Hotel Room Ch. 02


I was so torn, I haven’t had sex in months, and he was very very sexy. He had those bedroom eyes, and a nice smile. He looked like sin brought to life, and did I mention that I haven’t had sex in awhile?

“I don’t think so.”

I went to turn to leave and he grabbed me and pulled me to him hard. I fell against all 6’4 of him. He felt so good, and I could tell he was beginning to get turned on.

“Kellie, we can do it slow, we can do it fast whatever you would like”

Without warning he kissed me, I felt the heat all the way to my toe. His tongue came into play, rubbing against mine; I moaned opening my mouth wider to him. His tongue was establishing a rhythm that my hips pick up. He pushed me into the brick wall and started kissing down my neck, biting and licking. I could feel myself getting so wet already and he didn’t even get to the good stuff yet. I felt cool air on my chest and looked down he had unbutton my shirt and was working his way down to my tits.

“Your tits are so big I would love to titty fuck you.”

He licked the nipple, tracing and sucking. I was going crazy.

“If you don’t pay attention to the other one I’m going to explode”

“I am here please” he said on a chuckle.

With that he sucked in as pendik escort much as he could from my other breast. I was so horny and wet. I needed something and I knew he would have been more then ready to give it to me. I wanted to be fucked and I wanted to be fucked hard.

“Please fuck me”

I practically begged I wanted to have him in me now and there was no waiting for it. He didn’t say a word, he pulled up my skirt and ripped my panty hose pulled my leg up around him and entered me. I had to moan because it felt so good. He started slow, going in by each wonderful inch of him, and then he would pull out a little, and then sink back in little by little. I was getting frustrated with his teasing. I needed a good fuck.

“Fuck this pussy harder, faster; I want your dick to make me good and wet”

He grunted and picked up speed. He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. My body was thrust away from him rubbing against the brick wall, I didn’t care. He was fucking me so hard that my tits were bouncing and jiggling, all the friction made me so close. We were going at it like animals. It was just pure fucking both making so much noise but I didn’t care. He grabbed my breast and sucked my nipple and like that I came, I went off like a rocket. escort pendik It felt so good, and he tense growled my name and came. I slowly slid down his body and slumped against him. I felt fantastic, and embarrassed.

“I have never done anything like that before” I was so mortified.

“Don’t you dare get embarrassed Kellie that was the best sex I have in a long time. I think that we should go up to my room and try it again.”

I wanted to see what else he had in store but I knew I crossed a line I shouldn’t have; and I was still on hotel property. I needed to go home. We both smelled like sweat and I needed a shower, and to think this thru.

“I need to go home, I want a shower and I need to eat.”

“I’ll feed you, and we can shower together” he was invading my space and not taking a no for answer.

“Fine lets go the back way then, I don’t want anyone seeing us.”

We went around to the back elevators. Once inside he pushed me up against the elevator, started kissing me, bring that magical tongue back into play. Lust started taking over and I pushed him up against the elevator, hitting the stop button he asked me what I was doing

“You wanted to titty fuck me right?”

I asked unbuttoning my shirt. I dropped the pendik escort bayan shirt to floor and took my bra off. The girls bounced free.

“Your tits are so amazing; I could lick and suck them all night.”

With that kind of talk I gushed myself. I love breast play, and he seemed he enjoyed giving it.

“This isn’t for me, this is for you”

I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants. His member was big and long just as I remember. It looked so nice and tasty.

“Your dick is so beautiful, nice and big and thick”

“Baby it is yours to do with it what you want.”

I pulled him into my mouth; I started at the base and gave it a good look to his head. I pulled him back into my mouth and bobbed up and down until I got him good and wet. I traced my nipples with his head back and forth, I felt myself getting wet again, but I knew I could wait. I put him between my breasts and started squishing and jiggling them up against his dick, moving them up and down.

“You like the way my big tits look on your dick?”

“Ooh yeah, it feels good”

I bent my head down and licked his head every time he thrust, he started breathing really fast, I jiggled my breast up and down really fast, keeping a good rhythm, I heard him groan and he came all over my tits.

“That was great, but I want to get upstairs and fuck the shit out of you.”

To be continued.

I tried to bring a little more heat to the story, let me know what you guys think.

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