How i became a sissy


How i became a sissyHey guys im a 24 year old boy-girl and i felt like i needed to post about it in some place, since i was young back at highschool after gym class some guys would mock about my size wich is really really small and thin, and they would call me horny names like size queen, sissy bitch, but most of them did that just to humiliate me the funny thing was i got so excited that sometimes i had to lock myself in the shower so they wouldn’t see me going hard (i was a little ashamed back them) but after sometime one of those nasty teens started to really mollest me in the bathroom we were 16 back them, he said that we should meet after everyone went out of the bathroom after gym class i honestly knew that something would go up but instead of not going, i went there, it was a strange feel but i wanted to be there, so he said “I knew that you would come you are horny pussy ass bitch” them he got his big cock infront of me and said “That’s what a sissy boy like you love huh a big real cock” and i was clearly amused by how big his cock was, i started canlı bahis to get horny but i was “choked” so he said “I want you to slowly kiss that cock and the suck it until i cum” and at first seconds i was like “frozen” but he started to slowly putting it in my face and i started to do exactly what he told me, i felt really excited, them when he cummed on my mouth with that warm sperm he said that i should swallow and he took a picture of me in his cellphone and said now you’ll be my bitch and so it has been everyday after gym class i would blow him and sometimes 2 more guys who were his friends but they never penetrated me, the only thing that they did with me was slap my ass off until it get really redish, but i felt so excited with all this that i couldn’t just stop at that point i really wanted to be fucked like a real bitch…But them times goes by and highschool ended and i never really got into sex until i decided to install a Gay App and meet one guy who back them was much more mature than me (i was 19 and he was around 35) and we ended bahis siteleri up setting a date, at first i was so nervous that when i got into his car i couldn’t even speak, but he started to talk with me and put his hands on my body and when we reached to motel i was more relaxed but i was still in tension because i didn’t really know what to do and stuff like that (i was still a virgin ass)Them we got to the motel and i said i would “prepare myself” so i went into the bath of the bedroom that we got, and i undressed myself and came out to him like already really hard i was so excited even doe i was tension, so he said “Hmm that’s nice” and he started to pass his hands on my ass and to kiss me, then i got fully relaxed, that’s when he got his big cock out of his pants and i was so horny that i couldn’t stop sucking it from the base to the head it was so big and beautiful i really wanted it all over me, them after blowing him for alot of time i said “I want you to fuck me so bad” and he said “And im nasty to cum inside that ass” so i went to bed and bahis şirketleri got on doggy style and spread my ass to him (i was really thought that he would put his big dick in my ass) but instead he started to lick my ass with his tongue and play with it with his fingers i got to a point where i couldn’t stop moaning i was so excited that i cummed from his “blow job at my ass”, then he said to me “Now it’s time to my little bitch feel a real cock inside” and he tried several times to penetrate me i was excited but in a bit of pain but i really handled it because i wanted it inside me no matter how much pain i had to go through so after some minutes he finally got inside me i could feel his big warm cock inside me and he started to fuck me so hard that it didn’t take more than 5 minutes to him cum inside me and when he finally did i was “so in love” with cock and being fucked like a bitch that i knew that i was somehow addicted to cock…That’s pretty much how my sissy history starts now im a 24 year old boy-girl that still loves cock, i feel like the most they make me a bitch more horny i get, i’ll be looking to sex with 2 guys at the same time thats one of the fetiches that i got from all this time on, sucking a big cock while another big cock penetrates my tight ass

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