How Had I Ended Up Here Ch. 05

For Women

John heard the front door open and looked at his phone.

It was after 11. He must have dozed off.

It took him a moment to register the cause.

Kaylynn, the maid had arrived.

John weighed up his options. He could get up, get dressed and claim ignorance if she asked why the sheets smelled of two different perfumes.

Or, he could do something different.

He lay back in bed, with the sheet only covering him from the waist down and feigned sleep.

He heard her go through the house for a few minutes.

John turned off his phone and returned to ‘sleep’ as he heard her come up the stairs.

He lay back and tried to keep his breathing level. He heard her turn the corner in the hall and pause in the doorway.

He could hear the hitch in her breath. He lay still and focused on his breathing.

He heard her shuffle for a moment and then heard her lighter footfall enter the room.

‘She’s taken off her shoes.’ he thought to himself.

What happened next surprised him though.

Kaylynn tugged the sheet down, past his cock.

“Oh wow.” Kaylynn said to herself. He was generously endowed.

‘I wonder what it feels like.’ she wondered. She silently scolded herself. He was married.

Clare had hired her and here she was staring at her naked husband.

But, she wasn’t even in the country and he was right there.

She smothered her indignant conscience and crept towards him.

She swept her raven ankara escort black hair over her left shoulder. ‘Just a taste.’ she lied to herself.

She crawled onto the mattress gingerly and carefully using her left hand eased his cock into her mouth.

John sighed inwardly with relief.

‘Well, I’ll say this much. Clare certainly knows how to hire.’ he thought to himself as Kaylynn took his entire length into her mouth and throat.

He resisted the urge to react, he was very curious about Kaylynn’s goals.

Kaylynn loved the taste of cock, but this was something else.

Maybe because he was married, but this felt phenomenal. He was rock hard now and she was already wet thinking about how he’d feel.

She couldn’t care about Clare, Kaylynn knew she needed Clare’s husband inside her pussy now.

She slipped off her panties, but left her outfit on. She threw her leg over him and positioned herself.

Using her right hand, she angled his cock to slide between her wet lips. Kaylynn lowered herself onto his member and he slowly pushed her lips apart.

She sighed with pleasure and then John opened his eyes to look right at her.

Kaylynn was frozen, she was straddling him with his cock just inside her pussy.

He put his hands slowly on her hips and using his legs, eased hers apart. She felt more of his length entering her and it was exquisitely slow.

Her tightness and his thickness magnifying enhancing the sensation. She was breathless escort ankara with pleasure.

“Mmmm. So how long were you awake?” Kaylynn asked, as John was inside her up to the hilt.

He smiled. “I was awake the whole time, I just wanted to see what you’d do.” he admitted as she rose, his cock only just inside her.

“Oh. Well did I disappoint?” she asked innocently as she took his entire length inside her again.

“Nope.” John gasped. “Actually, you exceeded my expectations.” Kaylynn grinned at this.

“Good.” she answered. “Now, how about you fuck me exactly how I need to be.” she whispered seductively in his ear.

He rolled over, Kaylynn underneath him now. He started fucking her with his full length, thrusting hard into her cunt.

She whimpered as he took her. “I’m guessing I’m not the only visitor recently.” she commented.

“Nobody Clare needs to know about.” John said as he slowly entered her, letting her feel every inch. Her eyelids fluttered with pleasure at this.

“You’re right. As long as you treat me like this every once in a while.” she breathed, with a wicked smirk.

John could hardly believe it, Kaylynn would cover him with Clare and he got to fuck her too.

“That’s a pretty good deal to me.” John said, his member buried deep in her cunt.

“Well, then you are certainly getting ‘help around the house’ in a way Clare did not hire me for.” Kaylynn moaned as she felt her climax.

Her cunt gripped John exquisitely ankara escort bayan and he could feel his own coming.

“Best save the sheets from more staining.” John groaned and Kaylynn ground her pussy back into his cock as he came.

She grinned to herself as her pussy filled with John’s seed. John was spent. He lay back breathing heavily.

“So, you want to fuck other women?” Kaylynn said bluntly. John paused at this.

“Yeah.” he answered.

“Right. I better clean these sheets then.” she said and got up, cum running down the inside of her thigh, barely concealed by her uniform.

John got up and laid his hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him.

“Kaylynn, I think maybe we should freshen up.” John said.

Kaylynn looked mischievously happy. He led her into the ensuite and put the shower on.

Kaylynn slipped out of her uniform and stepped into the shower. Their bodies intertwined under the steamy cascade of water.

This time John took her from behind and he fucked her pussy relentlessly. She gasped and moaned as he pounded her.

‘I could get used to this.’ she thought to herself. John felt his climax coming and turned Kaylynn around. Her eyes were full of lust and she could feel her orgasm coming.

John kissed her as he came inside her again. This set off Kaylynn’s orgasm and she gripped his cock inside her tightly.

John turned off the water and they lazily towelled off. Kaylynn got dressed and turned to John.

“I best get back to work. You better call your wife, just so she doesn’t get any ideas you don’t want.” she smirked and walked out of the room.

She was proving to be very useful. John wished he had fucked her from the start.

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