated and walked back to the stall pulling my cock out in plain view of my teacher.

“Good boy Shawn, now shake that rather thick cock of yours until all the piss is drained out of that rod.” I really didn’t know what see meant and resolved to just wiggle my dick until she’d seen enough.

“No, you’re doing it all wrong!” She had walked up behind me placing her hands on my hip with her body pressed against my back. I could feel the contours of her figure and she seemed to have some really big tits. They were pressing against my spine and I could feel how solid each one of them was.

“Allow me young man.” I shuddered and became instantly erect as the cool fingers of her right hand closed around my shaft while she cupped my balls. Mrs. Oderkirk roughly jerked me about ten or twelve times before her hand started gliding up and down my shaft.

It felt so good and disorienting to have my teacher playing with my cock. She was lightly pumping on my balls while she jacked me and one of her fingers rubbed the head of my joint.

“M-Miss, uhm fuh-FUCK… Mrs. Oderkirk, you’re jerking me; you’re gonna make something happen.” I tried to warn her as she increased her actions and tightened her grip on me.

I could hear her breathing heavily and slightly moaning. She seemed to be getting some perverse pleasure from playing with my cock. The head of my penis was glistening with precum and she’d started covering the head softly with the palm of her hand in a spinning motion that felt heavenly.

“F-FUH FUUUUUCCK MRS. ODERKIRK!!” Her hand was a blur jacking my meat as I shot a thick rope of cum into the urinal followed by many more of varying degrees. My thighs had seized up something fierce and I was in a little bit of pain as I leaned forward placing the palms of my hands on the wall. She’d done such a good job jacking me off that saliva was running from my mouth onto the floor.

‘W-Well th-that was the RIGHT WAY to SHAKE all of the piss out of your big cock Shawn. Did you miss anything; do I need to show you anything else?” I didn’t know how to answer, I couldn’t. I don’t know why but I felt embarrassed and ashamed of what had happened when I should have been stoked to find out that my teacher actually had the hots for me.

She looked flustered and disheveled in her black business suit. The knee length skirt was form fitting and I could see the contours of her sex and her sexy but shapely thin legs appeared to be shaking.

“Nuh, No Mrs. Oderkirk.”

“Now fibbing is inherently wrong and I know when you’re lying young man. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine ma’am.”

“I beg to differ; so you put your manhood away, wash your hands and march back to that classroom mister.” I just felt like a kid again as I followed her orders and walked solemnly back to the classroom. She was standing slightly behind me with a firm grip on my arm.

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