How could it get any better than this???

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How could it get any better than this???We were living in Atlanta at the time and had been invited to spend the weekend with some old friends that were in Birmingham, just a 3 hour drive away. It was close enough to see each other often, but far enough to stay overnight. We both were looking forward to this visit as Ron was throwing his wife, Cindy. a birthday party and it should be a lot of fun.We drove up to their house and noticed the big dumpster off to the side of their driveway. “Looks like they are doing some remodeling. I wonder what they’re doing” Peggy thought aloud. “I guess we’ll find out in a few minutes. Let me get our bags out of the car and I’ll be right behind you.”There were hugs all around and Ron had a beer waiting in hand for me as I dragged our suitcase through the door. “Hey Birthday girl, I called out. I’ll give you a big kiss after I dump this suitcase. Should I use the same bedroom as before?”“Yeah – but we hope you don’t mind, but we’ll be sharing the room with you. We’re having some major work done on our master bedroom – walls out and well, you’ll see. Ron can explain all of that. But in the meantime, all our furniture is spread into the 2 other guest rooms and we stuck our bed into that room Everything is a mess right now – I hope you don’t mind” Cindy explained.“If you want we can stay at a hotel – would that be easier?” my wife, Peggy, suggested.“Don’t be ridiculous!” It will be fun – like a real sleepover. What do you say?”“Okay – if you’re sure it won’t interfere”“No, it’s all set up. I even have clean sheets on your bed. It’s a bit tight in there with two beds in the room, so if you can unpack and throw your stuff into the drawers of the dresser, that will help big time.” I looked over at Peggy and she was nodding in agreement as she was already working on a margarita. “Let me know if you need help, Bill, .and I’ll send Ron up.” Everyone laughed and I knew that I should do this on my own.I walked into the room and sure enough, it was packed really tightly. Ron and Cindy had a king sized bed and the guest one was a queen, so the beds were really close – just a few inches separating them. To get in we would have to crawl in from the bottom of the bed. The dresser was shoved against the wall and it was keeping the door open. Night stands were stacked one on top of another. There was only space to open the closet door part way. To say that it was tight was an understatement. I looked at those beds and wondered if Peggy would be okay with that. I had pictured something like a hotel room with 2 beds, but this was more like one giant bed. In a minute or two, Peggy came up and simply said, “Oh my!” as she looked at the beds. “Well, what do you think? Should we go or can you handle this?”“Ahh, it might be fun. Like Cindy said, ‘a real sleepover’. I just hope Ron doesn’t snore. I’m okay if you are.” “Good enough for me – I guess we use the bathroom for changing. No privacy.” “Yeah – no privacy – so don’t get any ideas about tonight” she said as she reached down and gave my cock a pinch.Peggy was already out the door. “That’s not fair” I called to her back. We drank our way through the afternoon as we helped do a few things to get ready for the guests. Ron and I ran to the bakery to get the cake he had ordered although he confided in me that he wouldn’t eat any as he was on a high protein diet. I laughed and asked about the carbs in beer but he said he was subbing beer for cake. I had to admit that both he and tuzla escort Cindy really did look honed. She was definitely thinner and tighter than before and you could tell Ron was more buff too. Obviously they had been working out pretty hard at the local gym. I was a bit jealous and vowed to get my act together after this weekend.I went into the hall bath to shower and change. The shower felt really good and thinking about Peggy’s little pinch gave me the start of good old fashioned boner. A warm soapy hand was just the remedy and I pumped on my hard cock to get a little relief. When I finished my shower and pulled the curtain back I was startled to see Ron standing there. I immediately wondered if he was there while I was giving myself a quick tug.Ron dropped his shorts and I noticed he had been commando. He reached down and gave his cock a shake and his nuts a scratch. “That didn’t take too long” he said with a smile. “I usually take my time.” I wasn’t sure if he was referring to my shower or my jack off session until he added “warm water and a lathered hand are almost as good as pussy.”This was a side of Ron that I had never seen before. Sure we had exchanged some quips with double meanings or a dirty joke every now and again, but this was different. The bathroom was tight and as he moved passed me to get to the bathtub, I couldn’t help but feel his dick on my backside. I couldn’t wait to get Peggy’s take on all of this. I wrapped my towel around me and walked over to our bedroom and got there just as Cindy had finished pulling up her sundress. I had a clear shot of her perky little tits and she looked over like nothing had happened. “Oh, I’ll be out of here in one second. By the time you get your stuff out of the drawers I’ll be gone.” “Don’t hurry on my part” I said as I crossed the room. And she was gone by the time I opened the drawers. Did I dare share this with Peggy too?The party was a hit and didn’t break up until well after one. It was closer to 2 when we actually headed to bed after cleaning and straightening. Because of the construction we were down to one bathroom so we took turns using the it before crawling into bed. Peggy was first and came out in her little nightie that she packed, then I went and came back to the bedroom, dropping my pants and climbing into bed with just my boxers on. Cindy was next and she came in and had a see through little number on and again, I got a good view of those little tits. I hated to admit it but it did give me a thrill. I wondered to myself if Peggy saw her and what she thought. Ron was last and had shut off all the other lights but there was still a good bit of light from the full moon coming through the windows. Ron dropped his pants and was as naked as the day he was born. He sported a half-mast erection and crawled in from the bottom of the bed and Cindy helped him under the covers. It all felt a bit weird and we said our goodnights and wished Cindy a Happy Birthday one last time. I really thought that was that. But to my surprise I felt Peggy’s hand reaching over to my boxers. My cock immediately responded not only to her hand but to the naughtiness of the situation. She freed my cock and started to slowly jack me off with one hand while keeping the sheet raised with her other one. I couldn’t stand it so I moved my hand so that I could quietly slide it up her thigh until I found her honey pot. .We turned to kiss and I could see Ron and Cindy in the other bed and they were also getting tuzla escort bayan it on. This aroused me even more and I moved to feel Peggy’s tits. Her tongue was halfway down my throat and I just pulled her nightie up to her shoulders. As I looked over, I saw Ron on his back. The sheet was across his waist and Cindy was clearly going up and down his shaft underneath it. When Ron saw me watching, he pulled back the sheet entirely and I could see Cindy holding that big cock in her hand and sucking on it like it was the best tasting lollipop she ever had. I whispered into Peggy’s ear, “Check out Ron and Cindy” and rolled her over so that she was now facing them.To my surprise Peggy let out a little moan and pushed my head down toward her breasts. I pulled her nightgown over her head and then pulled our sheet off of us so that Ron and Cindy could have an unobstructed view. With Peggy on her back, I started to make my way down her quivering little tummy. I pulled off my boxers and swung around so that both Peggy and I could have something to eat at the same time. Peggy finally stopped and pulled me up from her wet twat. She wanted it and she wanted it then and there and Ron and Cindy and all of Birmingham could watch; she didn’t care at that point. She spread her legs and guided my cock into her waiting pussy. Her ankles wrapped around mine and we developed our rhythm. I turned and looked over at Ron and Cindy. They were moving into position too only Cindy was on all fours and Ron was entering her from the back. Peggy looked over and then raised her ankles in the air so that I could penetrate all the way. Ron moved Cindy onto her side but kept behind her still pounding that pussy. His right hand was d****d over her hip and his fingers were working her clit. All of us were banging away on our beds and it was the hottest thing I had ever done in my life. When I came I exploded and I could not stifle my moans of ecstasy. I don’t know if everyone felt that way, but all of a sudden the room was full of moans and Cindy was even panting out a few “fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck meeeee.”We laid in our respective beds and soon fell asleep and didn’t awaken until the morning. I looked over and Cindy and Ron were still intertwined and the sheet was half on them and half on the floor on the other side. I quietly slid out, picked up my boxers and walked to the bathroom. After a quick whiz Peggy came in with her nightie on inside out. We laughed and said “Was that crazy or what?” But before we could say more, there was a soft knock on the door and Cindy was pleading to use the toilet too. I wasn’t sure what to expect at breakfast but it was as if nothing had happened. I finally had to bring it up and everyone agreed that it was some of the hottest sex that any of us had ever had. I had never done anything so voyeuristic or exhibitionistic before, and I was pretty sure that Peggy hadn’t either, and I wanted more. But the conversation switched to the day’s activities. The girls were going shopping and that left Ron and me to our own devices and that meant drinking. So there we were sitting out on their deck drinking again and I had to bring it up again. “Man, I gotta tell you, that was so hot last night. I mean, I’m saying H-O-T HOT!”“It was, Bill. It was. But that type of stuff is always hot.”“You mean that you guys have done that before?”“No, not really. I mean we are proud of our bodies but never anything like that. We did do an on line thing one escort tuzla time and that was fun but not as personal as last night.”“Call me an innocent, but I had never seen live sex before. Movies, sure, but never that close. And it had me really turned on.”“What do you mean ‘had’ – look at your pants.”Sure enough, I had a raging hard on just talking about it. “See what I mean about being a turn on?” I laughed as I made a quick adjustment.“What about when you go to the porno movies – don’t you see it there?”“Uhh, I haven’t been in a long, long while. And no, there weren’t any couples doing it for everyone to see. Usually it was just some old guys jacking themselves off.”“Oh, it’s really changed now. I go all the time. You see everything now. Couples come in and will do it and even share some of the pussy if they like your dick. Guys will gather around and watch and sometimes give each other a wank or a blow joh or whatever It gets really hot.” Now it was Ron’s turn to get a hard on from thinking about something. “Are you telling me that you have had sex with another guy?” I was dumbfounded, but it sort of made sense after yesterday’s brush in the shower.“Yeah, I’m bi – no big secret.Sex is sex. Cindy knows and is okay with it as long as I practice safe sex and always make myself available to satisfy her needs as well.”You could have knocked me over with a feather. “So Ron, you sucked a dick or did you just have your dick sucked?” I was honestly trying to figure this out.“I like it both ways. A guy really knows how to suck another guys dick and there’s an incredible feeling having a strong, hard dick that is yet so soft and smooth. Bill, I can see from your pants, you’re interested. Let me show you” and he moved over to wear I was sitting and put his hand on my shorts just at my erection and gave it a squeeze.Before I realized what was happening, Ron undid my belt, button and zipper and started to pull my shorts down. I offered little resistance and actually helped by raising my ass off the seat so that they could come down easier. I took a big gulp as I watched Ron tease my cock with his fingers and then gently put it in his mouth. Holy mother of all oranges, did that feel incredible. He sucked with just the right amount of pressure, squeezed and teased with his lips and tongue and basically had me on the verge of cumming and then would back off. I was breathing in gasps and didn’t know if I should watch or just keep my eyes shut. Somewhere in all of that, Ron had undone his shorts and let them fall to his ankles. I could feel the warmth of his solid manhood on my leg. It didn’t take long before I reached out to touch him and the feel of this silky warm head in my hand gave me jolt of pleasure. “Here, you try it” he said as he stood and presented his cock before my face. I hesitated for a few seconds, with all sorts of thoughts going through my mind, but the driving urge to suck that beautiful stiff cock was overwhelming. I opened my mouth and felt him slide in. I gagged a bit as he hit the back of my throat, but we soon learned the depth that felt best for both of us. I had never done this before, but I really wanted to feel him explode in my mouth and taste his cum.A few more thrusts and he groaned as his cock shot wad after wad of cum. I drank most of it and marveled at the taste and saltiness of it. Ron moved back my cock and I was so ready that I was barely in his mouth when I shot my load too. We stayed there for a while before Ron casually got up and said we better fix ourselves another drink because the girls would be back soon. My head was already whirling with everything from guilt to excitement. How could it get any better than this???

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