How I met my GF, her daughter and stepson…Pt2 Li


How I met my GF, her daughter and stepson…Pt2 LiPart 2How I came to meet my GF, and eventually her Daughter and Stepson……who now live with meA little bit about Lisa, she’s a stunning young woman 18 years old, about 5′ 10″ with black hair and a curvy figure.Several weeks passed, and although summer was officially over the weather remained quite warm and presented many days which Lisa took advantage of by laying out in the yard tanning. I would gaze at her from the kithen window as she lay there in her rather small bikini which showed off her sexy young body very well. She rubbed herself down with lotion as I invisioned her naked, my cock growing harder by the second. When she laid back with her arms at her side she parted her legs slightly and looking closely I noticed little tufts of curly black hair at the edge of her bikini bottom. My cock was throbbing hard as I pulled my shorts down and began to masturbate conjuring a vision of her hairy pussy in my head. I was really enjoying things when the telephone rang startling me out of my fantasy state. I answered the phone still holding my hard cock, it grandbetting yeni giriş was for Lisa. I told the caller to hold on as I struggled to get my shorts pulled up and gave myself a few moments for my bulge to go down. I walked out to the yard handing Lisa the phone, she sat up and crossed her legs as she talked to her friend. I took as much time as I could without being obvious to get a good look at her, when I felt my cock beginning to stiffen again. I turned and walked inside quickly before she could see my growing boner under my floppy shorts. I returned to the kitchen window watching her for a minute as she continue talking on the phone then decided to go to the bedroom to jerkoff. I stripped off my shorts and stepped into the ajoining bathroom for some lube and a towel. Walking out to the bed, naked with my cock in one hand and towel in the other I look over to the open door at the very moment Lisa walks by on her way to her room. She didn’t stop but our eyes met for a second, surely she must have seen me. I was in full view not 5 feet away from the door as she passed. grandbetting giriş I pushed the door closed and sat on the bed quietly stroking my raging boner. I actually got quite a thrill as I replayed those seconds over and over in my mind, knowing she had seen me like that. A short while later I heard Lisa’s voice, she was on the phone again. I barely heard her say something like “OMG I couldn’t believe my eyes.” then a little giggle before she turned the radio on and I could not hear any more. I gathered from what I heard that she was telling her friend about seeing me and that excited me even more. I laid back on the bed and thrust my hips into the air as I jerked off, as if I was fucking her pussy. I tensed as I exploded sending streams of thick cum into the air, most of which landed on my chest and face. Ahhh, what a relief it was to bust my nut so hard. After a few minutes I got up and took a shower, put on some clean shorts and t-shirt and went to watch some TV and relax.About thirty minutes later Lisa walks out of her room and into the kitchen, passing the TV room. On grandbetting güvenilirmi her way back to her room she paused at the door and said “You must feel a lot better now, after your shower.” Lookin up I see a sly little grin on her face, I replied “Yes, much better. Thanks” and she walked on to her room. I began to think, putting the pieces together and it appeared that I might be at the door to an incredible opportunity. Was Lisa warming up to me or just teasing with me? Was that grin on her face to let me know she was interested? My mind raced for hours thinking of what might possibly become reality if things go just right. Her mother was working late and before I realized it, time had flown by and Lisa stepped out to say goodnight. I looked up at her standing in the doorway wearing a light yellow nighty that barely covered her panties. Her firm round breasts were clearly outlined by the lacey material and her dark brown nipples showed through. I smiled at her and said good night and wished her sweet dreams. She told me to have sweet dreams also and went to her room. After seeing her like that my cock had begun to stiffen and demanded some attention. I turned off the TV and went to my bedroom to take care of my throbbing boner. After ten minutes of very pleasurable masturbation I shot my load as I recalled the visions of Lisa. I was certain to have some sweet dreams that night for sure.

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