How I Met My Wife – Written By Him


I met my wife my sophomore year of college, and from day one my friends have made jokes about how she’s out of my league. That’s more of a commentary about her than me, and I usually assume they aren’t too serious, but it gives you an idea what an amazing woman I somehow landed. I’m a fairly attractive guy. At 30 I still get hit on a fair bit by women until they notice my wedding ring (and occasionally still after). I’m 6’3, about 185 to 190 pounds, I still make time to work out so I’m in good shape. I’m not a bodybuilder or anything like that, but I’m lean and toned. I have brown eyes and kind of shaggy black hair.

My wife is definitely the more attractive of the two of us. She’s 5’5″, just under 120 pounds, with natural blonde hair that curls down just past her shoulders. We both tan pretty easy, although I get much darker than she does. She has piercing blue eyes, and a wide smile with dimples and perfect bright white teeth that tip off the fact that her dad was an orthodontist. She’s an avid mountain biker, and as a result has some muscle on her legs and a bit of a booty. She also has a great pair of 34C breasts. Needless to say she turns heads. The main reason my friends joke about her being out of my league however is that she is the breadwinner in the family. It’s not something that bothers me, I love my job, make decent money, and have been very successful at what I do. That said it’s something I did because I love it, not in order to make a ton of money. My wife, Mandy, also enjoys her job, the fact that it pays a lot of just an added bonus.

I knew when we first met that she was something special. I was in a fraternity and she came to our Halloween party. Most of the fraternities on our campus had money to hire a real band. My fraternity…well, not so much. We weren’t poor, but weren’t rich like some of the other houses either. Several brothers and I decided to play just so we could say our party had a band, but for the most part we were playing a guy’s playlist from his computer over the sound system. The band kept taking “breaks”, which took up more time than us playing actually did. I was playing the keyboard when I noticed several women dancing together all in store-bought sexy costumes.

Mandy was wearing a “Sexy Link” costume, like the video game character. She had on tall brown leather boots, which were nice, obviously not the ones that came with the costume. She had on a green hat with her hair flowing out underneath. The green jacket was split down the middle, and her bra was pushing her breasts up so that they seemed ready to bust out at any moment. To highlight her cleavage even more she had accented her breasts some gold glitter dust. The shorts were incredibly short, showing off her toned legs, also lightly dusted with some of the glitter. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, and she noticed. Pretty soon she was watching just me as well, giving me sexy looks. I couldn’t wait for our break so I could finally talk to her.

As soon as the band took our next break I went to talk to her. I introduced myself and asked if she needed another drink.

“Sure, but first, whose idea was your costumes?” she asked.

The band was dressed as Electric Mayhem, the band from the Muppets. I was Dr. Teeth. When I told her it was my idea, she told me I could definitely get her a drink and took my arm as I led her to a room with a bar. I learned a few things about my future wife that night. First off she is really smart. She had skipped a grade growing up, and had a ton of AP credits, so despite being only 19, and about a month younger than me, she was already a junior. She was planning to graduate (and did graduate) with two degrees when she was 22. Mandy told me she’s very outdoorsy, something we both have in common. We had played some of the same sports in high school. She’s the youngest of four children, and had grown up playing video games thanks to her three older brothers. She also really liked that I was majoring in something I had a passion in and actually had a Escort bayan plan on how to use it.

We hung out most of the night. Even when the band was playing, she stayed near the stage to watch. One of her other sorority sisters hit it off with one of my bandmates, and the two of them and a third girl from their sorority danced together when we were playing. The third sorority sister, who I found out later was her “little” had a bit too much to drink, and after we played our last set I offered to help Mandy walk her to her dorm.

Walking this girl to her dorm more entailed me carrying her on my back. She was drunkenly babbling about how much fun we had, how hot I was, how lucky Mandy was to be able to pick up hot guys, and how lucky I was to have picked up Mandy. A lot of drunken “she’s so awesome,” type comments. Also there were several comments of “she is gonna blow your mind,” with a lot of emphasis on the word “blow.”

When we dropped her off at her dorm, Mandy was a bit embarrassed.

“I’m sorry about her,” she said. “Freshman…ya know?”

I laughed.

“Yeah, I get it, we have some guys who never drank before college, so I know how it is.”

It was late and parties were winding down. Drunk people in costumes were walking back to their dorms and rooms. I asked if she wanted to come back to the fraternity house and have a drink upstairs. She smiled and looked up at me.

“No, I think I’ve drunk enough tonight, but I’d love to come back and go see your room.”

My roommate was at his girlfriend’s place, so we had the room to ourselves. His girlfriend had an on-campus apartment with her own bedroom, so he was over there most nights. I slept with music playing, so I put on a playlist that was good to listen to during sex. Mandy moved over to my bed and crawled up it. She flipped over and sat at the top. She was biting her lip, smiling at me, when she beckoned me over with one finger.

I was immediately on top of her, passionately kissing her. I took off her costume. She had on a black push up bra and a pair of green cheekies style underwear. Her body was absolute perfection. She pulled my shirt off, and I took out my fake gold tooth from my costume. She laughed when I did that and joked about me leaving it in. When we were down to just our underwear her hands immediately went in my boxers and gripped my cock. She knew what she wanted and was going for it, so I followed her example and slid a hand in her panties. I easily slid a finger into her soaking wet pussy.

I unclasped her bra, pulling it off revealing a pair of perfectly round and perky C cup breasts. Her soft pink nipples, slightly larger than a quarter, we’re already excited. She moaned as I started to squeeze them and suck on her nipples.

“You like my tits Chris?” she asked me.

When I moaned my approval she wrapped her arms around my head, pulling me against them and squeezing them together around my face. I moved down her body, kissing all over her. She had a belly button piercing, which my lips stopped at for a second to play with. She was already wet, and her panties gently clung to the lips of her pussy as I pulled them off. I grabbed her thighs and spread her legs apart, lowering my face to her completely bare pussy. She moaned gently as I worked her clit with my tongue.

She tasted amazing, and the soft moans she was letting out had me incredibly turned on. Both of my hands were exploring her body. Rubbing her legs. Gripping her hips. Squeezing her breasts. Sometimes she would grab a hand and suck on my finger.

I pressed my tongue flat on her clit and started going in small circles. She squeaked “just like that,” and grabbed my hand with one hand. Her other hand had reached back and was gripping my pillow. When she came she squeezed her thighs around my head and gasped, before lettin out a long, satisfied sounding sigh.

I moved up and we started making out again. She reached back down to grab my cock, which was completely erect at this Bayan Escort point. She pushed me over onto my back and moved down the bed to take my boxers off. I don’t have a huge cock, but it’s bigger than most. Big enough that she moaned her approval when she first saw it. As soon as she started to suck my cock I knew she had done this plenty of times. She was amazing.

She started licking me below my balls, then gently took each of my balls into her mouth and sucked it. She licked and kissed up my shaft until her lips kissed the tip of my dick then spread open, sliding down as she swallowed my cock. Her lips were giving the perfect amount of grip on my shaft as her tongue was constantly licking my head inside her mouth.

I had been with girls who gave good head, but nothing like this. When I told her this was the best head I had ever received, she looked up at me, winked, then deepthroated my entire shaft. When she got the entire thing down her throat, her eyes looked toward me again, and she winked a second time. It was like watching a pornstar. I was rock hard in her mouth when I had to stop her. I told her not to make me cum yet, that I really wanted to fuck her that night.

She grinned at me and slid up next to me.

“So I was starting to be too much for you huh?” she giggled.

“Oh fuck Mandy,” I said. “That was the best head I have ever had. How many blowjobs have you given?”

“Oh no way, you will think I’m a slut if I tell you.”

I pulled her closer to me and told her I wouldn’t judge her. She grinned and after a minute said it was around 50 to 60.

“I can tell,” I laughed. “You are very talented.” This got her laughing. She seemed relieved that I didn’t balk at the number. “How many guys is that?” I asked.

Mandy seemed to be way more experienced than me. At that point, not including her, I had gone down on 10 women, had 12 blow me, and had slept with nine.

“That’s 31 guys,” she responded, quickly adding “but I haven’t slept with nearly that many.”

I’m not into cuckolding or anything, but I was getting turned on thinking of how many guys Mandy had been with before. We started making out again, our naked bodies wrapped around each other.

“Did you swallow most of them?” I asked.

“I always swallow.”

She grinned and winked at me as she said it. She could obviously tell it was turning me on. She propped her head up looking at me, smiling from ear to ear.

“You were about to be the thirty-second guy whose cum I swallowed, but instead, if you have a condom, you can be the third guy that I’ll fuck.”

I was a little surprised she said I would only be the third, especially after her first number had been so high. I immediately reached over and pulled a condom out of my top desk drawer. She nodded and told me to put it on. As soon as I did she pushed me onto my back and straddled me. She grabbed my cock and pointed it up toward her pussy as she lowered herself on it.

I believed her immediately about the number three too. She was incredibly tight. It took her a little work to slide me into her. She wiggled her hips to find the right angle then let out a soft grunt as her lips spread around my cock.

Mandy put her hands on my chest and started slowly bounce up and down on my cock. Every time she moved back down on it she would pant. My hands were rubbing over her hips and thighs, occasionally reaching up and squeezing her breasts. After a minute, I grabbed her hips and pulled her down so that rather than her bounce up and down I could rock her back and forth. She really reacted to that, her eyes were closed and her mouth open just enough to let out small moans while I rolled around insider her pussy.

She felt so good on me, and looked amazing, but I wanted her pressed against me. I wanted to push deep into her. I pulled her down onto me then rolled over to get on top of her. I thrusted into her and she let out a soft moan. Her arms and legs wrapped around me as I thrusted into her Escort in a circular motion. My cock rolling around inside of her beautiful body.

While my cock explored her tight pussy our tongues swirled around each other. Soon her nails were digging into my back. Her moans had become higher pitch. Her body was tensing up and I knew she was close to having another orgasm. She squeezed me tight with her arms and legs when she came. She buried her face into my shoulder and let out several loud grunts and at least one “Oh Fuck!”, then her body loosened and she let her limbs fall back limp on the bed.

She was covered in sweat. Her amazing breasts were heaving as she was taking in deep breaths. I kissed her again and she moaned when my lips touched hers. When our lips parted her eyes fluttered open and she looked deep into mine.

“Are you gonna cum for me baby?”

I laughed a bit.

“I was letting you recover a bit before I gave you more,” I said.

As I said it I started to softly thrust in and out of her again. She moaned as I did, her hands reached down and grabbed my hips.

“This is so good Chris. I want you to wear me out baby. Fuck me hard.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I grabbed both of her thighs and held them apart. I sat up, looking down at her body. I pushed her legs back a bit, and straightened my legs behind me on the bed, when suddenly she put a hand on my abs.

“Not like that,” she said. “Don’t press my legs back like that.” I asked if she didn’t like it. “No, I do, but last time I did that position when I was drunk I was really loud and couldn’t help it.”

I laughed a bit. I told her not to worry, that there were probably tons of people having sex in the house and no one would care or know it was her. She was hesitant at first, but said ok.

I started to pound her, and she wasn’t kidding. When I had reassured her it was ok, I had no idea she would be this loud. Every time I would thrust into her she would let out a loud “mmph” or “unhh”. Her legs were straight out in a V shape and pressed as far back as they would go. Her pussy was spread wide open, her lips gripping my shaft as I pounder her. If anyone in the rooms next to us was already sleeping, they weren’t anymore. The next morning the talk around the house was trying to figure out who was so loud, and too high five the guy who made it happen, but I kept my mouth shut about it. There were eight rooms on my section of the floor, and everyone in them heard her.

Soon she realized that she was being way louder than she wanted to be, and she started to lightly tap my abs, as if tapping out. I was close to finishing, but I stopped for her.

“I can’t…” she panted. “It’s too much…how about, doggystyle.”

I flipped her over, she had her face against the pillow and her ass in the air. I asked if she was loud in this position and she just shook her head no.

Her ass looked just as perfect as the rest of her. I grabbed her hips and slid back into her dripping wet pussy. I was close to cumming, and I started to fuck her with a steady rhythm. She reached a hand under and was rubbing her clit. She was moaning in a way that let me know she was close too.

It took a lot of concentration to hold on and not cum before her. When she came she fell onto the bed. Her legs gave out and she was lying flat on her stomach. She screamed out, but buried her face in the pillow to muffle it. It was loud, but not as loud as when I had been pounding her a few minutes earlier. As soon as she finished I pulled out, pulled off the condom, and started to cum on her ass and back.

She has a small tattoo between her shoulderblades, and the first spurt of cum shot all the way up to it. The next couple also shot up her back. I pointed my cock at her ass and pumped the last several strands out, covering both cheeks.

Her face was on its side on my pillow. I leaned down and kissed her, then grabbed a hand towel to wipe my cum off of her. I laid next to her and she snuggled up next to me.

“That was amazing,” she said.

“It really was,” I told her.

I’d be lying if I said I knew then in that moment that I was going to marry this girl, but I definitely knew I wanted to hold on to her as best I could.

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