Hot Summer Fun


There were a group of us that hung out together at college. Sue was the cute hippie chick. Her long brown hair hung down almost to her ass. She was thin and tall and was sort of goofy as well. I never gave her much thought as she was seeing a guy named Craig.

The summer break arrived and I was home just a couple of days when I got a call on my phone. It was Sue wondering if I would like to have dinner at her parent’s house. Sue and I lived the closest as far as our group was concerned. It was maybe a twenty minute drive to her home. Boyfriend Craig lived on the other side of the state. I figured that Sue was in need of a friend so I took her up on her offer.

I drove over to Sue’s house on Friday night. Sue’s dad answered the door and showed me into the house. For some reason her dad and I just hit it off. He offered me a beer and we sat for awhile and discussed sports. I got the impression that Sue’s dad wasn’t overly crazy about Sue and Craig together. He made some remarks to me that weren’t too kind towards Craig.

Sue came into the living room and I saw she looked hot that night. I always liked thin women and the long hair just made her even more sexy. We had dinner and then Sue told her parents we were going out for a little bit. Sue said she had some pot and she wanted to get high. I drove out to a secluded spot and we lit up. Pot always made me feel so mellow. After we finished the joint I looked over at Sue. I figured what the hell, I reached over and put my arm around her. We had one hot kiss together as Sue opened her mouth and our tongues touched.

I didn’t expect much else to be honest until I felt Sue’s hand on my crotch. She was reaching for my zipper and she found it. Suddenly I felt her hand reach in and she pulled my cock free. Damn, I was starting to get erect when Sue lowered her head and I felt her lips wrap around bursa escort my dick. I found out one thing for sure that night. Sue knew how to suck cock. I leaned back in the seat as Sue went right down to the root. I heard her slurping as she sucked up and down my thick rod.

I lost track of time as Sue worked me into a lather. Her one hand was squeezing my sacs as she sucked and raked her teeth across the skin of my dick. I was so close, but it seemed like Sue wasn’t going to stop. I felt my nuts pinch and I shot a sticky geyser down Sue’s throat. Sue didn’t pull away at all. She kept bobbing up and down my prick until she got every last drop.

When I was totally spent she raised up. I saw my cum dripping down her chin. Sue took a finger and gathered it up and she put her lips around her finger and swallowed that strand of cum.

“You really had a lot of cum in you, I like that,” Sue told me.

On the drive back Sue told me she was getting tired of being with Craig. I didn’t know if she was hoping I might say I would like to be with her. I kept my mouth shut and we arrived back at her parent’s place. She leaned over and kissed me with those cum stained lips and then jumped out of my car.

I got back home and went to bed. I couldn’t get Sue out of my mind that night. I woke up the next morning with an erection. I had to stroke myself while I was thinking of Sue. I didn’t have long to wait until Sue called me again. She asked if I wanted to go for a ride out to a nearby state park. An hour later Sue arrived and we drove off. We got to the park and took a long walk into the woods.

We got to a open spot and Sue began to undress before me. My mouth must have been open as she stripped out of her clothes. She was just as I pictured her. Sue had small breasts and hardly any hips. Her bush was full and I could see her pussy lips pouting bursa escort bayan out from the pubic hair. I quickly undressed and we piled our clothes onto the ground. Sue got on her back and I got on top of her.

I wasn’t going to waste any time. I took my cock in my hand and I rubbed the head of my dick across her folds. Sue reached down and took my cock in her hand, guiding me to her opening. I slowly pushed in, parting those wet folds. Sue started to moan and beg me to take her.

“I need your cock Jeff.”

I pushed in all the way hoping I would hit bottom. We got into a rhythm where Sue pushed up and I drove my dick in all the way. I fed her the longest strokes I could produce. It was quiet there in the woods except for Sue moaning and my ball sacs hitting her asscheeks. All that long hair was falling onto her shoulders and chest as I took Sue as deeply as I could. Sue had my cock gripped tightly with her muscles. It was like she never wanted me to pull out.

The sun was beating down on my back as I felt my cum starting to rise up. I never bothered to ask if she was on the pill or not. I guess it was too late to have that discussion. I pushed in one last time and I emptied out into Sue’s pussy. God did she scream when she felt my hot load hit her inner walls. Thankfully no one was around to hear our lovemaking. I just kept stroking Sue’s pussy until some minutes later I started to go soft.

I was on top of Sue and we were panting hard after all that hot fucking. I soon pulled my dick out and I kissed Sue on the mouth. I looked down to see my cum seeping out of her pussy. I knew I had shot a big load into her belly. We finally stood up and Sue stepped into a grassy area and I watched her push my cum out. We cleaned up the best we could. I noticed that some cum juices got onto my clothing.

We walked back to the escort bursa car and Sue drove us back. I normally don’t like to talk about fucking after the fact. Sue had to tell me how I was a better lover than Craig was. I also heard how my cock was longer and thicker than her boyfriend’s. That kind of talk always made me feel uneasy. I couldn’t say much as I just got done taking her pussy there in the woods.

Sue dropped me off at home and she said I should call her later. I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into. I liked having sex with Sue, but I didn’t want to be her new boyfriend. There was still a lot of summer left, so I could worry about that later. It ended up that Sue and I fucked on a regular basis for the following weeks. I did find out that Sue was on birth control and I didn’t have to worry about that.

A couple times each week we ended up drive to remote spots to have sex. I made sure I had some old towels and my sleeping bag along. Sue and I tried every position we could think of. I really liked when Sue would mount me and ride up and down my erect cock. She seemed to like that position as well. I could reach up and pinch her small tits and nipples. That always seemed to push Sue over the edge.

I was surprised how I was able to cum as often as I did. Sue was a cum slut, that was for sure. She would always tell me how much she needed me to cum in her pussy. It was like she could never get enough of my seed. The summer finally came to an end. Sue said she would see me on campus. In some ways I was dreading this.

I did see Sue a couple days after we arrived back. She had a big smile on her face as she told me she had just broken up with Craig. We could be together now like we wanted to. I had never said anything like that to Sue. She was fun to fuck, but I was never going to marry her, if that is what she thought.

My game plan is to have as much sex as I can tolerate before dumping Sue. I know that sounds cruel, but it was never more than a summer fling to me. There were other women I had my eyes on. I just need to get my fill of Sue until I move on.

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