How I Met My Husband Ch. 03


The following evening I went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner with my colleagues, I spotted Drew at the bar. He smiled at me and I smiled back, but I decided not to see him again, I was checking out in the morning and with the Party the following evening I thought I’d allow my pussy time to recover.

I met Dan at Kings Cross station on Friday evening, we had to hop on and off a few tube trains to get to Orlene’s place. I hadn’t told him I’d met her yet and he definitely didn’t know we were meeting her that night, or about the fetish party.

I just told him it was a surprise and that if he kept questioning me about it that he wouldn’t get the surprise.

To be honest it was all going to be a bit of a surprise for me too. I’d never been to a fetish party before, so I was both nervous and excited about it.

I had said goodbye to my colleagues earlier that afternoon and set off to do a bit of shopping. I know Orlene had said she had something for us to wear, but I thought I’d treat myself to my own naughty clothing, and I got Dan a little something too.

I found a particularly good adult clothing shop where I purchased myself a ridiculously slutty, very short, open breasted, black synthetic dress. Fuck I looked hot in it, even if I do say so myself. I also got myself a pair of ‘fuck me’ black boots and some fishnet tights.

I got Dan an open mouth gag, I didn’t even know they existed. It’s like a ball gag but with an o ring instead of a ball, meaning you can insert things into the wearers mouth. I could have all sorts of fun at a fetish party with Dan wearing that, I thought to myself.

Orlene lived in one of the nicer parts of West London, we got a cab from the station down to her house. It was on a long terraced row. I wasn’t sure if the party was going to be there or somewhere else, I presumed somewhere else.

The cab dropped us off outside her house, Dan still had no idea what was going on. We walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

Orlene opened the door wearing a leather bodysuit with thigh high boots. My jaw dropped as I saw her, she looked so hot. Just a smidgen of her upper leg showing.

She wore dark red lipstick and dark eyeliner, looking quite gothic, it was a total transformation from her casual attire the other evening.

“Hello Jessica” she said, moving her head towards mine, I thought she was going to kiss me on both cheeks like on our first meeting, but she kissed me full on the lips.

I looked at Dan as we broke the kiss, his jaw dropped too and he just stood there speechless! “Aren’t you going to say hello to me Daniel?” Orlene said inviting us both in.

“Hi.” Was about all he could manage as she kissed him, this time on both cheeks instead.

“I take it you didn’t tell him anything about tonight then Jessica? Judging by the look on his face!” She laughed.

“Not a thing.” I replied. “He asked a few times but I’m very good at keeping secrets.”

“Take a seat Daniel.” Orlene said, walking us into her living room. “But first pour us a drink each please. Two vodka tonics. “She instructed pointing to the drinks cabinet in the corner of the room. “Jessica and I have some things to discuss. You may as well pour yourself a drink too, you’re going to need it.” She said smirking.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on?” Dan replied as we were leaving the room.

“All in good time Daniel.” Orlene said, her sexy French accent even more fitting for her attire. “We will be back shortly.”

Daniel looked at me puzzlingly as I followed Orlene out of the room, I gave him a cheeky wink and blew him a kiss.

As she walked ahead of me up the stairs, I noticed her bodysuit was crotchless, I could see her labia and pubic hair through the gap in her crotch as she climbed the stairs.

I followed her into a room, it was a huge walk in wardrobe with all kinds of fetish gear, masks, corsets, boots, everything you could think of.

“Right.” She said, “let’s see if we can find something that will fit you.”

“Um, actually I have bought something of my own, I said unzipping my bag. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“Ok great, well you can slip into it now, I will find something for Daniel.” She said rummaging through a drawer. “I think you should have him on a leash” she said appearing with a collar.

“Sounds good.” I replied, telling her about the gag I’d bought for him too.

I’d finished getting dressed when Orlene looked up at me, “Wow.” She said approvingly. “You look so hot I could just eat you.”

We had a little snog and fondle which got my pussy tingling and my mind racing with all sorts of naughty thoughts.

We settled on an outfit for Dan and Orlene picked up a bag she said was “full of goodies for the party.” Then we went back down into the living room.

Dan’s face was a picture as I walked back in the room. “Wow he said, “you look amazing… both of you.”

“Up.” Orlene snapped at Dan as he sat there with a drink. He immediately rose to his feet. I could tell that the respect and obedience karşıyaka escort he had for her hadn’t waned over the months they’d been apart.

“Strip.” She said. Seemingly only needing one word orders to instruct him. Dan removed his clothes instantly and there he was naked and erect in front of our eyes.

“Ah there it is.” Orlene giggled brushing her hand over Dans penis. “I’ve missed that cute little thing.” She laughed, looking at me.

My heart was fluttering with nerves and excitement, I was in awe of Orlene and the respect she commanded, but I was itching to take over and dominate Daniel.

She tossed him a pair of leather crotchless shorts with an open rear, instructing him to put them on. “Carl is picking us up in ten minutes, time for one more drink cuck boy.” She said handing Daniel her empty glass.

Daniel poured us both a drink each, his cock poking through the hole in his shorts. I looked at his arse cheeks showing through the back as he fixed our drinks.

“I’m going to explain what’s going to happen tonight. We are going to a fetish party. Myself and my colleague Diane are the hosts, but I will need some assistance. Jessica, you will be my assistant tonight, Daniel you are our submissive, obviously. You will answer to myself, Diane and Jessica. You will also obey us and do anything we instruct you to do. Understood?”

“Yes mistress Orlene.” Daniel replied, much to my surprise and amusement.

“You will also obey any instruction given to you by another person on my request. So if i tell a guy to go and put his dick in your mouth you fucking suck it until I tell him to pull it out, is that clear?”

“Yes mistress Orlene.” Came his reply again.

Then a man entered the room.

“This is my fiancé Carl.” Said Orlene. “Carl I’d like you to meet Jessica and Daniel.”

I could tell Dan was nervous, after all he had been with Orlene while she was on a break from her relationship with Carl, then she had basically dumped Dan in order to get back with Carl.

Carl was hot, I knew from looking at a photo of him that he was good looking, he was even hotter in the flesh. Dark hair and muscular physique, high cheekbones. Just what I go for.

Dan was fit, don’t get me wrong, but in the back of my mind I could see why she got back with Carl. He was big and muscular, I bet he could throw her round the bedroom. I was a little confused that he was her cuckold to be honest, he definitely didn’t seem like a wimpy husband.

“Nice to meet you.” He said confidently, shaking Dan’s hand and kissing me on the cheek. “I’ve heard a lot about you both.”

Orlene kissed him on the lips. “Go and get ready darling, we have to be there in half an hour.” She said.

While Carl was getting ready the three of us chatted, I told Dan about my meeting with Orlene and that it was her who had sent him the photo of me and Drew. I explained everything to him as we finished our drinks. He was so excited, I don’t think his erection subsided once the whole time we were chatting, still sticking up out of his crotchless shorts.

Carl returned with a pair of black leather look trousers with a zip around the crotch, presumably for easy access, and a kind of harness on. All four of us dressed in black fetish gear, this was going to look strange for anyone watching us getting in or out of our car, I thought.

We made our exit through the back door to where the car was parked without anybody seeing us. Carl drove with Orlene beside him while myself and Daniel were in the back.

Daniel was only wearing those shorts which were both frontless and backless, he was basically naked. I may as well have been naked too as my skirt was so short and I wasn’t wearing any underwear, plus my boobs were on show. It felt great though, traveling through London in the back of a car in fetish gear, while everyone on the street was going about their evening.

I noticed Orlene rubbing Carl’s crotch as he drove, I could see Carl’s dark eyes in the rear view mirror, he was looking at me. Daniel was still hard as a rock, so I decided to suck him off.

As he’s always a premature ejaculator so I knew it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load, I sucked him until his breathing increased as if he was going to cum, then I stopped.

“Is that it?” He said. Big mistake, because I was in the mood to totally dominate him.

“Yes that’s it” I said assertively “You are not permitted to cum until the evening is over at the very earliest. It will be a stern test of that cute little dick of yours, not to spurt your load tonight, if I see so much as a drop of pre-cum on that bell end of yours there will be trouble, do you understand me?”

“Ok, I understand.” He said.

I couldn’t believe I did what I did next. I gave him a hard, firm slap round the face.

“Excuse me??” I said, looking at him furiously . “How did you just address me?”

“Sorry.” He replied. “Yes mistress.”

I grabbed hold of his nipple between my thumb and forefinger and twisted kartal escort it hard. “Mistress Jessica to you.” I said.

“Sorry Mistress Jessica.” He said squirming.

Orlene looked round at me and smiled approvingly, I had a nice feeling of power flow through me, like the time I grabbed him by the balls. Tonight was going to be fun, I thought to myself.

We drove into a underground car park and exited the car. We walked into the back entrance of what looked like a warehouse. The four of us entered a large communal changing area with toilets and lockers. There was loud music coming from the warehouse.

There was only one man in the changing area. He was naked, in his early fifties I would guess, his big cock was swinging proudly between his legs. He acknowledged Orlene and Carl as he was rummaging through his locker.

“Hello” He said

“Good evening Graham.” Orlene replied, are you alone?

“No I’ve tied Selina up in the dungeon while I find my whip, she’s been a naughty girl today.” He said appearing with the whip and casually hitting it against his hand.

“Are there many people in yet.” Asked Orlene.

“A few,” replied Graham. “It’s still very early though, who do we have here?” He asked looking at Dan and I.

“This is Mistress Jessica and her cuck Daniel.” Orlene replied. “They are new to the scene shall we say! This is Graham” she said turning to us. “He is a dominant. Daniel, he is Master Graham to you.”

I felt a enormous sense of power and respect being referred to and even introduced as Mistress Jessica. I patted Daniels head patronisingly as Graham spoke.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Jessica.” He said. “If you need any assistance I will be happy to help you put this one in his place.” He continued, looking at Daniel with disgust.

“Thank you, I will.” I replied smiling at Daniel wickedly. With that he walked off proudly with his whip, still naked.

“Some people choose not to wear any clothes.” said Orlene. “As you can see, Graham is very proud of his cock, so he always comes to these things naked.”

We fixed Daniel up with his open mouth gag and his collar and leash. Orlene thoughtfully brought some knee pads for him. “As you will be crawling like a dog all evening, your knees might get sore on the hard floor.” She laughed.

She emptied the contents of her bag of goodies on the floor. “There you go Jessica.” She said handing me a black strap on dildo. I felt even more power as I put it on. It wasn’t the biggest, probably about six inches and reasonably thin, but I imagined it would feel rather big for Daniel when I fucked him with it.

Orlene also fastened a strap on to herself, it was a bit bigger than mine, and thicker. God she looked hot standing there with a plastic cock in her hand.

“Ahem.” She coughed, looking at Carl

“Sorry Mistress Orlene.” He said, and immediately got to his knees and started sucking her plastic shaft. This was the first time I’d seen her give him a proper order.

“That’s it you little cunt.” She said disparagingly “suck my cock.”

I only needed to look at Dan and he immediately copied Carl, getting to his knees and putting my plastic dick in his mouth. I pushed it to the back of his throat, making him gag before removing it and ordering him to stand up. I’d never felt so in control over anything in my life, it was an awesome feeling.

Orlene walked Carl out of the changing rooms, he wasn’t on a leash but he knew not to leave her side. I led Daniel out of the changing area and into a big warehouse. Pulling his leash as he crawled behind me.

It was set up like a club with dance poles situated around a big dance floor. There were a few people dotted about.

As we walked into the main area I noticed a woman sitting naked on the floor next to a wall. She had a collar round her neck with an extended leash which was tied to a pillar. Next to her there were two holes in the wall with cocks sticking through them.

Orlene walked over to the woman. She was a pretty, petit blonde, in her early twenties with small tits. “Good evening Lara.” She said

“Good evening Mistress Orlene.” Came the girls reply.

“Where is your master?” Inquired Orlene.

“He’s gone to the toilet.” Said the girl.

Orlene brushed her hand casually over the two penises.

“I’m sure these two lovely penises aren’t here just for show.” She said, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“No Mistress Orlene.” Said the girl again.

“Has your master not instructed you to pleasure them?” Said Orlene, more firmly.

“No Mistress Orlene.” Came the girls reply again.

“Well I am instructing you to pleasure them Lara.” Said Orlene.

With that, Lara moved herself towards the two cocks and positioned herself in front of them. She jerked off both of the penises in unison, taking it turns to suck each of them.

“Well Don’t just stand there and gawp Carl, give the girl a hand.” Instructed Orlene.

Carl walked kastamonu escort over to the wall and took one of the cocks in his hand while Lara shuffled over to concentrate on the bigger of the two penises.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the show, the handsome Carl on his knees with a cock in his mouth as an attractive young blonde sucked another cock next to him.

I looked down at Daniel and ordered him to stand. He was rock hard again. “I hope that isn’t pre cum.” I said wiping my finger over his bell end and looking at it. “It is pre cum.” I said putting my finger in his mouth. “What did I tell you?”

He muttered something inaudible as he was wearing his gag.

“I didn’t understand that.” I said unfastening the gag.

“Sorry Mistress Jessica.” He said.

Just as I was thinking of something to punish him with when the cock Lara was sucking exploded all over her face and mouth. She continued to jerk it over her face and suck it off, then it disappeared though it’s hole.

“Can I give her an instruction?” I asked Orlene.

“Be my guest.” Came Orlene’s reply.

“Come here and let Daniel clean your face.” I instructed Lara.

She walked over to Daniel with cum all over her pretty little face, from her eyebrows to her chin. Her leash just about extending to where we were standing. Dan was still standing with his little cock up right.

“Give him a kiss.” I told her. So she tip toed up to him, pressing her lips against his and opened her cummy little mouth for him to explore. They frenched kissed for a while as I rubbed my pussy watching on.

“Lick the cum off her face you little prick.” I instructed Dan. He stuck his tongue out and lapped up the creamy substance from her neck and face until it was clean.

Lara’s master returned and untied the leash.

“You have been naughty.” He said, leading her away. “I was watching you from over there, you little slut. This is cause for some punishment..” he said sternly. “To the dungeon.” and off he walked with her behind him, naked and on all fours. I felt slightly guilty that I’d got her in trouble as I watched her cute little arse disappear around the corner and out of sight.

Meanwhile Carl was still jerking and sucking the other cock which eventually exploded over his face. Orlene kissed Carl passionately and then turned to me, wiping the cum off her chin.

“I have to go and attend to some business, why don’t you explore the venue while I’m gone.” She said looking at me.

“Actually I need the toilet.” I said. “Where are they?”

Orlene pointed to the far corner of the warehouse, the other side of the dance floor.

“Don’t forget you can tie Daniel up to a pillar if you need to be alone.” She said smirking.

“Come Carl!” She snapped, ordering him to follow her, and they disappeared into the crowd of people and out of site.

I looked around the place, there were many other rooms that lead off the main room, all with names above the doors.

One said Bukkake room, which I thought might be interesting. Another said The Dungeon, where I assumed poor Lara was getting punished. Above another door it said To the Glory Hole’s which I assumed was where the owners of the two cocks Lara and Carl had sucked must have been standing. The room I particularly liked the sound of was called The Cuckold Room.

I broke my dominant act for a second to make sure Dan was enjoying himself. I wanted to be a total bitch, but I had to know it turned him on.

“Are you ok, cuck boy?” I asked him patronisingly.

“Yes Mistress Jessica.” He replied.

“I want you to enjoy this and I’m willing to explore the depths of this place for you. So if there’s anything you don’t like or want to do, I suggest you tell me now. Or you could find yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress Jessica.” He replied again.

“I’m going to the ladies room now.” I said. “so I will tie you up here and you can have a look at all the rooms we could visit. Have a think if there’s one that doesn’t particularly tickle your fancy, otherwise I’m prepared to make you visit all of them.”

I attached his gag again and tied Daniels leash to the pillar. I put my hand on his head, ordering him to sit and I stuck my strap on cock through the hole in his gag, into his mouth.

I do hope nobody abuses you while I’m gone, like poor Lara.” I said mockingly as I pulled my plastic cock out of his mouth and left him there.

I made my way across the dance floor towards the bathroom. I was getting lots of looks from all the weird and wonderful people, dressed in all manner of different clothes, from leather, to rubber, to nothing at all.

There were guys in women’s clothes, dressed like sissies, there were gays, lesbians and transgender people. Everyone looked like they were having fun, even the ones getting whipped or spanked by their dominants.

I found the toilets, although there were no signs saying men’s or ladies like normal places. I went in through the only door. It was like a regular public bathroom, with cubicles and wash basins.

Then I noticed there was a male area with a long urinal trough on a slight slant. A guy was pissing at one end, but at the other end there was a naked man chained to the floor. The piss was trickling down the trough and onto his head.

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