Hotel Panty Slave Pt. 01

Lady Boy

As a traveling consultant, I have found fun ways to indulge my fetishes while on the road. Because I stay at the same hotel for 12-18 months at a time I can leave a bag there with my favorite clothes and toys which means I don’t have to take them through airport security every week or risk my wife finding them. Although my fetishes are not that wild, she has virtually no interest in them. I love pretending that a mistress is making me dress in women’s clothes, suck on her strap-on and then take it up the ass. There are many variations that involve wearing a chastity device, butt toys, panties, corsets, waist cinchers, stockings, high heels and restraints, all of which are easy to enjoy in a hotel room. Make-up and wigs are not part of my normal indulgences but I have thought about them.

One fun thing to do is sneak a pair of my wife’s dirty panties into my suitcase and then cum in them twice a day in the hotel. After a couple of days, they are crusty with dried cum when I put them on and I’ve thought about using them as a gag the last time I jack off before I go home when they are at their dirtiest, but never done it. I do however leave them out to dry each day. I also don’t worry about packing everything up during the stay because, when I check in I always decline housekeeping for my stay and I put the “do not disturb” sign on the door each morning.

All of this was working well, as usual, up until a month ago. One Wednesday evening when I returned to my room I noticed that some things seemed to have been moved around. The message light was blinking on my phone so I dialed the voice mail system. The voice was letting me know that they had come in my room to change out the coffee pot for a more efficient model and that they hoped I enjoyed it. That seemed odd, but feasible.

I had been wearing my cock cage and butt plug all day so I took off my work clothes, pulled out the plug and gave myself an enema. Next, I greased up a larger plug and inserted it, then put on my cloverleaf nipple clamps, tightest waist cancer, fishnet stockings and six-inch heels. Bright red lipstick seemed like a good idea so I carefully applied it and then admired myself in the full-length mirror. I pulled the cummy panties on and sat down carefully at the desk feeling the ball-shaped handle on the plug push it deeper. I pulled up one of my favorite porn video sites and searched for “caught in panties.” There were two new ones so I clicked on the first, reached for my key and lube, shifted in my chair to make the plug press harder on my prostate and got ready for a little tease and denial. My plan was to watch the entire first video, then take my cage off and masturbate into the dirty panties during the second one.

About ten minutes into the first video I was in pain from my cock pressing on the cage and I was leaking precum onto the towel underneath me when someone knocked at my door. I quickly turned the volume all the way down and froze thinking that they had the wrong room and would go away if I was quiet and didn’t answer. Then there was a second and third knock and then a note came sliding under the door that read, “We know that you are in there and we have pictures of your toys and dress-up clothes Ed, or should we call you Edith? Now open the door in the next 30 seconds or we’ll send the pictures to your wife! We might even post some around the hotel so everyone here knows your dirty little secrets too!”

It only took a few seconds for me to realize that I would have to open the door in all my crossdressing glory. I opened the deadbolt and slowly pulled the door open to see two women in housekeeper scrubs standing there smiling. The one closest to me held up her phone with a picture of the two toys that I had just put to use a few minutes ago sitting on top of my monogrammed suitcase. The second was holding a gym bag in one hand and videoing with her phone in the other. She told me to shut my mouth and backup. When they pushed past me they flicked their fingers across my nipple clamps and laughed when I jumped back and moaned.

I asked them what they wanted and they just smiled and said that they wanted a crossdressing slave to amuse them and I had been chosen. They both snapped pictures of me and then one pulled my hands behind my back and locked cuffs around my wrist while the other one pulled painfully on my nipple clamps. When I started protesting one of them pulled a head harness out of her pocket and with practiced ease had it quickly locked in place with the attached penis gag crammed into my mouth. Then they pushed me down to the floor on my stomach and began tightening the waist cincher until I could only take small, shallow breaths. With the cincher tied tighter than I could believe, one sat on my butt facing my feet while the other one attached an adjustable spreader bar with cuffs to my ankles spreading my legs so wide I thought they were going to split me in two. They were so efficient and prepared that I knew this was not their first time. Then they stood on each side of me and picked me up by my arms making me stand precariously on the heels with my feet wide apart.

The next karabük escort order was to walk over to the bed, which was followed by a hard swat to my ass and a yank on my painfully sore nipples. As I shuffled over to the end of the bed one stayed in front pulling on the nipple clamps while the other walked behind me slapping my ass and pushing and pulling on the butt plug handle. When I reached the bed they both took off their uniforms, threw them on the dresser and stood in front of me in matching white nylon bras and panties. They pulled me around until my knees were against the foot end of the mattress and then gave me a shove sending me crashing onto the bed, landing painfully on the nipple clamps and cock cage. I tried to cry out but the penis gag turned the sound into more of a muffled moan. They hopped onto the bed, unhooked my wrists, flipped me onto my back, pulled the spreader bar up and towards my head and then reattached my wrists to hooks close to my ankles in very short order.

Next, one climbed onto the bed with a foot on each side of my head, pulled the penis gag out of my mouth, and began to descend. The last thing I saw before my vision was obscured by white panties and thighs was the other one pulling on a strap-on harness with the biggest dildo I had ever seen! Then my world became trying to breath. She pinched my nose shut and squeezed her thighs while pressing her panty covered pussy over my mouth. The aroma was amazing, and even though my breath was getting short, I felt my penis painfully filling the cage. Just when I thought I would pass out she raised up enough for me to breath and to see her partner applying lube to her horse cock. One more round of breath play and then she rolled off leaving me panting and staring at that huge dildo as her partner lined it up with my asshole.

They put pillows under my shoulders and lower back effectively bending my body into an arch. While I was distracted by the impending assault on my ass, my other tormentor stepped into her harness and was attaching something I couldn’t quite see. They stopped at this point and introduced ourselves as Mistress Y and Mistress M. They told me that they owned me now and that I would be expected to do anything and everything that they said with and to whomever we say, anytime we say, or my wife, friends and coworkers will receive very shocking videos and pictures. With that Mistress Y filled my mouth with the head of her dildo, began pushing it down my throat, and asked me if I understood. They both roared with laughter as I gagged and chocked. Mistress Y used the dildo to make my head move up and down.

While I was distracted by the huge cock making its way into my throat, Mistress M grabbed the ball on the plug in my ass and pulled as hard as she could. It popped painfully out of my ass and went flying across the room. Before I could even try to close my ass, I felt something round enter. This ball shaped object was followed by a larger ball, an even larger ball and the pushing slowed due to the resistance of my stretched sphincter. Mistress M then pushed back against my legs and I felt each ball being pulled out. Mistress Y had stopped pushing her dildo into my throat to watch and I was thankful for that. Mistress M then began entering me again and I felt each ball until the first three were once again stretching my ass and rubbing my prostate. My dick was leaking steadily from the prostate assault and I could feel it running down my balls and ass which probably help lube the weapon that I was being assaulted with by Mistress M. I figured out fast that there were more and larger balls coming and sure enough, by applying all of her weight she forced the last two in. Mistress Y had pulled the dildo out of my mouth but my ass hurt so badly that all I could do was make grunting and moaning sounds.

Now that I could feel Mistress M’s thighs against my butt cheeks, Mistress Y began anew her quest to get the dildo into my throat. At this point I was physically and mentally defeated and just lying there like a rag doll. She put a hand on my throat and began messaging it up and down while pushing with all her weight. I had drool leaking from my mouth, snot coming out of my nose and cum dripping out of my caged cock; I was quite a mess. At this point Mistress Y grabbed the nipple clamps by their connecting chain, Mistress M took hold of the spreader bar and I knew I was in for a ride I would never forget!

They started see-sawing me back and forth between them slowly at first and then gaining speed. I was gagging and retching on one end while starting to go numb on the other. There was no fight in me and I felt like I was going to pass out. It was at that point that Mistress M unlocked and removed my cock cage, massaged my dick until it was hard and then placed a Velcro strap pulled very tightly around and behind my dick and balls, effectively pushing my balls away from my body. Now I had the raging hard-on that I had been planning on before my visitors arrived, but realized there was no way I could come with that strap in place. Through my mental fog I also realized that the two of karaman escort them had begum moaning while they thrust in and out of me.

Apparently, something was rubbing on their clits as they bottomed out because each stroke made them moan in pleasure. Their moaning became louder and louder as their trusts became harder and harder. Because I had no resistance left, I noticed that the pain in my ass lessened some and eventually began to transition to pleasure. The huge cock being shoved down my throat still hurt, but the tool massaging my prostate started to feel good. So here I am lying on my back, wrists and ankles attached to a spreader bar, head harness still in place, my cock hard as a rock but completely choked off, waist cincher squeezing tightly, nipple clamps flopping around as I’m pushed back and forth and I’m starting to feel pleasure in my ass…this makes no sense to my logical mind, but the lust side is starting to like it. I could even feel my cock throbbing as it bounced up and down, which did not go unnoticed by my tormentors.

Their speed was picking up, their moans were getting louder and a few minutes later they both started their orgasms. Their final thrusts were brutally strong and all I could do was watch and listen as they came very hard. The orgasms themselves seemed to last quite a while and the after-shocks were also something to see. Eventually they both slumped forward, sort of draped over the spreader bar and each other, kissing in between deep breaths and sighs. My mouth and ass were still filled and I was really wishing they would pull out. After enjoying their orgasmic afterglows for a bit they did pull out, but then I felt empty and incredibly horny. They laid down on the bed, cuddled and seemed to be drifting off to sleep when I coughed a little and rolled over onto my side as best I could.

After a little while they stretched, got up, took their harnesses off and I saw that each had a raised portion that would apply pressure to their clits when they bottomed out which confirmed my suspicions. Now that they had recovered they were ready to humiliate and torture me some more. They unhooked my hands from the spreader bar, helped me to the bathroom and into the tub in a kneeling position and then reattached my wrists to the spreader bar, this time behind my back, leaving my dick bobbing straight out in front of me. At this point I had still not seen a naked breast, butt or pussy, and that was not going to change. Mistress Y left the bathroom and returned with the panties that I had been cumming in all week and a blindfold which she carefully attached over my eyes. Then all I could hear was them giggling and moving around. In short order, I was told to tilt my head up and open my mouth. I had a bad feeling about this but a short series of slaps and backhands to my dick accompanied with some yanks on the nipple clamp chain and I was in the position requested.

The next thing I felt was a hairy and very strong-smelling pussy resting lightly on my open mouth. Mistress M told me to swallow as fast as I can because every drop I missed would earn me a swat on my ass that I wouldn’t soon forget. The thought popped into my mind that I would never forget any of this, but I didn’t want to have to explain a red ass when I got home! I pushed my open mouth up as tightly as I could and soon enough it started, first a few drops, then some short squirts and then a steady stream of urine. I was working as hard as I could, swallowing without closing my mouth which is not the easiest thing to do. When I was sure that she had finished I backed off slightly, closed my mouth and swallowed for what I hoped would be one last time. The taste and smell were both strong, but not entirely bad.

She grabbed my ears and began to hump my face. I wasn’t sure what to do so I stuck my tongue out and was rewarded with a moan. She told me to keep my tongue out as her clit met my nose. First lightly and then stronger and faster she masturbated herself on my face. She pulled and twisted my ears until they hurt as she pushed herself towards climax. My mouth was open again as I grabbed air when I could, but I kept my tongue in contact with her pussy which was tasting extremely good now. Evidently Mistress Y was participating because I could hear kissing and occasionally her leg would press on the back of my head. It wasn’t very long before Mistress M’s moans grew louder and her humping got even faster. I was pretty sure that she was going to bust my nose when she came, but I was going to enjoy being ridden as much as possible. Her climax was amazing even though I couldn’t see her. Her body stiffened, her thighs flexed and she literally pounded my face into her crotch as she cried out with release.

When it was over I could feel Mistress Y helping her out of the tub and into the bedroom. It sounded like they laid down and I heard some whispering. It was then that I noticed my cock was still stiff as a board but my neck was sore, my knees and ears hurt, there did seem to be a little blood trickling from my nose, the corset seemed tighter than ever and my nipples were aching. Eventually kars escort Mistress M came back into the bathroom and told me to get up. She grabbed an arm and helped as my legs were quite wobbly. I had assumed that she would want to take the same ride Mistress Y had, but I was soon to find out that she had other ideas.

After leading me into the bedroom she took the strap off my cock and balls, removed my blindfold, and told me that I needed to watch what was next. She told me that every time I closed my eyes I would be hurt more. Mistress M was laying back on the bed with her legs spread and her hand in her panties moving slowly across and around her vagina. Mistress M had me kneel at the foot of the bed, stepped into the other room, and then returned with a medium length, very fat dildo with an oversized ball on the end. She slipped it into her strapon harness, bumping me in the face with it several times. She asked me if I knew the purpose of the dildo that she had chosen and I told her that I did not. She explained that it was designed as a prostate massager and said that she was going to use it to milk me. I had heard about this process but never experienced it.

She helped me up again, turned me to face the bed, attached the ends of the spreader bar between my ankles to the legs on the corners of the bed, and pushed my shoulders forward and down bending me at the waist. Mistress M scooted down until her panty covered pussy was right under my nose and Mistress Y moved into position behind me. She asked me if I would like for her to use lube and I said yes. She told me that to earn the lube I better better do the best job of begging that I’d ever heard or she would shove that monster up my ass dry. I immediately began begging and pleading for the lube, promising her that I would do whatever she wanted in return which made her laugh. After a few minutes she agreed, then showed me what she would be using…Tiger Balm! I squirmed and cried to no avail while they laughed and laughed.

She opened the jar and very generously applied the Tiger Balm right in front of my face. I had tears in my eyes and she just kept adding more. Then she stepped back behind me and told Mistress M to smoother my face so that I didn’t disturb the other guests. Mistress M grabbed the back of my head and pressed my mouth tightly against her panty crotch. Mistress Y then began pushing that large tip against my asshole and the burning began. She continued to push, I squirmed and cried, then the tip popped through. She did not hesitate. As soon as the huge tip was in she shoved forward with all her weight and leverage driving me into Mistress M’s crotch. The pain from the size and speed of intrusion had tears flowing freely from my eyes, mixing with Mistress M’s juices and soaking her panties.

Just when I thought I might pass out, I felt Mistress Y lay down across my back, reach around and find my dick. It was very hard and swinging freely until she grabbed it and I quickly found out that her had was still coated with Tiger Balm. I became a bucking bronco, at least as much as my bonds would allow, shaking, and jerking and fruitlessly trying to get away from the burning in my ass and on my penis. She was stroking me quit expertly while still rubbing that dildo head back and forth across my prostate. I was so confused as my penis tried to get hard and escape at the same time. Her had was giving me great pleasure and pain at the same time.

When she had me fully hard she removed her hand briefly and then returned with a condom which she rolled onto place. Now I was really confused, until she started stroking me again and I realized that she was removing much of the pleasure from feeling her hand while continuing the burning from the spicy lube. Somewhere around this time I noticed that the burning in my ass was letting up, at least some, and the prostate massage was starting to feel good. My tears had stopped and I heard a moan escape between my mouth and the panties. She told me that she was going to continue milking my prostate until the condom is full and then she would make me drink it down. Wow, I didn’t see that one coming and it really took some of the pleasure away, at least mentally, because that prostate massage felt great now.

In the meantime, the back and forth movement from Mistress Y fucking me had gotten Mistress M excited again and she grabbed my sore ears and used my nose to have another orgasm, this time with her panties still on. All of this and I still had not seen either mistress’s pussy, breasts, or ass. That had certainly seen all there was to see of me!

I could feel the liquid flowing through my penis and the condom began to feel a little heavier. Mistress Y was checking it occasionally, as she continued the steady back and forth movement. Then she stopped, reached down between the harness and her panties and turned on a vibrator. I knew because I could feel the vibrations in my ass, especially when she pushed all the way forward. Mistress M got up, moved out of my eyesight and the next thing I know, her soaking wet panties are over my face with the crotch on my nose and mouth, and the leg openings hooked behind my ears. I heard Mistress Y moaning and assumed that Mistress M was stimulating her. The panties smelled and tasted very strong and very good and I squeaked out a weak moan and thanks which seemed to amuse them.

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