How Do You Solve a Problem?


None of it made any sense.

Her one true love was the Lord.

Who did this random guy think he was, traipsing into her life, captivating her with friendship, then tantalizing her with something more?

She could not even.

Early that morning, seated on her threadbare bed, she scanned the sparse room for any items she may have forgotten.

She remembered that she wasn’t the only woman on the campus experiencing conflicting desires.

She recalled the previous night, like many previous nights, when she had entered the communal bathroom. The two other rookies from her incoming class, who resided in the closet-sized rooms on either side hers, just happened to take their showers at the same time. They also just happened to find their calling at the same time, yet insisted it was simply a coincidence that they had decided to join the same superfluity.

She was the only one in the building who found the duo’s explanation suspicious, probably because she was the only one up late enough to spy them fingering each other in one of the shower stalls. They hadn’t bothered to draw the curtain last night, nor had they noticed her come into the steamy room, ankara escort so she had gotten an eyeful of the two voluptuous women, their hands stuffed in each other’s furry caverns, moaning as the warm water cascaded over their bodies. Their antics that night didn’t shock her, as their cleansing coupling had become a regular occurrence. However, she was surprised that this time, she hid just out of view to watch and finger along with her colleagues, the three women strumming their delicate instruments as a heavenly choir of angels.

She wondered what he would think if he knew what she did last night, rubbing her nub while spying on her co-workers, ogling their feminine caresses as they held each other’s hips, sucked each other’s full breasts, and coaxed each other’s pussies to burst forth with lady cum.

He’d probably get off on it.

She reflected on her last encounter with him, during their overlapping lunch breaks at the sandwich shop. She said that they were two ships passing in the night, although recently they had been passing each other repeatedly and during the daytime.

He declared that they were both well-educated humans in their mid-20s, with escort ankara the ability to steer in a different direction.

She confessed she was unsure about her current path.

He told her he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He needed her in his bed.

Why her? she had inquired.

Why not, he had explained.

She didn’t have an answer.

So he asked another question.

What did she think about him when she was alone?

She replied by requesting to use his shower.

He assented.

Then she invited him to join her.

He asked what kind of lady did she take him for.

She giggled and led him out of the shop and through the streets to his familiar apartment in the afternoon sunshine.

Once they had locked the front door and entered the bathtub, his digits explored her dark bush from behind, while she balanced against the tile wall with one hand and stroked his uncircumcised brown cock with the other. They were so consumed with the combined passion for each other and guilt of their unsanctioned actions that they forgot to turn on the water. As he was well acquainted with the sensitive areas of her body, when she reached ankara escort bayan her first climax, he knew how to roll her into the second one, which was even louder, although with a smaller squirt than before. After his load erupted down the crack of her rosy behind, he turned her around. Then he knelt at her altar so that he could declare his devotion and eat the bread of life. The tears of joy streamed across her cheeks as his fat tongue took her higher, the stars in her eyes lighting the way to her salvation.

That morning, as she rose from the creaky mattress, the tears returned to her cheeks. Though she had confidence in herself, she had no idea what her future would now hold. Was she prepared to give up the certainty that her role in this institution had provided? Could she turn her back on her commitment to tradition, in the hopes to unite with a man who had never previously taken communion?

She made the bed, zipped her valise, handed her resignation letter to the Mother Superior’s assistant, and exited through the convent gift shop. After a bus ride and a short walk, she let herself into her home-now their home-with the key he gave her. She found him at the stove, bare chested, cooking their favorite breakfast: eggs over easy on whole wheat toast. He relinquished the spatula so he could hold her in his arms.

They were ready to start the first day of the rest of their lives.

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