how it all began for my small dick sissy husband

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how it all began for my small dick sissy husbandThe tears in his eyes and the look of fear on his face almost made it seem like he didn’t really want the severe assfucking he was about to get. Truth of the matter was, he had wanted it all along. He wanted to see his white slut wife get fucked like a cheap whore in front of him; he wanted a Black man to shoot his hot load of sticky cum in her wet cunt and dirty asshole. It had always been his fantasy to lick her well-fucked, loose pussy after she had been fucked her a group of Black male strangers who satisfied her insatiable cunt with severe pounding and brutal fucking. Tonight however, was his night. He was going to be transformed into the sissy, faggot bitch of his dreams. Tonight, he was going to take a big, hard, black cock in his asscunt and mouthpussy and beg for more.Yeah, the scared act was just that, an act. When he initially approached me with the idea, he kept reinforcing that I could do ANYTHING that I wanted to humiliate him, with heavy emphasis on anything. I told him that I wanted to turn his wife into a slut for black cock and have him watch. He objected and screamed and pouted like a little bitch. He didn’t want his wife to know balçova escort that he had such fantasies. He never wanted his wife to know that he lusted after dark flesh. She wouldn’t be able to look at him if she knew, at least that’s what he thought. He had compartmentalized his life so much that he thought he was the only man in the world who longed to suck black dick, who wanted more than to just be a cuckold but to be transformed into a cocksucking faggot whore himself. Turns out, she was having the exact same ebony fantasies, hiding it from him, ashamed, lying in order to hide her lust for black sexuality. Come to find out that his wife not only had dreams and fantasies of being a nasty slut wife, but she always would rub her slack, loose pussy to thoughts of seeing her little dicked husband dressed like a tramp with a black cock in his mouth and a black cock in his fuckhole at the same time. My job was easy. All I had to do was set it up so that they could both serve my lover Jackson and I. After at least a half hour of fucking, Jackson pulled out of his wife and motioned for him to come closer. He looked funny as hell wobbling on those high heels and resembled escort balçova a classic white sissy slut in his outfit of women’s cheap lingerie, flat ass, pale skin, matted wig, and trashy red lipstick. I pushed his head down on Jackson’s cock and made him clean up his wife’s twat juices and the cum my lover had left in her twat. He was actually a better cocksucker than his wife but you know what they say about men knowing how to please another man, He deepthroated and gagged, just like a porn star. Spit ran down the sides of his mouth and he wanted that hot cum, that was evident. I ordered him back on the bed and told him to hold his legs open. His cock was red and leaking precum and might have measured a full 5 inches if you were feeling particularly generous with the ruler. He kept asking me not to make him go through with it, not to make him into a white faggot for black cock, but he was holding his legs up and he eyes were singing another song.Jackson pushed the first few inches in in one thrust and he screamed out. His breathing was hard and he was thrashing around on the bed. Not once did he attempt to take the dick out or say stop. My baby was trying his absolute balçova escort bayan best to hold still and let him get accustomed to that enormous prick but that boycunt felt too fucking hot, too fucking tight. He slammed into him balls deep and started fucking him like he was a cheap whore. By then, he had lost all pretenses and was begging to have his white sissy pussy FUCKED and fucked hard, to make him a little-dicked bitch boy. “Oh God, I love it, Give it to me. Give me that superior Black dick. I love it. Fuck me harder. Make it hurt. Ram it in me. Deeper, harder damn you! It feels so fucking good. Fuck my white pussy. Make me your little bitch. Own me. Use me. Oh … that feels so good. Fuck the … out of my dirty pussy asshole. Drive it in with all your might. Breed me. Make it hurt. Dump your hot cum in my sissy faggot cum hole. FUCK, I’m addicted. I need big, black cocks fucking me night and day. Use me like your dirty whore. I love it. . . . I love you . . . FUCKING NASTY DIRTY WHITE CUM PIG FOR BLACK COCK” He was grunting and moaning and crying. Jackson grabbed his legs, held them high in the air and rammed his hole with all his might. It was probably the hardest fuck I’d ever seen with my own two eyes. His wife was fisting her cunt, … and cumming all over the place. He took every inch and kept begging for more. Jackson emptied his load deep in that little faggot ass and pulled his cock out to let him clean him up like the filthy cock slut he really was.

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