how cuckolding started for me

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how cuckolding started for meI’ve read so many stories of guy’s that wish their wife would cuckold them, either she isn’t into it or they are chicken to ask her. Well that’s not my case. I married a girl I dated for four years , she was eighteen when we married. A natural blonde , blue eyes, five foot four and just a tad over one hundred pounds. Her tits are thirty four bee cup and she has a set of legs that will make a man walk into a light pole. After we wed I bought her all kinds of sexy outfits and I enjoyed when she wore them out and all the looks she would get. She never wore a bra and she enjoyed wearing either very tight shorts or very short dresses and skirts. We would go out with other couples for dinner and a movie and she always stole the show with her sexy outfits. I had always thought of her having sex with other guys and one night I asked her if she thought she could do it. She acted shocked at first and when she saw this wasn’t lotusbet güvenilirmi a trick she and I talked about it all that night. When we went to bed I remember getting a very nice blow job followed by some hard sweaty sex. A couple days after that night, I brought up the subject again and asked if she had thought about it any. She said she had thought about it and decided that she wanted to fuck one of my best friends. I asked her who? she said she’d tell me after they had sex but not before, she said she didn’t want me to say something to him and mess it up, because she said he had always made her wet when we where together. I racked my brain trying to think of who that could be..I asked for hints and she just laughed. One evening when I got home from work I found her cooking wearing her bathrobe. I asked her why she had on her robe at six in the afternoon. She said well set down and I’ll tell you. I was totaly lotusbet yeni giriş puzzled. I pulled out a chair from under the kitchen table and sat down. She turned and faced me, then she opened her robe and let it fall. She was wearing a red corset set with black lace top stockings , her breast where uncovered and I saw what looked like a hicky on her right tit. Then I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. I said what are you doing? She said I’m not doing anything, I’m already done doing it. Then she stared walking toward me and ran a finger right between her pussy lips and wiped it across my lips. I could smell pussy mixed with something else. I’s that what I think it is I said? She said I don’t know, what do you think it is? Have you been fucked today I asked. She said yes I have , for just over five hours. Five hours I said out loud…who do I know that can fuck for five hours I asked her. She giggled and lotusbet giriş said he’s one of your buddies. I asked who it was again. She said it was Keith. Keith I said? Yeah I called him last night and told him I wanted him to skip work today and come play with me she said. Can you turn that stove off I asked her. She said yeah and took a pot off the hot eye and sat it on one not on. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to our bed, I tossed her on the bed , that sceared her just enough that her legs flew apart. I was right there and dove my face right into my very first creamypie. She stared cumming as soon as I stared licking. I ate her for over thirty minutes, I know she came five times. then I stared fucking her, her pussy for so soft wet and loose I couldn’t get any feeling. She told me she couldn’t feel my cock . I told her to tell me what happened today whith him. She said well he came over about ten and she said then we fucked. I said no details I need details. She told me I was a sick son of a bitch to want to hear the details of her having sex with a another man. I agreed with her, now tell this sick son of a bitch what happened. That was how it all started , see how easy that was , now go do it for your self guys.

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