Hotel Room Domination


Hotel Room DominationYou try to relax in the hotel room by watching tv, then pacing around the room and looking out the window. Nothing works. You can’t stop thinking about what you are about to do. Ever since you found out about sex you have had this fantasy, you always knew you had to let it happen at some point. The only problem is that you are scared. You are about to meet a total stranger whom you only know from emails and the craigslist ad he posted. There was a scenario that you talked about online, but now you feel nervous, not knowing exactly how this will play out in real life. The only thing stopping you from getting cold feet is that you’ve come this far. And the aching feeling deep inside you. You know, here in the center of your being, that the dark fantasy you always had finally caught up, he found you.There is a knock on the pinbahis yeni giriş door.You freeze, look around the room one last time and stop at the reflection of yourself in the mirror. I knock again and the sound brings you to the door. You open.You only see me for a moment before I am right up next to you, my hand over your mouth and holding you tight. “Be quiet bitch, and you won’t get hurt.”I kick the door shut behind me as I push you towards the bed, half carrying you. I easily lift your body up off the ground and throw you on the bed. You try to jump off but I grab you by the shoulder and throw you back down, in the same movement I am on top of you. Even though you know you are totally overpowered you struggle against me as I climb on top of you. Your legs are forced open, hands pinned down behind your head. pinbahis giriş Now that my hand is no longer over your mouth you realize you can scream, but you are slapped across the face before the sound can come out.”The only thing you can do for yourself, slut, is realize that you are totally helpless,” I tell you. “Are you smart enough to do that?”You wimper, “no… no, please stop… let me go…””I can see that I am going to have to help you out.” I rise up on my knees, towering over you, and peel my shirt off. You watch me. Muscles ripple across my chest, shoulders and tattooed arms as I pull the thick leather belt from around my waist. I crack the belt in the air.I’ll do it, I’ll do it!” You cry, but it is too late. I jump off the side of the bed and half roll you over, half toss you onto your front. Instinctively pinbahis güvenilirmi you cover your ass with your hands, knowing what is about to come. But I bend your wrists behind your back, immobilizing you, and grope your ass and thighs with my other hand.A piece of paper is placed in front of you on the bed, you can’t help but eagerly read the words on it. I tell you that I am going to spank you with the belt, and that after each stroke you will read the words aloud to me. It is humiliating. You tell yourself that you won’t do it. Then the first stroke of the belt smacks your ass with a loud crack. “Aaahh that hurts!” You tell me to stop.”Wrong answer!”Crack!! The leather grazes you again leaving a hot sting.”Say it,” I command you.My big, strong hand coaxes your body, slow and warm. You give in.”Fuck me,.. Master…” you say, under your breath.I slap your ass with my hand, “Louder baby, say it like you mean it.””Fuck me, Master…””Beg.””Please… Master, please fuck me”I stand up and look down on you. My cock surges out against my jeans, almost painfully hard.Your slut training will officially now begin.

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