Hotwife Kelly Pt. 01




My name is Kelly and I like to think of myself as an open and adventurous person. Ten years ago I married my husband Marc. Over the last ten years we have had an open and amazing marriage. We have enjoyed many sexual adventures over the years but over the last six months I have become very interested in being a hotwife. I have been reading hotwife stories and hinting to Mark that we should try this hotwife thing. Last week he finally agreed and so we spent hours on the darker part of the internet looking for hotwife challenges which we made into a list.

Starting in April I will be starting with number one and working through them one at a time until I complete the whole list. There’s about three hundred challenges on the list. I will be writing about each one as I complete them. Hope whoever may read this in the future will enjoy my hotwife adventure.

Chapter 1: Answer the door in just a tee for a delivery man

It was April fools day and the start of my hotwife challenge. I was so excited I could hardly sleep last night. I knew from making the list that challenge one was answering the door in just a tee for a delivery person so a few days before I made sure to order several packages which would all be arriving today. Marc had placed security cameras throughout the house so he could watch everything when he got home from work. Just thinking about exposing myself to a stranger had my pussy soaked.

I was still laying in bed when Mark left for work and now it was time for me to get up and start my day. Because I had spent the last hour thinking about everything from what I was going to wear to what I was going to say my pussy was completely soaked. Walking to the bathroom with what to wear on my mind I figured a cool shower might help take my mind off of things so I turned on the shower and sat down to pee.

By the time I finished the shower was nice and warm. After I washed my body I started shaving my armpits then my legs and finally trimming my pubic hair into a nice rectangle above my pussy mound. When I was done shaving I washed my body a second time. As I stood under the hot water my mind was still a flutter of activity trying to decide the perfect outfit for today and what might happen when I did answer the door.

I am not sure how long I stood under the water letting my mind play over a thousand different scenarios. With my mind in overdrive my pussy was soaked and not just from the shower. I really thought about masturbating in the shower but being on edge all day would be worth it when I either masturbated later or when Marc came home and fucked the shit out of me.

It took all my will power to turn off the now luke warm water and climb out of the shower. I dried off then went to my closet to see if I could find the perfect tee for today. In the back of the closet I found an old thin black tee that I hadn’t worn in years. The shirt was so thin my areolas would have been visible had the shirt been any color then black. My nipples were already getting hard from rubbing against the tee. The tee came to just above my belly button and was stretched tightly against my large tits. Looking up at the camera in the bedroom I did a swirl showing Marc my outfit for the day. I felt my pussy leak a bit and run down my leg thinking of Marc getting a hard cock from seeing me nearly naked. Now that I was dressed I went back into the bathroom and brushed my hair before putting on some light makeup to highlight my natural beauty. I left my hair down and as I walked out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. Before walking out of the bedroom I grabbed my phone and went to the kitchen.

Leaning against the coffee pot was a small wrapped box with a small card in front of the box. Two steps later I was standing in front of the coffee pot holding the package. I flipped over the card and read “Good morning beautiful. To kick off our hotwife journey I got you a little something. Love Marc.” Quickly I opened the box and found an anklet with the letters H & W on it, a choker with the word “sexy” in diamond studded letters, and a butt plug that had a pink heart on the end of it. The chain was white gold and the letters were too but they had diamonds around the outside. I quickly put on the choker and the anklet, which went on my left ankle, then taking the butt plug I lubed it with my mouth and tongue while looking up at the camera. When Mrac watched later he would see my giving the anal plug a seductive blowjob. Once I felt it was lubed enough I bent over so my ass was in view of the camera and pushed it in.

While I had only done anal a few times with Marc I enjoyed it but had never had a plug in so I was glad to was a beginner’s anal plug. Once in I showed the camera then stood up and poured myself a cup of coffee. It took me a bit to get used to having the anal plug in. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to feel like when I put it in but I was surprised at how much it was turning me on.

When I was done with my pendik escort coffee I gathered up some laundry and started the washer then went back to the kitchen to do the dishes. I had just finished doing the dishes when the doorbell and the washer buzzer sounded at the same time. It took the doorbell ringing a second time before it registered in my brain. Almost running from the back of the house to the front door hoping I made it before they just left whatever package they were delivering. I peaked out the front window and saw the hot blonde girl from down the street. My pussy quivered seeing her in her skin tight yoga pants and equally tight tank top. She was a sight to behold and in my horny state I thought about opening the door and seeing if she really was into me but I had a mission and did not want to disappoint my husband even though I knew he would enjoy the show. Plus I’m sure I could use her for another challenge so I just let her think no one was home as I went back to switch laundry. As I switched the laundry I could feel more of my juices running down my right leg. Being nearly naked and the thought of exposing myself to a stranger was keeping my aching pussy right on the edge of arousal. It had been 4 hours of my soaked pussy aching and needing attention. Again I thought about laying on either the bed or couch and giving Marc a good show just to take the edge off but just as I was reaching for my clit I heard the doorbell ring.

I had been halfway through putting the clothes in the dryer so I quickly finished and then ran to the front door sure it was the hot blonde from down the street but when I peaked out the window what I saw made my pussy gush juices down both my legs and puddle on the floor beneath me. Outside was a tall handsome man who looked to be in his early to mid 20’s. He had on the uniform of Fed-Ex and by the look of how tight it was around his arms he worked out often. As I looked at him I dreamed of his chiseled chest as I slowly ran my hands from the top of his chest to his belt. My day dream was interrupted by him ringing the doorbell for a second time. There would be no third ring so I slowed by breathing as best I could and stood at the door with my hand on the knob. Slowly I opened the door and stood in the open doorway for a second while the stud delivery man turned to look at me. He had started to speak but the moment he saw me and his brain registered what I wasn’t wearing. His mouth nearly dropped to the floor. He tried to find his words but he just stammered a bit before he stopped trying to speak.

I smiled at seeing him stare at me with growing lust in his eyes and a tent in his tight work pants. Before my pussy took over and I tried to suck his cock right there on the front step I cleared my throat and said “So you have a package for me?” I worked it as suggestively as I could. While I did want the box in his hands I was just as and maybe more interested in the package in his pants. As horny as I was at the moment I think I would have left him fuck me right there for all my neighbors to see if he had wanted it.

“Yes I do.” He said a little unsure of how to take my question. He was still holding the box in his hands as he tried to check me out but not check me out. Seeing the young stud with an ever growing tent in his pants was causing my pussy to run juices down my legs.

Before he could say another word I pulled him into the house and shut the door. Once we were inside I pushed him against the door and kissed him. At first he just stood there but after a few seconds he dropped the box and started to kiss me back. His hands were on the sides of my face as we made out. The longer we kissed the more sure of himself he became and the more he started to take the lead. While we made out his hands left my face and moved down to my tits where he started to roughly play with them. The stud was grabbing handfuls through my thin tee and squeezing which sent shock waves to my already overly active pussy. As he kissed me and molested my tits I lost all track of time and I lost myself in the moment. Everything else faded away so that I was completely focused on him and what he was doing to my body. I could feel my orgasm building when he let go of my tits and stopped kissing me. Before I could think or do anything he picked me up and carried me over to the couch and almost threw me over the arm of the couch. My tippy toes barely reached the floor and most of my body was on the couch. The stud was doing something behind me and all at once I understood what he had been doing.

Without warning the stud shoved his rock hard cock into my soaked pussy. From the way he felt in my pussy he was an inch or two smaller then Marc and not as thick but he still felt amazing. He started to slide his cock in and out of my pussy getting faster and faster. Suddenly his hand came down hard on my bare ass with a loud “smack”. At the force of his hand hitting my ass I jump or I would have if I wasn’t pinned down against the couch. The stud started a rhythm escort pendik of smacking my ass every time he pulled his cock out then he would slam his cock back into my pussy which would shove me hard into the arm of the couch.

He fucked me like this for who knows how long. I had my face buried in the couch and was moaning and screaming like a whore while his cock and hand was doing amazing things to my pussy. Just as quickly as he started he stopped and pulled my hair so I was almost standing then said gruffly “What kind of slut shows up at the door naked and with an anal plug on? Is that how you greet everyone whore? I am going to have to teach you that if you dress like a slutty whore you get fucked like one.”

The only thing my fucked brain could think of to say was “Yes sir please punish this dirty whore with your cock.”

The stud must have liked what I said cause he started to really fuck my pussy while holding my head back by my neck and chin. After about a dozen thrusts or so he let go and went back to spanking my ass while he used his cock like a battering ram. I was screaming and moaning louder and louder as he beat my ass and pussy harder and faster. He had been smacking my ass hard but maybe one slap every ten or so seconds but now he was smacking my ass every two or three seconds. My ass cheeks were bright red and they hurt but I did not want him to stop his assault.

The feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy combined with his smacking my ass was bringing me closer and closer to my first orgasm. I could feel the pressure building and knew any second I was going to explode and quickly become a twitching mumbling mess because I was about to have one powerful orgasm. Almost on instinct I started to rub my clit quickening my orgasm.

Thirty seconds later it happened, the damn that held back my orgasm broke and the last thing I remember before everything went black was wishing he would never stop fucking my pussy. When I woke up I was still laying over the arm of the couch but I no longer felt his cock inside me. My ass still stung and I slowly eased myself to my feet. As my feet hit the floor and my mind started to clear from the fog of orgasm I felt his still hot sticky cum all over my ass and back. From what I felt he had dumped a huge load. Standing up I looked around and he was gone. The box still lay by the door where he had dropped it and the front door was shut. Slowly making my way around the house with his cum running down my ass and legs, I cheeked to make sure he still wasn’t in the house. Confirming I was alone I did my best to clean the cum off me before taking a quick shower. After the shower I put on my thin black tee and went back to doing my chores. I waited the rest of the day to see if he would come back with another package for me but for the rest of the day the doorbell never rang.

At 4:30 I started dinner for Marc who would be home at 5:15. As I cooked I thought back to the day and hoped Marc wouldn’t be pissed that I let a stranger fuck me. I had enjoyed it and I hoped Marc would enjoy watching his hot wife get fuck by a stranger. Marc came home a little early and kissed me on the cheek before going upstairs to shower and change.

I was almost done with dinner when Marc came back downstairs wearing a grey pocket tee and a pair of thin white basketball shorts. The outline of his semi hard cock could be seen through his shorts. My brain raced as I tried to figure out if he had seen the tape or if it was because I was still mostly naked. Had I taken my hotwife challenge to far by letting the delivery man fuck me. All of these things and more raced through my head as I looked at Marc’s face and tried to see if he was mad. His face revealed nothing and he grabbed a beer from the fridge and gave me a kiss before sitting down at the table.

“So how did the challenge go babe?” Marc asked while opening his beer and taking a swig.

“Not sure if you saw the video or not yet but I was able to complete the challenge this afternoon. Poor boy was speechless.” I said while still trying to read my husband’s face.

Marc changed the subject and helped me put dinner on the table. While eating we talked about every other subject except for my challenge. It was killing me to know if he had seen the video or not. Finally after dinner and everything was cleaned up I got up the nerves to ask him about it. We were sitting on the couch cuddling when I asked “Have you seen the tape yet?”

Marc turned off the tv and moved on the couch so we were looking at each other. “Yes I have seen it and we need to talk about it.” He said.

I was about to cry, I felt so bad about having fucked the delivery boy when all I was supposed to do was answer the door in just a tee and that was it. The worst case scenario played in my mind while I tried to not break down crying.

“Your challenge was to flash the delivery person but instead you decided to let him fuck you. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I watched it. That was pendik escort bayan the…” Marc let his word trail off at the end as he sat there looking at me with no expression on his face.

After nearly a minute of silence I couldn’t take it and meekly asked “It was the most what?” I really didn’t want to hear how upset with me he was or how much I fucked up. “This was how my wonderful marriage ends.” I thought to myself as I buried my face in my hands.

“It was the craziest but yet sexiest thing I have ever watched.” Marc said as he pulled me in close for a passionate kiss. We just made out for a while. It was nice to kiss his lips and know that he wasn’t upset and that I was loved.

It wasn’t long until our kissing turned into running our hands all over each other’s bodies. I was at a slight disadvantage because I was almost naked while Marc had a shirt and shirts on. Marc’s hands settled on my tits and he started to fondle them under my tee while I snaked my hand up the right leg of his shirts and started to slowly stroke his cock. His cock was semi hard and coated in precum so it wasn’t long before I had him completely hard. The way my husband was playing with my tits and nipples had me moaning.

“Please pull on my nipples babe.” I moaned as he started to gently pull on my nipples but soon he started to pull harder until I was moaning from the wonderful mixture of pain and pleasure. We stopped kissing and I leaned back my head as the sensation of what he was doing to my nipples was bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm. I had never had an orgasm from anything other then sex so this was a whole new amazing sensation and I didn’t want him to stop.

My eyes were closed as Marc tortured my nipples sending shock waves to my pussy. I was so wet I knew I would be leaving a large spot on the couch after all of this. While my eyes were closed Marc leaned in and without warning took my left nipple into his mouth and bit down. It wasn’t hard enough for me to cry out in pain it was just hard enough for me to moan “fuck” as he kept biting and sucking on my left nipple while still pulling my right with his hand.

“Dont you fucking stop babe. Your dirty hotwife is about to cum!” I screamed out. No sooner did those words leave my mouth than Marc added more pressure and pain which made me scream out as my body was rocked by not one oragam but two equally as powerful orgasms. My mind shut off and I stopped breathing as all the pressure released at once. I arched my back which caused my nipples to be pulled again sending a third but smaller orgasm through my body. Marc pulled me in close to him as I quivered and shook. All time seemed to end as I just laid in his arms while I soaked the couch cushion and Marc’s shorts. When I was finally able to sit up myself I looked at Marc and said “My turn.”

With Marc’s help I took off his shorts which were soaked from my juices as well as his precum. Once his shorts were off I licked from his balls to the head of his cock. When I got to his head I quickly took all 9 inches of his cock into my mouth. I could hear Marc say “Fuck” when he felt his cock slid into my throat. While I was gagging on my husband’s cock I used my right hand to play with his balls. When I was at the point of really needing air I let his cock slide out of my throat just enough to let me take a breath then I went right back to gagging on his cock. Marc had his eyes closed and was just laying back on the couch enjoying his blowjob.

After 20 minutes I was really needing Marc’s cock in my pussy so I stood up and impaled myself on his cock. He let out a loud grow and gasped at feeling my tight pussy wrap around his cock. I slowly worked myself up and down his shaft while Marc gently played with my tits and pussy. We fucked slowly for a while before Marc whispered in my ear “You ready to get your pussy pounded?”

I turned to look at my husband and said “Yes daddy please pound my tight little pussy with your massive cock.” Marc liked it when I called him daddy and until today I only called him that on special occasions. Picking me up Marc turned and dropped me on the couch. Before I could do or say anything he spun me around so I was kneeling on the couch and holding on to the back of the couch. Without another word Marc spread my ass cheeks and pushed his cock deep into my pussy.

With his left hand Marc started to smack my ass cheeks like the stud did earlier and with his other he gathered up my long auburn hair and used it to pull me back on his cock every time he pushed into me. The way he fucked me was something new. It was like he didn’t care if I enjoyed it or not. I would have been upset if not for the fact it turned me on so much.

Soon my left ass cheek was bright red and it stung more and more every time he smacked it. The more pain he caused me the wetter I was getting. Being fucked like a cheap whore was driving me to another orgasm. Just before the pain of having my ass smacked became to much Marc stopped and started to play with my anal plug. He would pull it out almost all the way then shove it back in as he buried his cock deep inside me. I was so close to cumming and I started to furiously rub my clit trying to quicken my orgasm.

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