Hot Straight Boy at Work Part 4

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Straight Boy at Work Part 4

After Allen had been in the guest bedroom a while, I wondered if he was OK. I walked down the hallway and heard him talking. I figured he was talking on the phone, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying that well. I quietly walked back to the kitchen and made some fresh-squeezed juice.

I felt his presence and turned around. He had a tank top with running shorts on wearing a baseball cap. I knew he had received a scholarship to play baseball. He looked so hot dressed like this.

I smiled and said, “Is everything OK?” He appeared uneasy and took a moment to answer. He then said, “I appreciate what you’ve done for me, but I’m not gay!” I gave him a puzzled look and said, “Allen, you told me this from the beginning.” After saying that, I thought you sure wanted me to fuck you 45 minutes ago.

He then said, “Yes, but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.” I asked, “What idea do you think I’ve gotten wrong?” “That I’m gay!” he said. I said, “Allen, the Greeks, Romans, and even the Native Americans all went through what you just did, and they weren’t gay either.” “It’s a new experience and I’m sure you have a lot of new thoughts, feelings, and emotions you’re going through.” “Remember when you said if you felt uncomfortable, you were going to stop things immediately?” “And remember when I said if and when you do, talk to me about it and let me help you work through those things?” He nodded and said, “I guess that’s what I’m doing now.” I wanted to hold him and comfort him but now I felt my lust and carnal desires have pushed him past what he could handle.

“I have shared with you a sacred ritual that bonds men together.” “You have felt this and responded to it and I thought we had a deep spiritual, emotional, and loving bond of friendship like most men have never felt,” I said in a most loving and emotional way. I felt I was going to lose his friendship. The whole time I was talking to him, I had intense eye contact and then noticed tears were beginning to develop. I reached out for his hand and held it. He fought back his tears, his face was red, and he began to perspire. I told him I had made some fresh juice and asked if he wanted some. He shook his head no. He said, “I need to go.” Tears started to well up in my eyes and I knew if he walked out the door, he would not come back.

He let go of my hand and walked çankaya escort back to the guest room. He had his weekend bag packed and then said, “I’m going to go, OK?” I then said, “No, it’s not OK!” “If you’re going to go away and never talk to me again, how can that be OK?” He was clenching his fists and I could see the veins on his arm pop. He once again announced he had to go. “Before you do, would you please tell me what happened to bring you to this uncomfortable state?” “What happened in the guest room to bring you from euphoria to you clenching your fist and wanting to rush out?”

He said, “My college ex-girlfriend called and left a message.” “I called her back and she wants to move in with me here and try to make a go of it.” I smiled and said, “Oh?” “And you’re excited about her plan?” He stood there still clenching his fists and said, “I’m just confused.” I let him continue. “We broke up because she was too dependent on me for everything.” “She could barely make a decision to breathe without asking me if she should.” I just listened and let him work things out in his mind. “I didn’t like her mother either.” “She didn’t like me and thought I was just some stupid jock her daughter had the hots for, her words not mine!” “She actually said that to you?” I asked. “Yes!” “And she told me that I could get anyone I wanted, why did I want her daughter?” His mind was reliving a tough part of his past. I was very cautious and said very little. I just had a hurt look on my face thinking of how much she had hurt him saying those words. He continued, “Her dad even left the family because he couldn’t stand her mother!” I just tilted my head as the light went on. Allen could tell I was very interested in his story.

I then said, “Let’s sit down and continue telling me about your relationship with her and her family.” He leaned to the side and lowered his bag. He said, “When they had sex, she would just lie there, and it seemed she was doing her duty and hated the whole time we were doing it.” “I did all the work.” I was so intent on listening to Allen’s story that I had not realized I had sat on one side of the couch and he sat in the middle a foot away and not at the other end. I knew he was questioning his sexuality after what we had just experienced, but I also knew along with this, he was reliving a tough time in his life.

“So, are you questioning çayyolu escort if you should go back with her or have you decided to just let her move in with you?” I asked. He answered, “Not really.” “I’ve had a lot to adjust to.” “Graduation, finding a new job, moving to a new city not knowing anyone, and now dealing with all of these feelings I’ve had this weekend.” I then said, “Allen, this weekend has been very special for both of us.” “You have made me feel a depth of love I have never felt.” “I would be crushed and lost without your friendship.” “We have such depth and such a spiritual connection, don’t you agree?” I saw the muscles in his legs flex. It was so hard not to reach out and touch him. He nodded and said, “Yes.”

With tantric massage, the heart is the key focus. It’s where you start and where you push the sexual energy to flow through the body. I reached for his hand and put it on my heart. He commented that my heart was pounding. I said, “It’s about to break thinking you’re walking out of here. I noticed his cock was becoming erect and pushing down his leg. He then reached out and pulled me toward him. We hugged and he whispered, “I’m not gay, OK?” I said, “I love and care about you, not if you’re gay or straight.” “That part of you is such a small part of who you are.”

As Allen calmed down and we embraced, he said, “I’m not leaving, I still owe you a massage with my body.” I asked, “How about some juice?” He smiled and got up and pulled me toward him. I felt his hard cock against me. He hugged me again and pressed up against me. He said, “Close your eyes.” I did and felt his warmth against my body. He held my face and kissed my cheeks and lightly kissed each of my eyes. No one had ever done that to me before. He then picked me up and walked over to the massage table and gently laid me on the table. He then towels off me I had wrapped around me while making the juice, took his shirt off, then bent over to take his shorts off. He kissed me and kissed my neck, ears, nipples, and all the way down my body. My cock was hard, and I felt him putting massage oil on my body. His strong hands massaging my muscles and helping me relax after the last tense hour. He rolled me unto my stomach and massaged oil all over my back. He asked me to let him know if he was doing anything wrong.

I could hear him massaging oil into his ankara escort skin then he climbed up on the table. We laid on our sides and we looked at one another. We kissed and held one another while exploring one another’s bodies.

I rolled onto my stomach as he climbed onto my back. His lean muscular body moved effortlessly over mine, our breathing coordinated, our passion rekindled. My cock was pounding against Allen’s pressure on my back and the massage table. His cock was oozing pre-cum and it was so warm and arousing. This continued for several minutes then he hopped off the table and put the round pillow under my abs. He got the KY warm and lubed up his fingers. His fingers entered my hole and a wave passion, joy, and mutual love overwhelmed me. He kissed and bit my ass cheeks sucking on them afterwards. I had never done this to me and wondered if he had done this with his college girlfriend.

His cock slid back and forth against my ass crack. It had been a long time since I bottomed as was really more of a top. I relaxed my hole and as Allen would glide back and forth, his cock tantalized my hole making me beg for him to penetrate me. He grabbed my shoulders and my back arched. His cock went in and I gasped as he had relaxing and letting him go balls deep. My beautiful straight boy was now fucking me. He would rapid fire 4-5 times and then go slowly and deep. I was shuttering and moaning in ecstasy. I could feel his sweat dripping onto my back and the smell of his musk was filling my nostrils and turning me on deeper into accepting him inside of me.

After 15 minutes are so, he said he couldn’t hold back any longer. I let him take control and let his body make love to me. He started rapidly pounding my ass, slapping his muscular thighs against my ass. He yelled out and plowed hard into my hole and held his penetration in as he flooded my guts. I felt the warmth of his cum spurt after spurt. I collapsed onto the pillow. I felt his cum dripping down my balls and heard it loudly drip onto the massage table. Allen was lying on me breathing in and out sweat dripping off him onto me.

I thought he was pulling out, but he started the rhythm once again as the squish and splashes of his cum gliding his cock magically in and out. My ass matched his rhythm and our bodies rapidly fucked my ass squeezing his cock to pull more cum out of him. He then said, “Oh how I love you!” Then he yelled out again and I could feel him cumming again warming my guts again with his love juices. I was praying and hoping this weekend was just the beginning of our love making and growing friendship.

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