hot tubbing


hot tubbingone day me my girlfriend and a bunch of my co workers got off from work in the afternoon. and went to my boss,s house. we,d do this once in a while as he had a nice condo with a deck. we were all restaurant workers and after sunday brunch it was a great way to blow off some steam. it was a hot day in july, so my girlfriend had on her bicini, we were all drunk around the hottub, when my boss and another person went to get more beer and wine. it was just my girlfriend, me and my bosses hot wife. i was in the hottub with my bosses wife, and my girlfriend was on the deck with hiltonbet yeni giriş her feet in the hottub, and her legs spread open. lying on the deck. out of nowhere, my bosses hot wife, pulles back my girlfriends bicini, and starts macking her out. thay were both really drunk, my girlfriend was totally passed out. but after a minute she started to cum around. i can still see her face as she looked down and saw my bosses wife eyes looking at her with her tounge up her vigina. my girlfriend grabbed the back of her head and pulled back her hair and let her have her hiltonbet giriş way with her. you know porno is great, but to watch a woman who knows how to eat pussy. eating my girlfriends pussy, was every guys fanticy come true. the way she wrapped her whole mouth around my girlfriends pussy, and sucked out all her pussy cum was a experience id soon not forget. all the while, my girlfriend just let her go to town on her. i could tell my bosses wife loved the taste of her pussy, as she was moaning about as loud as my girlfriend was. OHAHA YAHA OHAHA YAHA, your gonna make hiltonbet güvenilirmi me cum,YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM! my bosses wife was really enjoying herself, i could tell by all the smoucking noises she was making, just breathing through her nose as she tounged my girlfriends pussy. this lasted about 10 minutes, from start to finish, the liquor store was just around the corner.BUMMER, it was the best 10 minutes of my life, but as my boss walked through the door, the action stopped and my bosses wife left the party and went to bed. i was just in shock, and so was my girlfriend, as we both left soon afterwards ourselves. nobody ever knew what happened. its not something you say around the watercooler, the next day at work, is it! that was about 12 years ago, ivd moved on with my life but i always get an hardon when ever i see an hottub. thats my story.

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