How Did It Come To This? Part I


I close my door and drop my bag down, It’s the best feeling in the world. The weight of my bag on my shoulders finally being lifted. I slump on to my bed, Closing my eyes for a few moments.
I slowly open my eyes, Squinting as they adjust to the sudden invasion of my lightbulb. I look over at my alarm clock to see I had been asleep for three hours. “Damn it!” I whisper. I completely slept through the rest of my day. I had homework to do and hated the world for it.
I grudgingly stand up, My back popping uniformally. I wipe my hazey eyes and blink a few times. I clumsily walk to the kitchen, Feeling as though I had been asleep for two days. I pour myself some orange juice, watching the miniature tsunami wave of bright orange cascade in to the glass. I swig it down quickly, wetting my dry and raspy throat. I set the glass in the sink, Knowing my sister would do the dishes the next morning before school.
As I walk back to my room, I notice the feeling of something watching me, The lights are off and everyone is asleep. I hurry back to my room, Shutting the door, As if I’m being chased by murderous demons. I feel a bit stupid, Being scared of the dark at age fifteen. I unzip my bag and pull out Mrs. Eubanks geometry assignment. I sit on my bed and turn on some Snow Patrol, Putting in my headphones. I prop my math book under my worksheet and lazily scribble Anthony Jean in the name slot.
As I listen to Chasing Cars, I start humming along. My math problems slowly being completed. Thankfully after about fifteen minutes of gruelling geometric torture, I shove the book, Pen, And paper into my bag.
I realize I’m still quite tired, And turn off my light. I lie on my bed and turn on my Samsung Galaxy Tab and browse around on YouTube. I watch a few Tobuscus and PewDiePie videos before finally drifting off in to a light sleep.

“Yeah Tom, I really have to agree with Jeremy on the issue of the recent outbr-” I shut off my alarm and sit up. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I swing my legs a bit over to the side of my bed. I shrink back a bit as I touch the cold hardwood floor, But again press my feet to the ground. I stand up, A bit dazed. I walk in to my bathroom, Shutting the door. I look in to the mirror at my tousled dark brown hair. The uncontrollable mop that I cant seem to find a style for.
I fight with my hair a few minutes before giving up, I went in to that one knowing It would be a pointless endeavor. I brush my teeth and take a short shower. I get out and inspect myself as everyone does, My Six and a half inch (When erect) penis flacid and drooping. I again try to comb my hair, It’s a bit easier now that It’s wet.
I throw on some Old Navy Khakki’s And a red Polo. I take out my contacts and wet them, Cursing myself for falling asleep in them. I slowly push them back in to my Dark brown eyes. I go back in to my room and grab my bag. After I get my keys and Wallet I’m out the door.
I walk up to the bus stop, Standing near the stop sign that someone wrote “DONT” on. I stand there for about ten more minutes before topkapı escort my bus finally shows up. I hastily step on, Grateful for the icy blast of the Air-Conditioning. I walk towards the back and slump down in a seat near the middle next to my best friend Josh. He looks at me and smiles.
“I know that smile, What you got for me man?” I smirk at him as I say it. “Yeah man, I got the good shit, You know Red shirt dude? Uhhh… What’s dudes name… Caleb!?” He replies a bit too loud. “Dude shut the fuck up man, Don’t be so damn loud! Yeah I know him, He’s Cool people.” I punch him in the arm for his audacity. “Chill! But yeah man, He gave us about a quarter for the price of a dime.” He says, A bit quieter now. My jaw almost drops. “No way? Straight up dude? See, I knew dude was chill.” I smile, knowing tonight would be fun, As all fridays are. “It’s at my house man, Just drop by around Four and I’ll take out the shepard.” The shepard was Josh’s Famous bong, Shaped like a shepards staff.
“Sounds legit bud, You do Eubanks homework?” I ask him, Unzipping my bag because I know the answer. “Nah, Hook me up?” I hand Josh my geometry worksheet and the rest of the ride is him sloppily copying my answers.
After about fifteen more minutes, The bus squeaks to a halt. I walk to the front, Stepping in to the March heat. Josh is behind me. “I hate North Side man, It is like, My least favorite place on planet earth.” I nod in agreement. North Side was by far the worst high school in Madison County. Some kids here were scared for their lives. Luckily, I usually stayed to myself and my small group of friends.
“See you third man.” I nod and start walking to first block, Mrs. Rainwater. I get to the class thirty seconds to bell and rush to my seat. The bell rings just as I drop my bag to the floor next to me. Rainwater glares at me over her glasses, If looks could kill.
As soon as class officially starts, I slug Gavin in the shoulder. He turns around and flips me off, We both chuckle a bit and I whisper to him, “Yo, Wanna come to Josh’s later? I can hook you up, Just bring wraps, I’m out dude.” He nods and bro fists me. He turns around just as Rainwater starts to write something about Iambic Pentameter on the board. I dont ever give out weed for free besides Gavin, Him and I go way back.
I trudge through the rest of class, Getting yelled at twice for sleeping. After Rainwater pulls a bitch move and assigns homework for the weekend, The bell rings.
I happily walk out of the class, Glad that my 10th grade year was almost over. The rest of the day goes along normally, Untill lunch. I walk in to the lunch room and buy a Dr. Pepper from the machine, After I sit down at my usual table next to Josh and Gavin. “Whats up dudes? Sucks ass that Rainwater is making us read ten fucking chapters.” I open the soda and take a swig. “Nothing much, Eubanks is out, We have a sub.”
Gavin pipes in, “Yeah, and she has no idea what shes doing, We get to watch a damn movie!” He happily states. I tap Josh on the shoulder and point etiler escort at his pizza, He shrugs and I take it. “Seems legit, What movie?” I take a bite and listen intently. “I don’t fucking know, I just texted Lily.” I shrug and finish eating my pizza. As I take my last bite, I look around. My eyes stop on some girl I’ve never seen before, And shes staring at me. It feels like shes staring deep in to my soul. I sort of raise my eyebrows and stare back for a moment.
This goes on for awhile before A crash next to me startles me out of my trance. I look over and Will is picking up his laptop, I take another drink of Dr. Pepper before the bell rings.

Three hours later I’m In Mrs. Eubanks class and we are watching some movie about how fast food is bad. I am half asleep as the last bell rings, signaling that the day is over. I hop up, grab my bag and walk out. I stroll out of the west campus doors and go to the bus pick up. I step on and sit next to Josh. “So is it still cool if I drop by at around four bud?” He nods and smirks, he pretends he’s smoking a blunt and then goes back to staring out the window. Halfway to my house, He nudges me with his elbow, And asks, “You see Jenna’s ass in those pants dude?” I snap out of my stupor and laugh, “No bro, Was it nice?” He chuckles, “Oh yeah, I got a great view in Physical Fitness, She was fucking running and I just wanted to…” I laugh louder, “You proud?” I ask sarcastically. After which he punches my arm.
I close my front door and walk in to the living room, going in to the kitchen to snag a snack. I see something out of the corner of my eye as I’m busy ransacking the fridge. I look over my shoulder and nothing is there. I shrug and close the refridgerator door. I turn around and I walk in to my room. I drop my bag and take off my shirt, changing in to a Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising tee. I throw on some Khakki shorts and Slide in to my DC shoes. I grab my bong and walk back in to the living room. I write a small note to my sisters. ‘Gone to a friends, Be back in a couple hours. CLEAN YOUR ROOM!’ I stick it to their door and walk outside.

I bang on Josh’s door a couple times before I walk in, knowing he knows full and well that its me. I walk through his kitchen in to his living room. I enter his hall and walk in to his room. He’s playing Max Payne Three on is Playstation three when I walk in. He nods his head in greeting, Then He pauses his game. “Whats up broseph?” I ask him, Knowing that we’re about to be Up, As in high. “Craving weed dude.” He then walks to his bed, he reaches under his mattress and pulls out a zip-lock bag filled with probably the biggest amount of pit I’ve ever seen in one place.
“Holy shit! For ten bucks?!” I almost yell and laugh. “See, Red shirt dude is the shit.” We both walk outside and sit on his back porch, Knowing that if we smoke in his room his parents will smell it. As I’m packing my bong, I hear banging on the front door, I stand up. “Thats gotta be Gavin, one sec dude.” I walk in to his house and to his door, ataköy escort I open the door and sure enough it’s Gavin. “Dude you’re gonna shit yourself when you see this shit!” I beckon him inside and shut the door. “How much is it?” He asks. “A fucking quarter bud, A quarter.” His jaw also practically drops. He whips out his bong as we walk back outside. Josh has finished packing mine and his. “Thanks dude, Josh, Hook Gavin up with a dime.” Josh nods and tosses the zip-lock baggie to Gavin, Who precedes to pack his bong hastily.
Josh and I wait for him to finish before finally he’s done. We all take a long, slow hit at the same time. We precede to finally smoke about half a dime each before we’re to fucking high to pack our bongs. I bust out laughing at absolutely nothing, And am joined by Josh and Gavin. We sit there for a good hour before We even talk. Gavin is the first to speak, “You got any food fatass?” Josh laughs loudly at Gavins joke insult. “Yeah, But can your gay self stomach man food?” We all laugh as they fail to have any comebacks whatsoever, Before we all stand up and walk to Josh’s kitchen. Josh grabs doritos (a family size bag) And I grab chex mix. Gavin takes some Cheetos and we all go to his room and play Trine 2 for an hour, Too high to really solve any puzzles.
I stand up, “Gotta go home, I am super tired dudes.” They nod and continue playing Trine. “Thanks for the weed bud.” I thank Josh and walk out. I notice I have no shoes on and Go outside to grab them. I put them on and walk around the house to the front yard. I walk on the sidewalk a couple houses down before I get home. I open my front door and go to my room. I check my phone, Which I had foolishly forgotten and I listen to a voicemail from my dad explaining he and my sisters are gonna be gone for a couple days at my grandmas.
I do a sort of victory dance in my drugged state and get up, Still suffering from the munchies. I get to my kitchen and I start boiling water for some mac’ and cheese. I turn around from the stove and jump harshly. Crouching in a cat like pose is a woman. Her hands and feet are large paws with insane claws. She has almost no clothes on, But her body is covered in small patches of white fur that seems to act as coverup. Fur wraps around her tits (Which I admit are pretty nice) And her pussy is also covered. She has a patch of fur that looks like a U on her stomach. Her sharp teeth seem to stick out over her pouty and luscious lips. She has a long wavy mane of beautiful vivid blue hair that bounces lightly with her soft breathing. Her left paw is up, she seems to be kneading the air. She has a long white tail thats waving around behind her, And large cat haunches serve as her feet.
I open my mouth to say something, but nothing comes out so I close it. There is a cat woman crouching about sit feet in front of me in my own home, and I’m all alone. She scares me, but in the back of my mind I know I am attracted to her. She has to be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Suddenly she opens her mouth revealing sharp cat fangs and says, “Hi! I’m Felicia!” In a high, Succulent sing-song voice.
I rub my eyes, Thinking the weed is messing with me. But when I open them, She’s still there in front of me.

To Be Continued……

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