how i had sex with my cousin diana

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how i had sex with my cousin dianahello i am Daniel and this is my story of how i fucked my cousin Dianna last year my cousin come to see us from WEST VIRGINIA her and my mom went out to a bar for a few drinks they both came back drunk as can be now my mom is 54 Diana is like 52 well after mom went to bed i got a blanket for Diana she was laying on are couch it was a round 2:30 in the morning i was getting my self all set to go to bed i got a can of 7 up and stopped to talk to her now at 52 she looks okay 34 c breast like 156 in pounds and a nice fat ass and a bush her pussy a little more hair then i would like but what ever i had been watching some porn early that night and was horny as hell as we talked she saw me looking at her she had on a black dress with white under were on pantie holes and black high heel shoes the way she was laying let me see under dress she said i see you looking at me i am your cousin and i am to old for u i şişli escort am 52 i said sorry and told her y i looked and a bout the porn she just laughed at me ask when was the last time i had sex i said a long time now like a year and a half she said i tell you what i am drunk as can be if you never tell a soul i will show u my pussy she took off the high heels and the pantie holes and pulled the panties down and off i looked at her bush i ask if i could touch her she said just for a minute but never tell a soul so i did i took a finger placed it on her clit and rubbed it she let out a soft moan i did this for like a minute or two she said okay that”s enough i said okay but be for u pit panties back on let me take a lick be for she could stop me i licked her she said omg you can”t do that looking and touching is one thing but this is going to far licking me like that i said i can”t help my self and i stayed licking her a minute latter şişli escort bayan i stopped and puled down my shorts and boxers and took them off pushed open her legs and got between them i spit on my right and and wet my cock i am small but i know what to do my cock is like 5 inch”s long and i am thick at my head she looked ay me and said we can”t i said yes and slid it in to her pussy for her being 52 and having to a adult k**s i was shocked that she was so tight her pussy gripped my cock i could feel her cunt muscles holding me in place as i moved in and out she started to moan and said oh my yes but we can not do this your my cousin oh my god yes but this is not right i said quite or some one could hear us i started slow then picked up my speed as she moaned and said yes fuck me oh god fuck my pussy i said yes oh yes take it i love it i need some pussy she said take mine i can:t believe i am letting u do this i said mecidiyeköy escort bayan what no one knows wont hurt any one just then she said i am going to fucking cum oh god i am going to cum i said yes cum for me i fucked her harder and faster she let lose her love juice i could feel it run down my legs between them on my cock and balls i keep on fucking her for like 5 more minutes then i felt it i knew i was close to cumming my self so i said oh my god i am cumming cousin Diana i knew she could no longer get pregnant any more i because i ask her as we fucked she said no i can not have any more k**s i said great because i am going to fill you up with my cum i let lose a big load of my hot cum in to her i just stayed on he my cock deep in her pussy i said thanks i needed that and got off she looked at me all breath and said we can not ever tell a soul i said i wont i kissed her on the lips and went up to my room laying in bed as i try to sleep i had a big smile on my face the next morning when i got up she had done left to go see other family be for going back home would i ever fuck her a gain hell ya i hope u liked my story please let me know what u think and if you like it thanks bye

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