How I fucked my sister’s best friend!


How I fucked my sister’s best friend!It’s wierd what puberty can do for a man… for me… it allowed me to fuck my older sister’s best friend! This a story I’ve wanted to share for a long time, since nobody knows about it as far as I know. My sister is 4 years older than me, so when I was still playing with video games and such at 12 and 13, her and her friends had already been fucking around with guys! Although, I was playing games, I had always had a hightened sexual awareness. My sister’s best friend found most of my sexual attention. I would have to “up tuck” my raging adolescent boner under my shorts when she would come over swimming in our pool in the summer. She was your average hot sporty brunette, long hair, slight freckles, skinny, but nice ass and tits, cool style, she was the girl every guy wanted. I was obsessed with her to say the least, as most young boys are of their older sister’s best friends, but she looked at me as a little brat and nothing more at this time! I would flirt with her constantly, try to push her into the pool and such. She was always very fond of me and would let me know I was “a lil cutie” from time to time. Well, people get older and she ended up moving far away for College, and I started High School the same year and seeing her almost everyday became a distant memory until my second year of High School ended. It was summer time again, and my sister was home from University. I remember the conversation quite well. Me: “So are you going to the bar tonite or what?”sister: “No, Lauren just got home from school and she is on her way over for a swim and to chill”Me: “LAUREN! OMG she’s so hot!”sister: “Your an idiot”I could hardly contain my excitement.. I immeadiately ripped my shirt off and put my coolest board shorts on and headed outside to clean the pool. A few minutes later I heard our back gate open. It was her! She saw me, we made eye contact, my heart sunk and She said “Kyle?” with a suprised look on her face, as if she didn’t even know me anymore!!.. queenbet yeni giriş I replied “Lauren!?” as if I was just as suprised and she ran over to me and gave me a big hug, even before she saw my sister(who was watching this series of events occur). I had grown about 6 or 7 inches since the last time she saw me, I was your typical high school athlete, and I worked out everyday, and had a body to show for it. She and my sister hugged it out and began to gossip, and she hugged it out with my parents inside as well, and they all sat and talked, while I cleaned the pool. I was so stoked to have her at my house again, but she couldn’t stay long, her and my sister were heading to hang out with some guys. The thought of this disgusted me, but right before they left, my sister came over and whispered to me something I’ll never forget “Lauren thinks your realllly hot!”. I replied with “REALLLY!!” as excited as a pig in shit and they both left, but not before Lauren seductively looked back at me and said “Byee Kyleee” in the sweetest voice she could use. Later on that night, my sister came home, without Lauren unfortunately, but she had some more good news. “So…Lauren wants to go on a date with you.. but she thinks your to young..” my sister says to me. I was in heaven “NO WAY!” I said… “Do you care?”. Never being the type to care about what I did she said “No, but Lauren is my best friend”. “It’s just a date” I replied. By this time I was hanging out with girls every day, but 16 year olds, nobody I admired as much as her though. She didn’t seem to care, but I could tell she was floored by the fact that her best friend wanted to hang out with her little brother! Nonetheless, she passed over a peice of paper, it was Lauren’s cellphone number “She wanted me to give this to you, punk!” she said. I grinned and took the number and slipped it into my back pocket in a mocking manner towards my sister, who just laughed. Although I wanted to call her that second, I used queenbet giriş my better pimp judgment and waited till the next day! It was a sunny summer day, I called her early afternoon and the conversation was as such:Lauren: “Hello?”Me: “Hey Lauren, What’s up? It’s Kyle Alyssa’s brother”Lauren: “HAHA I know who it is you goofball!” Me: “HAHA just making sure…what are you doing?”Lauren: “Nothing, just hanging out at my parents”Me: “Alyssa said you wanted to jump my bones! haha”Lauren: “What!! no she didn’t, I just think your cute and wanted to see if you wanted to hang out or something?”Me: “Sure, I’ll come over right now if you want?”Lauren: “Ummm..o.k.”I was off to Lauren’s, but I was entirely nervous. My sister watched as I put some extra cologne on and checked myself out in the mirror before I left. “I can’t believe you two are gonna hang out” she said. “Nothing is gonna happen, were just gonna watch a movie” I replied. Something tells me she knew more about Lauren than I did when she said “yeah. whatever”. I drove over to Lauren’s and knocked at the door. She opend the door in a jean skirt and a sexy top and said “Hey!” in a sweet white girl voice. “Hey.” I replied. “Come in” she said. “Soo what do you wanna do?” she says once i’m in her house. “I just figured we could watch a movie or something?” I replied. “Perfect” she said. We went downstairs to her basement and she slipped in a movie and came and sat herself beside me. “I thought you didn’t even recogonize me when you came over yesterday” I began a conversation with her. “I didn’t at first, since when did you get so hot!?” she replied. I was taken back by that statement, it was obvious she knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to get it as she glared at me in my eyes. “I don’t know?” I laughingly replied, we made eye contact again, this time longer and she leaned in to kiss me. I leaned back.. and a passionate make out insued in the mix of her saying “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”. I began to fondle queenbet güvenilirmi her breast and stroke the inside of her thigh, as I got closer to her goods, she said “Kyle!” and I stopped. “No, no it’s o.k, I’m just suprised at you is all” she said. We began to go at it again, kissing patonately and I slipped her panties aside under her skirt and began to play with her deliciously wet vagina. I immeadately went down on her, something I had wanted to do for a long time. As I pulled her skirt up, I gently pulled down her panties. Her pussy was as perfect as I has expected. It was shaved, and as pink as a fresh flower. She moaned and sighed as she opend her legs for me and I began to eat her pussy ever so gently. I was still quite amateur at the time, but I knew what I was doing. “MMM, that feels so good” she said to me while I began to get into it. She then stopped me and told me to stand up. She started undoing my pants, while she stared up at me seducingly. As she pulled my pants down, my cock was so hard it filled all of my boxers up. I could tell she was pleasantly suprised at the size of my cock as she pulled it through the slit of my boxers, she had devilish grin on her face as she began to put it in her mouth. She moaned and sucked me off aggressively, in a pure hormonal and carnal way. It felt so good, and I loved how she would come off my cock and compliment me on my size and how beautiful she thought it was. She stopped sucking got up.. bent over the couch and told me quite abruptly to “fuck me!”. I slipped in my pulsating cock and began to trush her aggressively. I pumped her for about 8 minutes this way before I pronouned “I’m gonna cum!”. She pulled out of my cock and turned around and started stroking my cock towards her face. “Cum all over my face, please give it to me” she moaned and groaned for my cum. I blasted a large size load all over her awaiting tongue and face. She slurrped it up and tried putting my cock all the way down her throat, she was so aroused. “Well, that was fun, she said”. We cleaned up. We sat and talked for a while, and before I left she made me promise never to tell anybody, especially my sister. I agreed, we made out a bit and I went home. My sister never asked me how the date went. hahhaha I’m sure she already knew.

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