How Did That Happen?

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Try as I might I just couldn’t get that image out of my head.

Two nights ago I was putting my moves on this cute 20something in my favorite lesbian club when this thick Dockers wearing butch butted in; and I will be damned but if she didn’t snatch that cutie almost right out of my arms.

OK, so I am over 40. And probably a little overweight. Maybe too much makeup too, but I am still attractive, aren’t I?

And what could a crude butch have to offer that I don’t?

OK, so I don’t come on to a girl and right away place her hand on my thigh. I don’t pack for heaven’s sake!

But a drink, a little sweet talk. A neck nibble should get any girl ready for a night of experienced delight, shouldn’t it?

OK, I dye my hair and that butch had a salt and pepper short bob.

Is that it?

It was disgusting. Not only did I have to slump back in my chair but then one of the butch’s “buddies” drew up a chair and started to tell me how she felt sorry “Roky” had been so mean to me. Then she put her hand on my thigh under my skirt and offered to make it up to me.

Me! Make it up to ME?

How in the world could this skinny denim jacketed and jeans wearing dyke possibly think I was so desperate as to actually want whatever she had to offer?

Was she just distracting me for Roky and my girl to make their escape?

Well, it was kind of working.

Who am I to hold a grudge? It’s not like I actually had feelings for the little femme.

I calmed down and let the dyke, her name was Kim, buy me a drink and she even offered to dance with me. I almost refused, but decided to see if I really had been missing anything all these years dismissing butches.

And she was a really good dancer. I am used to leading, or at least being able to keep up a good front in fast dances. Kim, however, really guided me through a couple of tight slow dances that almost, just canlı bahis barely had me thinking maybe I was getting the least bit aroused.

What really surprised me about Kim was that I half expected to find her “boi” running down her thigh. I even drew my hand down each leg just to see if she might be undersized.

Nothing. Just firm muscle on a slender leg encased in tight denim.

During the dances she really started talking to me.

Damn she was good!

She chuckled after I had checked for her add-on and said not every butch felt the need to pack on every occasion. In fact she was so slim it would have been almost laughable, but she could accommodate me if…and left the thought dangling.

Kim is about my age, maybe even a couple of years older.

She asked if I preferred the young stuff, or was I just finding the first available femme for a quickie?

Blunt and to the point. I had to reflect on just what were my motivations.

OK, maybe I was still aroused from my pursuit of the youngster; surely Kim was not getting to me.

We returned to my table and she soon discovered to her delight that I had gone “commando” expecting to maybe have a quickie.

She nodded but didn’t say a word about my possible expectations.

Then I felt the need to pee and told her I had to go home.

She noticed how I was fidgeting and asked why I didn’t just use the facilities in the club.

I told her that there was usually too much activity in there, even on a slow Tuesday night which nailed down my expectations I suppose.

I had anticipated running in, finding a little piece of fluff and going home with her.

Kim asked if I lived far and could I use a ride?

I had taken a taxi, so would have had to wait or flag one down on Halsted.

When she said not to worry, she wasn’t riding her bike tonight, but her pickup was parked just outside bahis siteleri I decided to accept.

It was a short ride, and she even found a parking space within steps of my door.

I tried to just lean in and give her a quick kiss on the cheek for being so nice, but she grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward her and said I should invite her up…for a night cap.

My knees were weak by then and I just waited on the curb for her to exit from the street side.

Quickly up the elevator and down the hall to my apartment and as soon as the door closed on us Kim pushed me against the wall and expertly fingered my pussy as she kissed me.

I was shocked, hot, horny, wet, surprised, and almost angry all in an emotional jumble.

But what I did know was that this woman could have me any way she wished.

My nipples felt like iron spikes in my bra, and from the ease with which Kim slid two fingers effortlessly into my vulva I knew I was going to melt down very very soon.

Her thumb strummed my erect clit as her fingers pumped and curled deeper until I felt my knees give out and she chuckled into my mouth.

Before I could experience the building orgasm, though, she asked where the bedroom was and picked me up and carried me there.

I guess you could call her ‘wiry’ and definitely strong.

I shed my clothes as I lay on the bed, tossing top, skirt, and bra aside.

Kim calmly removed her denim jacket, a tee shirt with a rather sexist beer logo on it and skinned out of her jeans after kicking off her boots.

Nothing. No strapon, just naked slim almost boyish bodied woman standing leering at my fevered plump body.

I had no idea what to expect. I anticipated she would ask if I had at least a vibrator, but she only kneeled between my knees and began a thorough exploration of my mound, vagina and vulva with her tongue and lips.

GAWD that woman could bahis şirketleri eat pussy!

Long slow laps up one lip and down the other.

Swirling tongue movements just around my clit and darting half drives into my soaking pink pussy.

She took bites of my pubic curls and shook her head almost pulling individual hairs loose in a stinging erotic tease.

She slurped and drooled.

She slathered my lower body with saliva and growled.

Kim twisted a finger against my rosebud and as her tongue darted into my molten pussy thrust past my sphincter and effortlessly fucked into my asshole.

It must have been hours, it seemed like eternity and I didn’t want her to ever stop.

I thought I was experienced in driving a woman to the edge of insanity, but that butch knew a woman’s body in and out.

Quietly she rose and found my mouth for a sloppy kiss, fragrant from my juices, slick and musky sweet.

I felt her pussy now mashing against mine.

We writhed, twisted, rode up and back together.

Her tight A cup titties swaying a bit over my intensely sensitive nipples.

I wrapped my legs around her and ran my hands through her close cropped hair.

I bounced and slapped against her slim and muscular body.

I moaned and whimpered and finally obeyed her command to cum.

My flood of juices burst forth and I squirted gushing my cum against Kim’s equally quivering and pulsing pussy.

She tightened and arched her back to grind tightly as I felt her body also jerk as she slapped her furry mound against me.

Holding on to her I rolled through a series of after shocks, each one almost a surprise both in strength and duration until we lay side by side, enfolded in each other’s arms.

I became aware that I really needed to pee. Somehow I didn’t let loose during all that activity, but jumped up and scurried to the bathroom.

I quickly rinsed with a washcloth and brought one back with me for Kim.

Well, some stereotypes are true.

She was sprawled out in the center of the bed, her arms outstretched and snoring softly.

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