Hot tub fun with chunky mature


Hot tub fun with chunky matureI was at a party at a big house in Croydon on night, when the host announced that we could use the hot tub if we wanted. Sadly nobody seemed very interested except a fat bird with massive tits, so I thought what the heck – let’s give her a spin.So, 5 minutes later I’m in there, butt naked, with the buxom, 45 year old Doreen sitting across from me wearing just a tiny white G-string and opaque white bra. We chatted a bit as we both knew each other a bit through some mutual friends. She worked in insurance and I was just finishing university, so we didn’t have much in common, except the mutual need to get off.As I looked at her through an alcohol induced gaze, she wasn’t all that bad. Short cropped dark hair, dancing eyes and those massive tits just under the surface of the bubbly water. Every now and then I would get a glimpse of the dark blotches of her nipples showing through the wet fabric as the gushing water sloshed around them. Her equally massive stomach was under the water and out of sight, so all good there.As we chatted, I though in for a penny; in for a pound, so I thought I’d take a chance and started to rub her pussy through the fabric of her G-string with my right big toe. She looked türbanlı bingöl escort me right in the eye, smiled and started to thrust back against me, before reaching down and pulling the material to one side to let me rub up and down her hairless slit without a barrier. I could feel her meaty inner flaps come to life as I rubbed them. I had a massive hard on by this time and was gently pulling away under the water. After a bit of persuasion, she set the twins free from their silky hammock and her lovely boobs came into sight, bobbing freely in the water.She was a little reluctant to fuck in the tub, but I convinced her we should by saying that whether we did or not, everybody would think we had anyway. Next thing I know she reached under the water, lifter her arse of the seat and pulled her skimpy knickers off. She put them on the side with her discarded bra.I got up to move over next to her and as I stood my erect cock came out of the water, right in front of Doreen’s face. She had never seen a shaved cock and balls before as she told me her old man was a right boring fucker. By the sounds of it, she never got much action at home after 23 years of marriage, so felt türbanlı bingöl escort bayan it was fair to play away from time to time. I let her have a little suck on him, but didn’t want everybody to see me fucking her face, right outside the patio doors.I dropped back into the water, but chose the seat next to her and one of her hands instantly started to wanking my cock and the other en-circled my ball bag. As she pulled me off and squeezed my balls like she was trying to wring them out, I had a good old go on her tits and was rewarded with moans and groans as I made her nipples stick right out – the centres were really long and as thick as her little finger when I got them worked up and she confessed to having clamps that she used on herself from time to time. I had a couple of fingers up her and she was thrusting away at me for all she was worth.It’s a funny feeling fingering a bird under water like that as you know she’s getting wet, but the water seems to dilute the lubricant and carry it away, but still, she was good to go so I knelt in the bottom of the tub in front of her and popped a hand under each buttock and pulled her into me. I plunged into her türbanlı escort bingöl with the big fella and she guided him into here sweet spot.Doreen had her right hand down round her twat, strumming away on her clit for all she was worth and clenching me in a bear grip with her left hand behind my shoulders as I thrust in and out of her for all I was worth. I had those massive tits pushed against my chest, which I kept bobbing down onto every now and then.With no warning at all she suddenly clenched my cock with her pussy, like a vice and started to moan in an a****l-like way, from deep inside her throat. As she went limp, I was still pounding away on her and as I looked into her face I saw the post orgasmic dreamy look come over her. That was enough to finish me off and I thrust deep into her one last time and as I felt my cock end bang against her cervix as I released a massive load deep inside her.Just as I had finished doing her, the bubbling of the water, which I later found out was on a timer subsided and we got out to dry off.I fucked her again that night as half a dozen of us of us stayed over and crashed in the sitting room. I’m a light sleeper and I woke up when heard her get up for a piss, so after a few minutes when she didn’t return I crept away and found on in the kitchen, getting a drink of water, so I had her up on the work surface in the corner. I wasn’t as good the second time, but it was worth a squirt.I lost touch with her soon after that, but, like with all the others, every now and then something will remind me of her I’ll have a little smile to myself.

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