Hotel Fiction 01


Imagine my hand sliding up your back, under your hair. I grab a handful, gentle but firm.

I’m standing in front of you when I do this. I pull back your head a bit.

Your neck is exposed.

I kiss it. Softly at first, but I’m getting really turned on. My kisses get more passionate.

My other hand is clutching your ass, but now I move it to your front. I run it over your crotch. I appreciate the feel of you. I reach up under your shirt, touching skin, over your belly.

I cup your breast. You’re still wearing a bra. I circle and flick my thumb over your nipple and I feel it respond.

I kiss you on the mouth now while I really start to play with your tits.

I have to taste them now. I can’t wait.

I pull your shirt over your head, undo your bra, and rip it off.

Your tits are amazing. I cup both and put one in my mouth.

I run my tongue hard over your nipple. Then, I suck for all I’m worth.

While I’m sucking one, I’m pinching the other.

I feel your hand on my crotch. You’re running your fingers and palm up and down my already hard cock. You start to pull down my zipper.

Not so fast, I think. I give your nipple a light bite, catching you a little of guard. I take advantage and take your wrists in my hands while I push you firmly against the wall, arms up like you’re under arrest.

My body pushes against yours. I look into your bright eyes. I hear your fast breath. I feel your nipples through my shirt. Then I close my eyes and kiss you, eager and hard.

You kiss back. You bite my lip. I let go of your left wrist and hold your neck, fingers digging in below and behind your ear, thumb under your chin. We keep kissing. tuzla escort I love the moan that rumbles in your throat.

I kneel before you. Your jeans are button-up and I undo them all in one forceful twist to expose your panties.

Normally, I’d first remove your jeans and leave your knickers on. But I’m too eager now. I reach into the top of your panties, grab it with a fistful of denim, and yank it down. But I don’t take it off completely. I spread your legs as far as the jeans allow.

I look up at your beautiful pussy, and give it a curtesy kiss and a quick lick. I stand up slowly, kissing you all the way up. And now my hand is over your cunt. I rub my middle and index fingers up over your vulva. You’re wet. I love the feel of it. You moan softly and I kiss you again. Gently now. I caress your breast with my free hand. Our passion builds. I circle over your pussy, a little harder, a little faster.

It’s my turn now. I pull away from you. I pull my zip down, and you know what to do. You get on your knees and you pull out my cock. Your hands feel so good. But your wet, warm mouth feels better.

While you suck my dick, I take off my shirt. When I’m done, I hold the back of your head with both my hands, moving with your motion.

And then you stop the movement and just suck on my head, occasionally swirling your tongue around it. Your hand is around the base of my shaft. You’re jerking me. It’s so intense my knees feel weak. You give it a last suck and then my dick is out. You look up at me with big eyes. You’re still stroking me, all the way up and down my now very wet cock.

You help me out of my trousers. I’m naked now, except for my socks. I pick you up and carry you tuzla escort bayan to bed, then pull your jeans off. I flip you on your tummy. I split your legs so that I can see the labia-line of your cunt. I run my hand over your inner thigh, and then brush against your wetness.

I bury my face in your lovely bum, and kiss the fold where it meets your upper leg. With my hand I lightly scratch your back.

I squirt a generous portion of lube on my hand. With my palm up, I slip my index finger into you. Soon, my middle finger goes in too. I push my hand up, stretching your cunt, and then I gently massage your vagina walls with a come-to-me motion. I see your back arch in response.

I flip my hand, palm down. With the same motion, I massage and stimulate the soft ridges of your g-spot. After a while, I reach in deeper, in search of the a-spot. I keep massaging. I love finger fucking you.

But I’d also like to taste you. I flip you around on your back. Your pussy is swollen, engorged. I pinch the whole of it between my fingers, slowly pulling it up, slowly twisting it between my fingers. Next, I run my fingers between the folds of your outer and inner labia. With one hand, I stretch open your lips, with the other hand I stroke your clitoral shaft, up and down. I can’t wait any longer. I have to lick you.

And so, I do. I lick around your clitoris until your hips start moving. And then my tongue lightly caresses your little button. I’m shaking my head sideways now, flicking over your clit, left and right. I enter you with my fingers again, back to work on the g-spot. I cease licking. Instead I cup my mouth over your clitoris and then I suck gently, like I’m sucking the juice out of escort tuzla a fruit. You taste wonderful.

I can make you come like this. You’re very close, but I want to fuck you.

I slip on a condom.

I move up to your breasts and pay them a little lip service.

Now, I’m directly over you, both your legs on either side of me. Both my hands are planted under your arms. I’m kissing you again. You’re very passionate. You want to be fucked. Badly.

You reach down and guide my dick. I enter your tight pussy and my body lights up. “Fuck me,” you say. And I oblige. This is not making love. This is fucking. Your legs are up and I thrust with conviction. But not hard enough. I sit up. Your legs on my chest, I grab your thighs and fuck you deep and hard. You reach back with your arms pushing against the headboard. Your moans are enthusiastic and urgent.

Again, I can make you come, but not yet. I pull out. I flip you around again and pull you to the side of the bed. I get off, standing. You’re on all fours on the bed. “Spread your legs,” I say. “More… Lower… Yes.” I shove my cock in your pussy again. You start fucking me immediately. Moving back and forth with your body. I give you a few playful slaps, and then I grab your ass. I’m helping you move now. We’re fucking a bit harder. And harder. And harder. I’m moving too now, in sync with you. You reach down and rub your clit furiously.

I feel my groin tingling. Jesus, I’m close. But so are you. In fact, you’re very close. Your sounds of ecstasy does something to me. Suddenly, I’m so much closer to exploding. It feels good to be able to satisfy a woman. I feel like a fucking god.

And there, you come. I can feel it. I can see it. I can hear it. And that does it for me. I come too. Jesus. Fuck. It’s almost painful. It’s hard to stay standing. We remain like that for a while. I’m still in you. And I don’t want to be anywhere else.

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