Hotel fun with Maureen part 1.


Hotel fun with Maureen part 1.Alan was working from home yesterday so Mandy and I had met up in a hotel.Maureen had made an excuse that she was meeting friends and that she would be out for most of the day. Maureen had arranged for me to meet her by the BP petrol station which was near where she lived. I had met up with her at 11am, I was parked by the car wash area and she had got in my car and we shared a kiss just before setting off. We had booked the Croydon Park Hotel which was near East Croydon Station. Once there Maureen had got out and I went to park in the car park, whilst Maureen checked in as she had made the booking. After ten minutes Maureen had called me to tell me to come up to the room which was on the third floor.I made my way and headed to the lift which took me to the third floor. I shared the lift with a group of Dutch tourist who were going to the fourth floor.I sarıyer escort located the room and knocked on the door. Maureen had opened the door wearing a silk black dressing gown and matching black bra and panties.Maureen had pulled me in and to give me a big kiss as I started to get hard. She was breathing heavy as her large breast were pressed on my chest. She broke our kiss to rub my chest. She rubbed the front of my abs. She then used her free hand to squeeze my hard ass, whilst I grabbed hers as we continued kissing. Maureen took my hand and lead us to the bed. Maureen arched her back. She looked over her left shoulder as I put my hard cock under her ass. I felt her wet pussy on my cock. I pushed open her pussy lips. She moved her pussy back on my cock. I got a few inches inside her. I held onto her hips so her esenyurt escort pussy did not push my cock back out. I pushed my cock in farther. I had almost all of my cock buried in her wet pussy. She moaned as I was fucking her pussy some more. I put my hands on her shoulders. I leaned up to kiss her neck. She moaned again. “That it! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me. Harder! Harder! Harder!” she moaned.A few minutes later we switched positions, she then grabbed the back of my neck as I leaned down to suck her big breast. Her nipples were very sensitive as I sucked on them. She guided my hard cock back into her pussy. She then grabbed my ass pushing more of my cock into her. I looked down to see her pussy open up as I fucked her faster. I moved on my feet to get more pressure on her pussy from my thrusts. I was fucking her very hard as she pushed avrupa yakası escort her breast together with her hands. She brought my head down to suck on her breast as I fucked her faster. I was close to cumming. Her body bounced as I fucked her faster. I pushed her breast together. I then put my head in there to suck them.I grabbed her big ass from around her waist. I slammed my cock all the way inside her. She moaned again. We picked up the rhythm as I fucked her faster. She dropped her hands to the side. I was sucking her nipples some more. A sucked her breast letting them drop on her chest. “Wham! Wham! Wham!” said my cock and her breast slapping on her body. I moved her leg up on my shoulder. I spread her other leg to the side as I was fucking her with great big thrust, ad the bed shook back and forth, I was close again. She bite her lower lip. “Oh!! God!! Yes!! Your making me cum again.” she moaned in the room. I felt her pussy get very wet and make my cock sticky. I looked down to see her big green eyes. She mouthed Yes! as she gripped my ass burying my cock in her. A minute later I started to cum deep inside her my warm cum shooting into her ovaries. I held Maureen in my arms as we shared kisses…..

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