Hotel Spycam


Starring Julie, Sherrie and guest star Sam

“Oh honey,” Sherrie cried. “I forgot about the time. I have to give another talk this morning, an early bird riser lecture. I’m going to be late as it is and I have to change clothes. Damn, I simply must go, honey.” Sherrie leaned over Julie and kissed her passionately, but not for too long. She quickly threw her clothes on and ran from the room, clutching her underwear in her hand.

“Wait. Will I see you again? When?” Julie called, the yearning in her voice apparent.

Sherrie turned at the door, smiled and said, “Room 1269, honey.” She blew Julie another kiss and was gone.

Julie fell back on the bed, tears in her eyes. She never expected any of this to happen. Now that it had, she was amazed at the intensity of her feelings and of the incredible night they had shared. She’d have to sort this all out later, but there was no doubt in her mind of where she was going tonight. Then she remembered that she had planned on leaving the workshop today and surprising her boyfriend by coming home early. Well, that wouldn’t work now, she thought. She very much wanted to explore this newfound relationship more fully. She decided instead to go shopping and see the city. After all, she rarely got to the city and shopping would pass the time until she could be with Sherrie again tonight.

So with a slightly guilty feeling, Julie showered, dressed and prepared for a day on the town. Besides, her boyfriend didn’t expect her home until tomorrow, she thought. So why mess up his day? Yea, that works, she decided and closed the door to her room.

As she left her hotel room, the maids were coming down the hall. She idly noticed that one of them was a man. Not many male maids, but none of her business, she thought and put it out of her mind. She had the oddest feeling that he watched her as she walked down the hallway. Then again, men always watched her. Julie was acutely aware that she had a great body, and that she was attractive to men and apparently some women as well. Wow, she thought, she’d really have to sort all this out, but she’d do it later, now she’d have breakfast.

The man went about his chores. It was his duty to clean Julie’s room. He soon determined that another woman had been there. He found blonde hairs. From the looks of the bed, he guessed what they had been doing all night as well. He was also pretty sure who the blonde was, the instructor, Sherrie Foxx. The man quietly pulled something from his pocket. It was a wireless camera, not much bigger than a quarter. He found a place to hide it and installed another one in the bathroom. From long experience, he knew just where to hide these cameras for the best views. He finished up the room and made a call. He knew that Sherrie’s room was on the list for early morning cleanup. He said he’d take it.

His boss probably thought he was an extra hard worker, but the man had his own reasons. After all, he couldn’t be sure of where the two lovers would go tonight. He believed in being prepared.

* * *

Finally, the long day drew to a close for Sherrie…

She finished teaching the last workshop class and headed back to her room. She was hot. Literally. She raced for the door, managed to get it open. Her body was so hot as she ripped off her clothes. She flung them aside and jumped on the bed. She rubbed her hands over her nipples. They ached and were hard as rocks. All day, they had rubbed her blouse causing stimulation and wisps of pleasure.

Sherrie was sure she could still smell Julie’s pussy juice on her tits. Or maybe that was all in her mind. She rubbed some more, but another place demanded attention. She let her right hand slide down between her thighs and pulled the middle finger back up through her folds and touched the rosebud at the top. She shuddered and gasped at the sensation. Fluid ran down her pussy lips as she rubbed back and forth. God it was so good to rub herself. She needed it so badly.

She drew her knees up and put both hands in her womanly folds. She caressed her mound with one hand, pushing down on her clit. The other hand sought out her love tunnel. She slipped three fingers inside without the slightest trouble. She was hot and wet, open and ready to explode. Juices flowed from her snatch and tingles ran up and down her body.

The camera captured everything and sent the pictures to a to a house nearby.

Sherrie fucked her fingers in and out, relishing the hot sensations racing through her body. Her nipples were taut and hard, the breasts puckered in gooseflesh with the excitement of her desires. Sherrie fingered herself with her right hand, but now slipped the left one off her mound and rubbed her clit mercilessly with two fingers. She squeezed it and pulled it and rubbed it hard. She was so sensitive, that her clit withdrew under its hood. But Sherrie was in no mind to let it escape. She searched it out and rubbed it harder. She demanded the utmost in feeling from it. She curled the fingers of her other hand upward into her love tunnel casino oyna and pressed against her G-spot. Squishy, slurpy sounds emerged from her pussy as she pumped in and out.

Her climax built with ferocious speed to a point of no return. Sherrie threw her feet up into the air and pounded her hand into her G-spot. Her other hand rubbed frantically against her clit. Then it happened, the glorious relief she had waited all day to achieve. She laid back her head and a groan erupted from her throat. She knew she was making loud noises and clenched her teeth. Her screams became hisses escaping from her mouth. “Aahhhh,” she groaned, using both hands to chase every scrap of feeling from her tortured body. Finally, the mammoth orgasm ebbed and Sherrie fell back on the bed, totally exhausted.

The mics on the cameras recorded every sound and transmitted them to the house.

In the house, Sam watched with great relish, enjoying this perk of his job. He sat naked in front of his computer and watched the images and sounds come across live as Sherrie did her stuff. His hand idly played with his member. It was quite a large organ and Sam stroked it gently up and down very slowly. He easily could have put his other hand on it and still the head would show. Sam was proud of his Maverick as he called his cock.

The computer stored all the video and later, Sam would make a tape, which he’d watch and enjoy again. But it was seldom that he and Maverick had the opportunity to watch a live performance. He was a bit disappointed because he had hoped that Sherrie would have the redhead over, but the night was still young. Lots could happen. What he had seen so far merely warmed him up. He’d definitely not waste an orgasm on this masturbation scene. He’d wait and see what else his cameras might bring to him. He flipped over to the other cameras in Julie’s room, and saw that the room was still empty. He leaned back in the easy chair and waited to see what would happen next.

Sherrie lay on the bed, softly playing with her nipples. They were still sensitive and ripples ran through out her body. Her pussy was so tender she couldn’t even touch it without jumping from the rush of sensation.

There was a knock at the door.

Sherrie sat up.

Sam sat up.

Another knock, as if whoever was there wanted in desperately. Sherrie thought of putting on her robe, but decided the heck with it. If it turned out to be someone else, then let them have a thrill. She laughed and opened the door. Julie rushed in, obviously excited and hot.

“God, honey, I’ve been thinking of you all day,” she said and then crushed her mouth to Sherrie’s. They kissed long and hard, dueling tongues seeking every part of the other’s mouth.

Sam breathed deeply. This was going to be it. He had never captured two women on tape before. His cock ached and he rubbed it gently. He knew the night would be long and hot. He would have to pace himself.

“Sherrie, you’re naked? I guess you were waiting for me. Help me get out of these clothes. I’ve wanted to be with you all day,” Julie whispered as she finally broke the long delicious French kiss.

Sherrie decided not to tell her lover that she didn’t exactly “wait for her.” What the heck, they’d have plenty of orgasms together. Already, she could feel the heat boiling up from her folds in response to Julie’s obvious need.

When Julie had stripped nude, Sherrie pulled her down to the bed and immediately started tonguing her nipples. Her hands flowed over Julie’s body and caressed her. Julie luxuriated in the soft touch of her lover. Sherrie’s lips played expertly with her nipples. She kissed her breasts and snuggled her head between them. Her hands quickly found their way down to Julie’s womanhood. Sherrie felt the heat rising from her treasure box. She slipped in one finger and then a second one when she realized that Julie was opened wide. A third found it’s way in as well. Julie moaned with rising pleasure. Sherrie worked her fingers around, letting Julie feel them massage the inside of her love tunnel.

“Ohhhhhhh,” moaned Julie.

Sherrie pulled her hand free. She was reluctant to do so, but she so wanted to taste Julie’s juices. She smelled her fingers and then licked them. Julie stretched out her tongue for a treat also. Both women Frenched again and then Sherrie slowly made her way down Julie’s body, tonguing and kissing every inch of Julie’s breasts and stomach. Her hands went up to Julie’s tits while her head went between her legs. Julie spread her legs wider, giving total access to her lover’s mouth.

Wave after wave of sensation cruised through Julie’s body. Sherrie’s tongue felt better than anything in the whole world at that moment. Her feelings surged and she knew her time was soon. “Oooohhhh,” Julie moaned as the feelings in her body rushed to an inevitable conclusion. She climaxed after only a few seconds of Sherrie’s tongue doing its work on her clit.

Sherrie knew the score of what was happening in her lover’s body. She kept up the stimulation on canlı casino Julie’s lovebud all through the climax, only stopping when Julie pushed her away due to the incredible sensitivity of the organ. Sherrie crept up beside Julie and hugged her. They kissed and held each other close, while the afterglow seeped away. This didn’t take long as Julie had cum so quickly, but still it felt mellow. Julie knew it was only a warm up and she eagerly anticipated how she would show Sherrie what she had learned the night before.

Julie wasted little time with afterglow. She had ideas, things to do, and a lover to fuck. “Honey, pull your knees up and spread them wide. I want to try something,” Julie ordered.

Sherrie quickly obeyed. She was more than ready for another arousal. This position made her blonde pussy completely exposed. With her knees up and legs pulled wide, her cunt lips fell open and her clit stood at attention, like a small hot cock. It throbbed with excitement.

“Pull your lips wider with your hands, honey. I think this will put you right where I want you to be,” Julie ordered again. She was somewhat amazed at herself. Yesterday, she barely dared to fantasize about having a lesbian affair. Tonight she was ordering her lover to assume the most provocative positions and her lover obeyed. Julie’s heart raced as she positioned herself over Sherrie’s spread folds. Julie had thought about this all day and was sure it would work. Her breast fell right against Sherrie’s exposed lovebud. She propped herself with one elbow on the bed, leaning her head against the back of Sherrie’s thigh.

She reached over and licked Sherrie’s slit, getting juices up to the hungry lovebud at the top. Then she managed her tit with her right hand, working the nipple against Sherrie’s open pussy lips, collecting more of the copious juices flowing down her slit. Then she leaned forward just a little more and started massaging her hard erect nipple against the equally erect clit. Julie thought of two cocks rubbing against each other and smiled. But these two cocks belonged to two very hot women.

Julie kept up a steady pace on Sherrie. Sherrie’s closed eyes and moans told of the pleasure the other woman experienced. Sherrie’s moans grew louder and she arched up into Julie’s tit. This put even more pressure on her raging clit. Julie doubled her speed. She knew Sherrie didn’t have long to wait.

“Aaahhh,” Sherrie groaned, clenching her teeth before unwelcome company might show up. Sherrie had always been a screamer, but she had learned to tone it down when needed. She didn’t want security banging on the door. So she squealed as quietly as she could manage.

The moans and loud groans drove Julie higher with her own excitement. Julie’s heart raced with the sounds of pleasure that she was giving Sherrie. It amazed her that she enjoyed hearing those sounds. She knew that Sherrie was on the brink and would tumble over any second now. It thrilled her that it was she who was giving this climax; her nipple specifically was driving Sherrie into orgasmic delight.

Sherrie squirmed on the bed as the climax racked her body. Her breasts were hard, goose-fleshed and the nipples stood up in taut erection. Her clit gave up and let loose a surge of pleasure exploding in Sherrie’s body. Her climax was far more intense than her earlier solo flight and lasted far longer.

Julie showed no sign of stopping as she furiously pumped her tit up and down Sherrie’s shuddering slit. She would keep this up all night if Sherrie could stand it. She almost thought that was going to happen, as it seemed forever before Sherrie’s ecstasy ebbed away.

Finally Sherrie mumbled, “No more. I need to rest. I’m going to pass out if I have any more.”

Julie stroked her two more times, making Sherrie jump and moan. Then she finally lightened up, rolling over in the bed, her own legs spread wide and her juices leaked out to soak the bed sheet.

Sherrie threw an arm over her face and moaned softly, almost crying, with the intensity still washing over her body. It had been the most devastating climax she had ever experienced with either man or woman. This was the best of the best, she thought.

At the house across the street in the computer room, Sam was well on his way to releasing his load. All through the exciting scene, he had pumped his organ hard and fast. The scene was hot. He had to get off. Maverick surged with desire and throbbed in his hands. He had both hands on it, pumping furiously. He momentarily thought of stopping, but knew there was no way he could now. He had to spurt. He just had to cum.

He pushed the chair back from the computer, threw his legs up over the arms. He felt the stirring of cum deep in his balls as it rose up his shaft. He screamed. Wave after wave of sensation exploded in his body. Great gobs flew into the air, falling back onto his chest. They burned from the incredible heat of his ecstasy. He pumped his organ as long as he could until it went limp in his hands. He squeezed it for the last precious kaçak casino drops and ripples of pleasure. The orgasm slowly died away, leaving him breathless.

Finally, Sam came to his senses. He checked his personal camera and played back the final scene of his own climax. Great, he had captured it all. He thought of how this would look on the Internet. Yes, he’d post his masturbation scene, but not the girls. No, he never put anyone else out on a public site. Sam was no fool. A voyeur yes, but not a fool. He’d watch the girls again, maybe twice and then he’d copy over the tape. He only wanted to watch, never to exploit. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. He just wanted to have a good time.

Even as Sherrie thought this was her best orgasm ever, so did Sam. He had never recorded two women before, but this was proving to be the hottest sex party he had ever seen. His hands worked on attaining another erection. His cock already showed signs of another arousal. Sam knew he was good for at least two rounds and as hot as this show was, three, maybe four. He chuckled and settled back into the chair. This was going to be a fabulous night.

Sherrie finally stopped moaning and crawled over to Julie. They embraced again, shuddering from the pleasure of just touching each other’s smooth skin. Sherrie whispered, “You’re so smooth and soft. I could stroke you all night long, just to feel your skin.”

Julie never realized how rough skinned men were, nor how smooth a woman was as she returned the strokes. She soon found her fingers playing over Sherrie’s breasts again. Julie was totally attracted to the blonde’s beautiful tits. They mounded up so nice, firm and smooth, capped by large brown aureoles and hard nipples capable of such pleasure too, Julie thought.

The two girls leisurely played with each other for a half hour or so, not rushing onto other things. Finally, Julie sensed it was time for another round. She whispered in Sherrie’s ear, “Honey, I want to try out something I bought at the store today. I think you’ll like it.”

“Bring it on, honey,” said Sherrie, not the least bit hesitant.

Across the street, Sam sat up straight, his ears perked forward and his cock perked up. “What’s this?” he whispered. “This gets better and better.”

Julie searched for her purse. She found it. “I’ll be right back. Don’t go away,” she said and ran to the bathroom.

When Julie returned, she sported a rather large strap-on toy around her waist, a dildo with some added features. On top was a large bump. Julie explained, “While out shopping, I found this wonderful adult toy store and this just seemed to be the thing to buy. It sorted of jumped out at me,” she said and flicked the plastic cock with her finger. It bounced up and down. “You’re going to have the ride of your life,” she added.

Sam held his head. He couldn’t believe what Julie was doing. But the way the girls were positioning themselves he wasn’t going to see most of the action. “Damn, I should have hidden another camera or two in the room. Damn, damn,” he cursed.

Then Sam had a truly scary thought. All in one moment, he sized up his total sex life – sneaky videos and masturbation. He had only fucked one or two women in his whole life and that was years ago. Sam made a big decision and forced his hard cock back into his underwear as he looked for the rest of his clothes.

Sam was very shy. Years ago, he had found release in this peeping-Tom life of his. He no longer even tried to date women. He just watched some of the hotel guests on his computer and jacked his cock off until the urges went away. “That’s my life,” Sam said. “I am afraid and I let my fear defeat me. But now, I’m going to face the fear and do it anyway.” He left the house and started across the street.

“Julie, that looks like too much for me. Don’t you have something less… less intrusive?” Sherrie asked. She didn’t want to put a damper on things, but this toy just seemed way too much for her to handle. She had an average size vibe at home, nothing fancy, but this whole contraption seemed a bit scary.

“Of course, honey. Sorry. Funny you call this toy intrusive. I named it Mr. Intruder. I don’t want to rush you. Sorry again, let me start with this one. You probably have a toy like this at home.” Julie reached into her purse and pulled out a vibrator much like the Blue Dolphin Sherrie had at home. Julie slicked it up with some oil and turned it on. “This one makes you cum fast. The trick is to ease back once or twice just before blastoff. Hold off a round or two and your climax will be much stronger. It’s way better than your hand.” Julie sat between Sherrie’s legs and slid the blue vibe up and down her juicy slit warming her up and gaining her confidence.

Sherrie pulled her legs up, opening herself wider for Julie. The buzzing sensations were already starting to work on her sensitive pussy. Julie eased it in and out of her tunnel and occasionally played it over Sherrie’s clit. She was quite happy to take her time. Meanwhile, she drank in the sight of the wanton woman moaning and groaning beneath her on the sheets. She eased the dolphin in deeper and held it in place. The buzzing vibes caused thrilling feelings to flow from Sherrie’s hungry cunt.

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