Hot Tub Time


We were about half way through the meal. Pasta, salad, bread, and a little wine to wash it down with. Sue had invited Karen over to dine with us. The conversation had centered on Karen’s love life or lack thereof. I, for one, had a hard time imagining why Karen had such a hard time with men. She had an out-going and bubbly personality, and she was absolutely gorgeous from my point of view. I glanced over at her as she spoke and admired her blonde hair, blue eyes, and very lovely facial features.

She was indeed a very pretty lady. I kind of suspected that she tended to be a little dominating and pushy when it came to relationships and may just scare men off by trying to force a relationship. I glanced at Sue as she made some grudging comment about the fickleness of men and their lack of commitment. Sue’s short dark hair and dark eyes were quite a contrast to Karen’s lighter features. We had known Karen for nearly ten years now and Sue had supported her through just about as many relationships during that time.

We all finished our meals about the same time and I suggested another glass of wine and a soak in the hot tub. Karen mentioned she hadn’t brought her suit. Sue assured her that that didn’t matter since we usually soaked in the nude. Karen seemed to hesitate a little but then said she would give it a try. We all got a glass of wine and headed up to the bedroom to strip and go out to the deck and get into the hot tub. I stripped quickly, tossing my clothes on the bed. I could feel the gal’s eyes on my backside as I slide open the patio door and headed out to take the cover off of the tub. The light of the day was just beginning to fade as I removed the cover and jumped into the warm water.

The air temperature wasn’t bad since it was early fall, probably about 65 degrees. Really ideal weather for tubing. I watched as the girls came out of the bedroom with towels wrapped around their bodies. They came down the steps and as they got to the tub they pulled their towels off and dropped them on the deck. Karen did not hesitate and actually seemed to kind of enjoy my gaze as I devoured her body bursa escort with my eyes. Each of the girls had to lift her legs over the edge of the tub to step in. I noticed the blonde pubic hairs between her legs, almost invisible against her fair skin. I glanced at Sue and admired her 36C breasts and pointed nipples, along with the dark triangle between her legs. Karen’s breasts were quite a bit smaller than Sue’s but firmer and her nipples were puffy and jutted almost straight out.

We sat and soaked for a while with the jets on low, enjoying the swirl of the hot water over our bodies. Sue would occasionally place her foot between my legs and fondle my cock with her foot. She did this all the time when we were alone, but I was a little surprised when she did it now with Karen in the tub. I think she realized what she was doing all of the sudden and pulled her foot away but it was a little too late to keep my cock from springing to attention. The extra stimulation was all I needed after watching these two lovely ladies join me in the tub. Karen noticed the playful move by Sue and smiled at my reaction. I got on my knees quickly and turned to face the woods behind the house to avoid too much embarrassment while my erection softened. Finally it became acceptable for mixed company and I turned around and sat again. Neither girl seemed to be able to take their eyes off of my crotch area though. I could tell that the sexual tension was building.

We all agreed that we were ready to head back into the house. The temperature had dropped to about 60 degrees so the girls quickly grabbed their towels and wrapped them around themselves as they stepped out of the tub. I did manage to get a glimpse of pink between Karen’s legs as she stepped out. This was almost enough to stimulate my erection again. I got out last and replaced the cover on the tub before I entered the house. I saw the smile on Sue’s face as she finished drying her body with her towel and came over to help me dry. Karen was drying her shapely legs as Sue ran the towel over my body. She got behind me and wiped my back and ran the towel between bursa escort bayan my butt checks. I saw Karen staring at me as Sue quickly dabbed at my chest and down to my crotch. The action was enough to again give me a semi-erection. Karen’s eyes were wide and locked onto my cock.

Sue stepped around in front of me and kneeled down, mumbling something about letting her help me. She took my 7″ cock and in her hand and moved it to her mouth and began kissing it. I watched as she stuck her tongue out and rolled it around the head. I watched as Karen moved over to us and she too watched Sue’s ministrations on my penis. We both watched as Sue took it into her mouth and ran her lips up and down my now rigid shaft. I reached out and fondled Karen’s breasts. She made no move to stop me, entranced with the sexual excitement. I kneaded her firm breasts and flicked her puffy nipples with my thumb. I could almost smell the sex in the air. I finally pulled my hands away from Karen’s breasts and grabbed Sue’s head and stopped her movements. I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her mouth. I was getting too close to cumming and just didn’t want to let this end that quickly. This was the first time I had ever had the opportunity of having sex with two women and I wanted to savor it.

I suggested we all move over to the bed. We did so and I lay down between the two delicious ladies. My erection was throbbing and pulsing in anticipation of what was to come. My lovely wife Sue leaned over and placed her lips on mine and we began a long passionate kiss. I then felt a mouth close over my cock and darn near came just knowing it was Karen’s. I just couldn’t stop. I felt my orgasm begin. It started in my toes and ran all the way to my head as I shot my cum into Karen’s warm moist and apparently willing mouth.

She seemed to devour it as I felt her gulp and suck gently as my throbbing penis drained. I was really disappointed at having cum so quickly as my orgasm subsided. Sue, of course knew what was happening and she had pulled away to watch as Karen took my seed. I think she was tremendously turned on also. Sue escort bursa moved down to the area of activity and waited for Karen to pull away and then quickly began kissing her. I knew that she wanted to share my cum. This again tended to excite me even though I couldn’t possibly get hard again so quickly.

I watched as the girls began to kiss and fondle each other’s bodies as they kissed. I had not ever even known that Sue had an interest in trying sex with another girl. They both seemed to be very excited by the activity though. I saw Sue move her hand over Karen’s breasts and massage them and then down to her pubic mound. I watched as she moved her finger between Karen’s vaginal lips and spread them wide exposing her warm pink flesh below. I couldn’t get enough of this. It was a tremendous turn on. Karen’s hand reached around behind Sue and massaged her buttocks. I think both of them had the same idea at the same time as they both moved to place their heads between the other legs.

I watched as they each softly kissed the other’s thighs and buried their mouths in each other’s vaginal cracks. I could see them probing their tongues into the other’s pussy cracks and flicking the little nubs that they knew would stimulate their partner. I couldn’t help myself as I ran my hands over Karen’s buttocks and around to her breasts since she was the one on top. I was actually beginning to get stimulated again. I couldn’t believe it since it hadn’t been more than ten minutes since my orgasm. I had never had so much stimulation before. I grazed my hands over Karen’s body ever so softly knowing that this would be most stimulating for her. I felt her beginning to stiffen and could tell that she was getting close to orgasm herself.

Suddenly she shuddered violently and thrust her head up and actually screamed as she came. I could tell that Sue was also getting close to cumming. I reached for her sopping pussy and began rubbing my middle finger over her clit very, very gently. Karen fell to the side of the bed exhausted and I moved over Sue and buried my face between her legs and began probing with my tongue. I found her clit and flicked it ever so gently. I increased the movement and felt her begin to stiffen also. She quickly built to a climax and shuddered dramatically as her orgasm ran through her body. We all collapsed and lay there exhausted.

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