How I Learned to Dominate My Man


How I Learned to Dominate My ManI promised to describe my first experience using a strap-on dildo on my husband Anthony (actually, he was my boyfriend at the time). In my first two stories I related how I discovered my husband’s penchant for being dominated sexually and how I, a natural submissive, learned to love switching roles from time to time. I was falling in love with Anthony, but I felt that there might be a conflict because he really was primarily submissive and so was I. On the other hand, after teasing and dominating him in just the right ways, I could bring out an a****l hidden inside him and he would truly fuck my brains out, which I desperately need pretty often. He has an amazing, beautiful, thick cock that hits me just where I need and when he is worked up, he pounds my pussy just enough to hurt in such a good way that we ultimately had to buy a waterproof mattress pad. But beyond that, I need orgasms several times a day. Since I’ve been single, I bring myself to orgasm at least once, often twice before work, always at least once, usually twice, before I can go to sleep. With that in mind, I learned long ago that if I were going to be monogamous, no man was going to be able to fuck me to the number of orgasms that I need. At times in my life, I’ve had multiple lovers and that helped, but the complexities of juggling more than one relationship are really difficult and, like everyone, I was searching for a soul-mate as well as sex. I’ll never be a swinger (though, as you’ll find out, I’m not above teasing Anthony into giving me what I need by telling him that if he won’t satisfy me, I might take a lover). No, for me really good sex requires totally safety and that means that I need to know I won’t end up having sex with someone and end up finding out my picture or some video ends up on youporn or xtube posted by some ex-lover. The bottom line is that I want it all. I want someone who can satisfy my sexual demands but I also wanted to find my soul-mate. That’s where Anthony came in. I ran into Anthony at work several times. We then worked in the same building. I often come off as distant at first but Anthony was always friendly. Eventually he asked me out he took things slow at first which was killing me because I prefer a man over pleasing myself. There was definitely sexual chemistry between us and during every date and for hours after my pussy would ache. I would get so wet on our dates that I was afraid people could see a wet spot if I wore pants. When Anthony and I first made love, he absolutely rocked my world. His cock was thicker and longer than I was used to at first and the first time we made love his cock would touch my cervix which actually hurt a little bit but it hurt so good and I quickly learned to love to goad him into fucking me as hard as he possibly could and I came like a freight train, cum gushing out of me like I’d never experienced, soaking us both.Nothing about Anthony said, “submissive man, looking for dominatrix.” As a submissive myself, Anthony fit the bill perfectly. He’s a foot taller than me, he weighs twice as much as me, he’s muscular and strong and he has the perfect cock. When he wraps those huge arms around me he can hold me immobile, grab the back of my head and kiss me so deeply and passionately that I can almost cum from that alone. At the same time, Anthony clearly loved to perform oral sex on me. I’d never experienced a man who so loved the art of cunnilingus and it made me feel sexy and desired. My first husband would give me cursory oral sex and made me feel that he was doing me a favor. Anthony acts like performing oral sex on me is my greatest gift to him. He treats alternately like he tasting the finest of wines then changes into a man who acts like he’s dying of thirst and the only liquid within miles is the cum he his sucking from my pussy. In short, Anthony could give me what no other one man had ever given me. He could pound into me with that amazing cock and give me 10 more orgasms with his velvet tongue and miraculous lips. When I found Anthony’s porn stash, I admit I was turned on and the sex we had that day was particularly amazing. I’d stumbled upon something amazing and a little bit scary. I had no experience with and no prior desire to dominate a man. I didn’t want some wimpy guy. I wanted a big, strong guy to pick me up, throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out until I couldn’t move, or didn’t want to. However, as I described in my prior stories, there was something that intrigued me and it wasn’t just that I was falling in love with Anthony. So, when we parted after the amazing sex the night I found his stash and he came clean about that part of himself, I did some research in an effort to learn more about the whole “dominatrix” thing.The next day at work was a waste for me. I spent the whole day researching the web for everything I could find out about female domination and the men who need it. First, big surprise, I found out how common it is, along with how surprisingly common the smoking fetish is. Then, armed with what I had found, I figured I’d use what we woman always use, manipulation and sex, to get Anthony to reveal everything to me. And I do mean everything. I wanted to know just how deep his desire to be dominated went. I wanted him to reveal to me every aspect of his fantasies, however dark and twisted he thought they were. I was willing to be as dominant as he needed but at the same time I needed to know that he wouldn’t one day lose interest in giving me what I needed, a savage fuck on a regular basis. I knew Anthony would be afraid to open up if I just came out and asked him about his desires. I knew generally where his kinks were and I knew from the prior weekend that the only way I could be sure he’d be honest with me is if I first drove him wild with lust by nipping at the edges of what I’d already seen until he needed me desperately. Once I had him crazy with lust, I’d drive him a little further then push him until I found his limits, and mine. All of my plans would work best if he at least thought that I had experience in this area. I knew that if I were stocked up with the accoutrements of the game, he’d be comfortable that I wasn’t judging him. He’d think that I found his kinks perfectly acceptable and maybe even desirable. Then he’d open up, both literally and figuratively.So, armed with my research and driven by my genuine feelings for Anthony and the knowledge that no other man had ever come close to satisfying my own sexual cravings, I did some online shopping. I had noticed with a mixture of arousal and surprise that some of the strap-on in the videos at Anthony’s house were huge. On almanbahis yeni giriş the other hand, I’d had limited and not all that pleasant experience with anal sex myself. I didn’t see how anyone could take dildos of the size I saw in Anthony’s videos anally, but he clearly wanted to experience the whole thing so, since money was not an object for me, I went a little crazy in my shopping.While I intended to satisfy Anthony, I had every intention of extracting as much pleasure as I could for myself in the process. With that in mind, I discovered two double ended dildos, the Nexus and the Feeldoe. The problem seemed to be that they were all quite a bit smaller than what I’d seen in Anthony’s videos. After some more searching, I found a larger version of the feeldoe and I bought it along with two larger strap-ons, the largest of which approximated the size of those in the videos I’d seen but I remained skeptical that Anthony could take it. It was 10 inches long and 2-1/2 inches in diameter. I also bought a nylon harness and what looked like a rather large butt plug along with an inflatable but plug, two kinds of lubricant and an odd syringe thing for inserting the lubricant. Anthony was going to think I’d been doing this my whole lift and that’s just what I wanted him to think. The stuff arrived a week later. Anthony and I went on two dates while I waited for delivery. The sex was, as always with Anthony, amazing but I did take a more dominant role. What I was after was to find out if Anthony could be both submissive and still want to fuck me regularly the way I liked and to find out if I could actually enjoy the role of dominant at least half the time. Keep in mind that Anthony had never seen me smoke a cigarette prior to the weekend before and I knew that it made him very hot. I also knew that he loved it when I was very dominant with him, especially when I forced him to perform oral sex on me. The rougher I was with him, the more he seemed to like it. It wasn’t my native style but it did result in countless powerful orgasms for me and no part of me was opposed to that. On top of all of that, it made me very hot that Anthony wanted to please me so much. I was beginning a process that led me to see that I do have a dominant side at least sexually. I do love to take charge of my own sexual needs and I discovered that I liked having my body worshipped by the man I love. Now I was really becoming aroused by the idea of bending him over and fucking him senseless until he couldn’t walk just like he did to me. On the second of the two dates, I was what I considered to be very dominant with him. I called him my pussy slave repeatedly, forced him to admit that he loved licking my pussy, swallowing my cum and licking my cum off my ass after I came. And somewhere in the middle of all of it, he would become wild with lust and savagely fuck me. I mean fuck me hard. So there I was, getting 3 or 4 orgasms from his lips and tongue, then getting completely fucked, then getting 3 or 4 more orgasms again from his lips and tongue as I drifted off to sleep. I was beginning to feel like I was in heaven.When the toys arrived, I called Anthony that “I wanted to come clean about something.” I asked him to come to my house after dinner so we could talk. When he arrived I fixed him a drink and we sat down together. I wore clothes that could pass for work clothes but were way too sexy for work clothes. I tried to look somewhat in command though I was soaking wet from the time I hung up the phone. “Anthony, there is something I think we need to talk about.” He looked nervous but he simply responded:”Sure, anything.””Well, those movies at your house, the ones with the dildos. Do you really have any interest in that?” Anthony appeared even more nervous and a little confused.”Not if you’re not into it. I mean, um, not really, I mean, um, why do you ask?””Well, there’s something I need to tell you.” I was lying, of course. “I need to be in charge once in awhile.””I’ve noticed and I told you that I really love that about you. It’s something I’ve never been able to tell anyone about and you made me feel okay about it. Please, I love it.” Anthony was really confused now.”But, about the movies, the strap-ons. You said you’d never done that before, except on yourself. I need to know, Anthony, because there’s something I need to tell you.””I have never done it before. I’ve only fantasized about it and toyed with on dildo myself. I’ve never even told anybody about it. I’ve certainly never done it. In fact, I think it might be something that should just stay a fantasy. It might hurt.” He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say at this point so now I was going to let him off the hook. I was going to set him free because I knew that it was something he was at least going to have to try or he would always wonder. If you didn’t find out with me, his fantasies might lead them to someone else eventually. So now I was really going to have to lie, although I was certain I would eventually tell him the truth if we progressed further in our relationship.”Well, Anthony, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. You see, I love to take charge. I love that you are my pussy slave. But what I really love is to truly take charge.”I could see in his eyes that it was beginning to dawn on Anthony what I was saying, or was about to say.”What I am saying, Anthony, is that one of the things I really love is to strap on one of my dildos, and my man over, and fuck him in the ass just like the women in your movies. I was afraid to tell you about it until I found those movies in your house. Then I thought maybe you weren’t interested in actually doing it. That was just a fantasy that you would be afraid to pursue. But, it Anthony, it’s something I really love. I’ve always loved it. Anthony, I really want to fuck you Anthony. I want to fuck you hard, just the way you fuck me.””One of your dildos! You have more than one strap-on dildo!” Now he was both nervous and excited. I had laid it on pretty thick but now it was time to close the deal and find out how this would all play out. I slowed down considerably leaned back and began to turn on the mistress act.”Anthony, sweetie, would you please go in the kitchen and get us another drink and I’ll tell you everything? At this point Anthony need a drink as much as I did. “Keep in mind that before a week ago Anthony had never seen me smoke a cigarette but I could tell that it drove them crazy. So while he was in the kitchen pouring drinks, I lit a sexy 120 and put my feet up on the couch. When Anthony returned, I could see the distinctive bulge in his pants that indicated I was going almanbahis giriş in the right direction.”So; what if I really needed to take you, Anthony? What if I needed to fuck you? Could you do that for me? Could you bend over and let me fuck you in the ass with a dildo as big as your cock? Or, better yet, with a dildo as big as those you fantasize about when you watch your videos?””Um, I don’t know, I think one that big might hurt, I don’t know, I’ve never . . ., um, I don’t know, . . .””Well, you want it to hurt a little bit don’t you? I mean isn’t that what you want? Don’t you love it when I pinch your cute little nipples hard? Don’t you love it when I’m crushing your face and you can’t breathe?” I was smoking my cigarette slowly and as sexually as I could, occasionally exhaling smoke directly in his face is a pierced him with my eyes.”Tell you what,” I raised my skirt and spread my legs revealing that I was not wearing underwear. “Why don’t you eat my pussy while you think about your answer.” And began to pull his head toward my already dripping pussy. As usual, he started so sweetly and gently, and I moaned softly just under my breath. “Come on Anthony, you know you really want, you know you want to hurt just a little, don’t you? She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and a blow a thick stream of smoke directly into his face.””Come on Anthony, you know you want me to fuck you with my big strap-on, don’t you? Please let me Anthony. I need it. I need to make you mine. I need to make you my bitch at least sometimes so you won’t stray. I need to make you mine.” And with that, I began to grind his face harder into my pussy.”Oh yes, baby, eat my pussy baby, just like that, be my little pussy slave.” At that point a gentle wave of a small but satisfying orgasm shot through my body and I held his head against my pussy as I squirted into his mouth. “Ooooohhhh, that’s it baby, don’t let it spill on my sofa, swallow all of that cum. You know you love it.”I relaxed for a few minutes before I could speak again. “Oh, that was so nice. Let’s go into the bedroom.” In the second we got into the bedroom I pushed him back over my bed crawled up and straddled his face with my still dripping and very swollen pussy. I slid my pussy lips over his nose and began to rock backward and forward, basically stalking his face and if I lean back even slightly, he could not breathe at all as his mouth would be sealed off by my ass. I reached back and began to pinch his nipples. That always drove him crazy and he arched his back and began to struggle to breathe under me. It was beginning to dawn on me that there was a dominant side to me because I loved it when he struggled to breathe. He’d lift up and push his nose into me, wiggling it from side to side trying to get even a little oxygen. I did not want to have another orgasm yet. I had practiced with the feeldoe both with and without a harness and found that if the harness were very tight and I manipulated the business end of the feeldoe just right, it would hit my G-spot and I was certain that if I were horny enough I could have orgasm while I fucked Anthony in the ass. That was something I really wanted to try. I also found that if I ground the regular dildos against the harness and hit my clit and if I did it hard enough I could get myself off. I was anxious to see how it would all work in real life and to see which if the dildos I would be able to work into his tight little ass.I slid down his chest, looked directly into his face and said: “you want to make me happy don’t you?””Yes.” He said, still trying to catch his breath.”Then stay right here. Don’t move.”I’d given a lot of thought to which of the dildos to start with and I had decided that I’d start with the Feeldoe and hope for the best. I put it on, adjusted it so it was very firm and tight inside me. I also grabbed the two larger dildos for effect along with the inflatable and regular butt plug. When I returned to the bedroom, I showed Anthony the largest dildo first to get his attention and it did! “God, I’d love to stretch your tight ass with this but I think I better start with this one” and I showed him the Feeldoe I was wearing. “Oh, I just can’t wait to fuck you.””That’s to big! It’s going to hurt me,” he looked into my eyes with actual fear.”I know” I said as I poured lubricant on it and began to stroke it with my hands just the way men do. “But I know you want it and I need it.””No, I’m serious, that won’t fit” he said, beginning to get very nervous. “Oh, don’t be such a baby.” I climbed up on the bed facing his feet and sat down on his face. “Shut up and lick my ass for awhile and I’ll try to help you out.” Now I had Anthony with his time in my ass and my own big cock jutting out in front of me. I was really beginning to enjoy this. I looked back over my shoulder and told Anthony “don’t worry, I’ll lube you up so it won’t hurt too much.” I put on some rubber gloves and began to run lubricant over his cock and into his ass. The first thing that entered his ass was a syringe full of lubricant. It was very small and he sighed when it went in but it did not seem too uncomfortable. Once I had them well lubed, I began to work the inflatable butt plug into his ass. This was when I hit my first resistance. It clearly was a tight fit, although much smaller than the dildos I would soon be banging away at him with and he began to moan underneath me.”Oh, be quiet. You’re going to love this. Well, at least I’m going to love this.” And began to work the inflatable plug in and out. I sat down harder on his face and pinched his nipples from time to time to take his mind off the fullness that was now stretching his sphincter. You can take his mind off almost anything by playing with his nipples. I began to pump the inflatable dildo that was now lodged firmly in his rectum and as it grew, he began to struggle some.”You’re such a good pussy slave. But I need this. I need you to be my bitch right now. Won’t you let me have that? You don’t want me to find someone else do you?” I was really enjoying this, much more than I ever imagined I would.”That should do it” and I release the air from the inflatable plug and removed it slowly. “That was larger than a cock I’m going to fuck you with. You can take it. I’m not going to have to tie you up am I?” I didn’t want to tie him up. I wasn’t into that. I wanted him to submit to me willingly. Even if it hurts a little bit. The ability to make this hulking, muscular man submit to me by sheer force of will and his desire to please me was what really turned me on.I rolled off his face and told him to roll over onto his belly and whose feet on almanbahis güvenilirmi the floor. He did not respond immediately. Clearly he was reluctant but I knew that what he wanted was for me to “take” him. I don’t know how he knew that and I know that feminists will tell you that men are wrong when they believe that a woman wants to be taken by force but I can tell you that in the right circumstances feminists are full of crap at least in my experience. As I said, there are times I want to be just taken and fought until it hurts. “Come on honey, I need this.” He did as he was told. “Spread your legs for me baby. A little more. A little more. Grab that pillow and put it under your belly. Now the other one.” And I stood behind him, ready, just as I practiced. Expert more lubricant over the dildo, dripped more into the crack of his ass and turned on the dominatrix in me.”I need you to tell me how much you want me to ask you” and I slapped him hard on his ass. “Tell me that you want to feel my cock inside you” and I slapped his ass again so hard that it left hand print.”Yes, please fuck my ass. Please make me your bitch tonight!”I pushed the head of the dildo against his tight hole and then began to push forward slowly but steadily and firmly. He began to shy away and to moan but I continued to pressure. “Oh yeah, baby, give me a tight little ass. I’m going to fuck your brains out and it’s going to hurt but I’m going to fuck you until I cum. Is that okay baby, do you want me to cum even if it hurts you? And I’m going to keep fucking you. I’m going to fuck you over and over. I’m going to fuck you until you can take my biggest dildo. Okay, baby?”The dildo was halfway in now and all he could do was grunt and moan and although I have been nervous and reluctant, that grunting and moaning was really turning me on and I discovered that I had just the right angle to manipulate the part of the dildo that was inside me against my G-spot. It was turning me on, I was beginning to flood and it was clear that I can definitely have an orgasm from talking him. As usually happens when I begin to realize an orgasm is forming, I forgot about Anthony and began to focus on my pussy. Just as I had repeatedly almost suffocated Anthony when I was having orgasms while he ate me, I was now beginning to fuck his ass with the same abandon. And he was beginning to howl but I did not give her shit. Each time I withdrew the faux cock almost entirely out of his tight sphincter and rammed all 9 inches of it back into him, I came near to orgasm as my pubic bone slapped against his ass.In and out I rammed that dildo as I came nearer and nearer to my own orgasm. My own cum was now dripping down both of my thighs. And I fucked him harder and harder. He was making funny rasping noises because he had become hoarse as I pounded into him with no regard for what he was feeling. “Oh, my God, I’m going to cum,” I screamed out as I realized that my push juices had soaked his ass and were running down his legs as well. A wet slapping noise filled the room as I fucked the living daylights out of this gigantic, muscular man and I came, explosively. I came so hard I almost ejected the Feeldoe out of my pussy. I was breathless, I was dripping sweat onto his back and for the first time, a concern for his feelings began to creep into my consciousness as I realized he was sobbing.”Oh my God, did I hurt you? Are you okay? Anthony, I’m so sorry.” I had withdrawn the dildo from who’s now gaping ass.I looked into his eyes and what I saw was not pain, but relief. Well, there was clearly pain their but it was mostly relief. “Are you okay?””Oh God yes. Thank you Cheryl. Thank you so much.””Then this is okay for you?” I asked, now realizing that in reality this was something I really loved!”Oh, yes. I’ll be your bitch whenever you want.” And he began to smile. Relieved that he was okay, I slipped back into the dominatrix role.”Well then, I need a cigarette while you clean up this mess between my legs. Go get me one and come right back.” This is he left the room I slipped out of the harness and tossed all the toys under the bed. I leaned back against some pillows, spread my legs and began to finger myself. He returned, lit my cigarette for me and began to lap away at the mess between my legs. I casually smoke my cigarette, blowing stream after stream of thick smoke into his face telling him not to miss a drop, don’t forget to link my ass clean and the like. Another orgasm was slowly building and I was hoping that I could feel his cock inside me tonight without ruining the moment. If I could accomplish that, or anything close to it, I would have found the perfect man in the perfect lifestyle, at least in the bedroom.While still smoking my cigarette, I told him to lay down the bed and I mounted his face. I slid my sopping wet kind against his face back and forth making sure that his tongue dipped into my ass and my kind alternately while I rubbed my clit on his nose and began to drown him in a fresh load of cum from deep within me. I reached back and began to stroke his cock which were shockingly hard and slid back. placing the head of his cock just inside my pussy lips. Then, without warning I slid all the way down onto the amazing poll. “Now, pussy slave, I need your cock inside me. I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me until I’m ready to fuck you again. Give me your cock or I’ll find someone who will fuck me and you can be just my pussy slave.” At this point, I knew that was never going to happen. He had opened a world to me and I had opened a world for him. I could have as many orgasms as I can handle it and he would give them all to me. He was the man I wanted. I told him to fuck me like I had fucked him, it was clear he would do exactly as I said and he rolled me over and rammed that gorgeous, beautiful cock into me. I felt like he was fucking me all the way into my stomach and I loved it. I couldn’t get enough of it. I came again in a massive orgasm. I was grabbing his ass and it wasn’t until after we finished that I realized that I had little bits of the skin from his ass under my fingernails. But that only drove him on. I couldn’t walk without discomfort for the next few days but it was okay because I knew that he was having the same problem. He could eventually take the larger dildoes and I love to see his ass tightly stretched around my cock as I fuck him. And now the dominatrix role fits me just fine. From that day forward, we’ve had amazing sex on a daily basis. But at least a couple of times a week, when I’d see him before a date and, later, after we got married, when he’d come home from work, when he’d hear me say sternly but pleasantly “go put in your biggest butt plug and come back here, I’m going to have a cigarette” we both know that sheets would have to be changed and that we would both sleep well that night, but it would be a while before either of us could walk without being a little bit sore.

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