How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter 10)


You have to play dirty at times to get what you want. Lose a battle to win the war; set it free in order for it to return. What’s right and what’s wrong is only a matter of perspective. “You need to meet him, Cathy! Who knows, you might hit it off with him. He seems a nice guy,” I said, maintaining my persuasive tone.“I make my own choices, Noel! And in matters of love, I make my own rules too,” Cathy replied from the other end of the phone.”Absolutely. But will you at least meet him? Please! My reputation is at stake here.”There was a long pause on the other side on the phone.“Fine. Send me the location and the time. But remember, I am doing this to get back at my worthless husband.”“Thank you so much. You’re the best!”“Just one time. I cannot promise you anything more than that.”That’s what she said three months ago. But little did she know that Jimmy, Samuel’s brother, was not a quitter. Even though he was a year younger than Cathy, he was an aggressive person who would not take no for an answer. Just as two negatives attract each other, the two hotheads hit it off. In the greater scheme of things, I had ended up playing Cupid. They dated for three months before Cathy made known to us her decision about breaking up with Derry and getting serious with Jimmy.You have to play dirty at times to get what you want.I wanted revenge. I wanted to see Derry break down to the ground and I wished to give him a taste of his own medicine. I met the two lovebirds and expressed my desire to see Derry left as a broken man. I handed my phone over to Cathy, which contained the evidence of Derry’s infidelity, and told her to use it according to her discretion.“What do you want us to do?” Cathy and Derry spoke in unison.I saw the two faces who were staring at me in excitement, waiting for me to utter the next syllable.“Let Derry realise that Cathy is cheating behind his back. If he confronts you, you can use your trump card,” I said tapping the phone on the dining table.I am guilty of involving two lovers in payback for ruining my marriage. But the guilt was overpowered by the emotion of hatred, and so I decided to carry on playing dirty to get what I wanted.~~~~~~Life moves on, whether you decide to proceed or stay back regretting the past. My life with Bella was better than I expected. She worked as a nurse and was part of the morning shift. After being diagnosed with uterine cancer, immediate measures were taken to cease the spread of the rogue cells. The support we rendered, and ample amounts of love from everyone who knew her, rekindled in her the fire to fight back.With Kevin, Bella’s son, being sent to his grandparents’ home, Bella and I had the house to ourselves. We made love whenever we could: kitchen counter, dining table, living room floor and anywhere the moment hit us. We were like a newlywed couple who couldn’t get enough of each other, devouring one another and intoxicated in love.It was when we were making love that I realized that her mobile camera was recording our intimate moments of passion. Realizing that she bahis siteleri was up to some mischief, I allowed her to carry on with her little game. Once we had finished our ‘lovemaking’ session and were lying on the bed, I decided to address the issue.“So… how long before you were going to tell me what you are up to?” I said, gently stroking her head which was pressed against my chest.“What do you mean?” she questioned.I reached out to her phone and nudged her. Apparently, she found my chest quite comfortable which is why she didn’t bother to look at me.“Oh, that?” she said giggling. “That’s a little tease for Kate. You can have a peep.”While one hand stroked her hair, I began to browse through her phone. I found a couple of clips in the phone gallery. I wonder. I opened her Messenger and searched for Kate’s name. And as expected, I found thirteen of our ‘Love-making’ clips forwarded to Kate. I was horrified looking at the clips, which were recorded without my consent. I placed the phone back on the bedside table and wrapping my arms around Bella, began to cuddle her. Why would she do that? Why tease Kate of all people?The following morning, as I got ready for work, I asked Bella about her intentions of teasing Kate. She chuckled and answered, “I want to tease her. For her, I am the evil lady who is enjoying the man she loves.”“Come again?”Bella was facing the mirror and combing her hair to get ready for her check-up. She kept the comb down and turned around to face me.“Right, big guy. Kate still loves you. What I am doing is making her realize that she has to move on. Until she is over you, she is going to hurt herself watching our intimate scenes.”“How long have you been doing this?” I asked as she grabbed my coat and put it over me.“Been doing this for a month. She needs to find another guy. If not, she will never get over you.”“Hmm… Yes. Maybe we could set her up with another guy. Ah ha! Her birthday is coming up and maybe you can take her out. You know… a girls’ night… so that she can have some fun.”Bella gave me a narrow-eyed look and finally, a smile drew on her face. “Well… you sure do remember her birthday.” She came near me and wrapped her hands around me, giving me a kiss on the cheek and continued, “We will work it out with her.”~~~~~~What impressed me about Bella is, she was a person who knew how to get things done. Using her wit and sly tactics, she had people dancing at her fingertips. Where others saw failure, she saw an opportunity lurking around disguised as a catastrophe. She would fight tooth and nail to get what she wanted, and nothing could deter her from her goal. I knew her well enough to understand her, but not well enough to see through her plans; I knew her well enough to console her but not well enough to get her all excited; I knew her well enough to be a good lover but not well enough to be her husband. Knowing that she was always up to something, my mind was always sceptical about her motives.As planned, Bella had taken Kate to a nightclub to help her loosen up a bit. I stayed home canlı bahis siteleri with Sarah and decided to work on our father-daughter relationship, trying to make up for the lost time. After reading her a bedtime story and kissing her goodnight, I went to the living room to watch some movies and kill some time. At half past eleven, I heard Bella parking her vehicle in the garage.“So, where is Kate? Don’t tell me she hit it off with another man,” I said as I stood up to embrace Bella.Accepting my embrace, she kissed me. “Yup. She did. I hope she gets laid today. Hope you are fine with that.”“Why? Of course, I am fine with that,” I lied.“While Kate has her fun, why don’t we have ours too?” she taunted.“We have to wait till Kate arrives home. You don’t expect that we have sex in her bedroom, do you?”The mischievous twinkle in her eyes and the wink that followed it was an instant turn-on. Before I could object, she pressed her lips against mine, letting me taste the bitterness of white wine she had a while ago. The next thing I knew, we were rushing into the bedroom and undressing each other as we continued kissing with little breaks. Once we finished our oral duties, she begged me to enter her. Within a few minutes, I found my shaft deep into her, while her legs were wrapped around my waist, making love as if there was no tomorrow.Before I could climax, Bella motioned me to stop. I was frustrated and the same time, puzzled at the bizarre ending. She stood up and began dressing.“What’s the matter, Bels? Did I do something wrong?” I asked in a perplexed tone.Before I could say anything she opened the door and motioned for someone to come in. I was horrified as I knew it could only mean one person. Kate!“What’s the meaning of this?” I protested.As Kate entered the room, I instinctively covered myself with a cotton sheet. Even though Kate and I had seen each other naked, I felt exposed at that moment. But Bella, knowing was going on in my mind, came near to me and whispered, “It’s for her reparation. She rejected all the men who came near her tonight.”Turning towards Kate she said, “You know what you have to do, right?”With that, Kate came near the bed and knelt on the floor facing me. Bella followed her and, grabbing the sheet which was covering my groins, pulled it. I was naked and embarrassed. Noticing my embarrassment, Bella sat on the bed and pulled me close to her. Assuming that she was in control, I brought myself to the edge of the bed and Kate immediately positioned herself before my erect member.“Go on, bitch. You want to wipe away your guilt, don’t you?” Bella taunted.Kate nodded and grabbed my erect member with her trembling hands. Her eyes were locked onto mine as she brought her lips close to my shaft and planted a gentle kiss. The sensation of her moist lips touching the tip of my member sent a shiver down my spine. I clenched my fist as a wave of pleasure hit me and I couldn’t help but close my eyes in anticipation of what was going to come.I felt Kate’s tongue rolling from my balls to the tip canlı bahis of the shaft. She continued moving her tongue up and down my shaft trying to taste the pre-cum forming on the top. Before I could object any more, I felt her mouth closing on top of my shaft and slowly moving further down to swallow my entire member.“Caress his balls, girl! Is that how you worked on Derry? I’m thoroughly disappointed,” Bella barked.I didn’t bother to object. I let the girls do the talking and acting while I enjoyed the sensation of pure bliss. I felt Kate massaging my balls as she moved her mouth around my shaft. I felt Bella’s hand on the back of my head and before I knew it, I felt her lips pressing against mine. In response, I grabbed her hair and kissed her back passionately. Our lips were locked with each other’s and I continued to enjoy the treatment I was receiving from the two ladies who had impacted my life.I broke the kiss when I felt a teardrop on my groin. I looked at Kate and saw tears flowing down her cheeks as she continued pleasing me. Instinctively my hand moved across her head to caress her and give her a sign that I was enjoying it. At the very touch of my hand, she closed her eyes and let a few more tears roll down her cheek. I could feel that I was reaching my limit.“Come on. He is coming close. Be a little aggressive and like I instructed… not a drop is to be wasted,” Bella commanded.I had no idea what the deal was between the two ladies. I had reached my limit and tapping Kate’s head, I released myself. Kate worked hard on swallowing the seed which was shooting out from the tip of my dick. After being convinced that I was done releasing my cum, she began to lick my dick clean.“Okay, girl. You can sleep on the couch tonight. I have important business to finish with Noel,” Bella ordered.Kate nodded in understanding and stood up. She looked at me expecting me to intervene, but I chose not to respond. With disappointment splashed all over her face, Kate wiped her tears and walked out of the room.Bella had ended up making Kate a ‘Cuckqueen’. As I sat on the edge of the bed, trying to make sense of what had happened, a replay of the past event began to roll in my mind. This was the same treatment I had received two years ago. It all made sense–the video recording, the inaudible exchange between Bella and Kate had ultimately led to this. Bella had been teasing Kate and her love for me was still so strong that she obeyed Bella’s command. Now the only question that came to my mind was, who was Bella playing with? Kate or me?“So, big boy. Revenge, huh? How do you feel now?” Bella answered as she began to make herself comfortable on the bed.“A part of me feels good. Kate is getting a taste of her own medicine. But…” I answered.“But what?”“Am I any different from Kate? Years ago, she watched me being humiliated while I bore it with all my heart because I loved her. Today I did the same.”I stood up and began to dress. “I will be back… I need to settle something with Kate.”I came down to the living room and found Kate sitting and sobbing. Upon seeing me, she wiped her tears and fixed her eyes on me. Sitting beside her, I moved my hand to reach out to her face and kissed her. To my surprise, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hungrily.

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