How It All Started


Catherine took a sigh of relief after the hotel room door shut tight. Finally after a day of forced smiles and engaged small talk with strangers she lay down on the bed to relax and flip on the remote to catch the local weather. In Orlando for software convention and the only realization she had so far about her implementation project is that it wasn’t going to be easy. But then again, she thought, nothing for me in my current job ever is. After watching the rest of the news, she glanced over at the clock, and calculated she had about fifteen minutes to get ready before having to head downstairs to catch the bus. The group was to go over to Pleasure Island for the evening entertainment. The last time she traveled for work she spent quite a few evenings out, but that had been in Vegas with one of her good friends, Rachel, along for the ride. At least the guys I met from the other company seem to be cool, she thought. She headed to the bathroom to get ready and minutes later she was out the door.

After traveling by bus the group was left at the Players Club at Downtown Disney. The good news was drinks were flowing heavily, and she began to relax and enjoy the evening with the small group of folks she knew. After dinner and more than a few rum and cokes the group headed over to a comedy club across the street for an hour, before finally settling for the evening at 8 Tracks, the eighties dance club. Drinks continued as the group danced to Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, and more. One of the guys she was with, Mark, actually almost knew as many of the lyrics from the songs as she did and a lip-syncing contest ensued. While she continued to dance after he lost the contest by a unanimous vote, she smiled knowing that being the only female in the group had its advantages when Mark brought back another drink for her from the bar. As she continued to drink, her mind drifted to the last time she went out dancing. Even though this was fun, it was not nearly as much fun as the last time.

Last February while at a two day conference she went out with some friends from work to a local hotel bar and dance club. At first it had seemed kind of silly to go there, until everyone began to hit the dance floor after a few drinks. Rachel had been there, as well as a bunch of the guys from work. She smiled remembering how much fun it had been to watch Rachel let loose and dance and have a good time. She herself had quite a good time, probably too good of a time dancing with Brian. Not exactly sure how it had happened initially, she distinctly remembered the feel of him up behind her while dancing and how it teased her mind of all the things she didn’t know about him but would be curious to find out. Sliding into him against the beat of the music had put her into dangerous territory once she realized his hand was beginning to wrap more closely around her waist and pull her to him. Even though she craved to get closer and tease him more, she had to stop herself from getting too close; reminding herself she was surrounded by people from the office. He had been a hard one to get to know, but over time and with extroverted Rachel as the common denominator, they had grown to be friends. Of course that night, at least initially, she just figured their behavior only a result of the alcohol, but interesting nonetheless and they had continued to dance until the club closed.

Later than evening after the group headed over to the Waffle House, they drove the short distance back to the hotel, separating into two cars so that Brian canlı bahis and she were alone. They had continued to laugh and joke, walking closely together after they got out of the car and headed up the sidewalk. Brian paused for a minute while walking and commented on how much alike they were. It would not have been so much of a big deal normally for him to say that, but the way he said it and the look her gave her when she turned around to him at the same time forced her to pause. She remembered thinking it felt like time stood still for a few seconds after he said it, and then immediately she brushed it aside and kept walking forward and didn’t look back, thinking surely he could not of been hinting at what she thought he was. Of course they were friends, but both of them were married and there had never so much as been any sort of romantic spark between them before. Probably just the alcohol talking she figured. Since then occasionally the evening and his words had crossed her mind, mostly making her wonder if she had misread him, but each time she had thought about it she had quickly shut it out of her conscious and convinced herself she was wrong. But tonight, for some reason, the moment returned to her and she thought of him. They really were a lot alike even though on the surface they appeared very different. And what was even more, he knew her a lot better than most people, including her own husband sometimes. Guess that’s what two years of working together will do to you, she thought, as her head hit the pillow hours later in the hotel room.


The instructor droned on at the front of the room as Catherine checked her watch one more time. She was worried about a couple of the emails she seen earlier during the break about her project while checking up on work from the office. Oh well, she thought, nothing I can do right now. After trying for a few minutes to focus on the material in the training class, her mind drifted again to the evening before and quickly to Brian, again. She glanced down at her cell phone lying in her purse. What would he think if she sent him a text message?

She grabbed the phone without thinking another second and began typing one out. “Missed you while dancing last night. The guys here can’t hang like you can.” Maybe that will at least bring a smile to his face, she thought. She laid the phone back down on the table and tried to focus on the training. Minutes passed by slowly, until she noticed her phone began to vibrate. Opening it she saw she had a return message back from Brian. In anticipation she opened it. His response, ” What can I say? I’m good.

She smiled, and then started typing a rather cryptic response before she knew it. “Yes, you are. Just don’t tell anyone I said it.” She hit send and then put the phone back down, smiling. Well, I guess I did a good thing by at least putting a smile on someone’s face today she thought. Brian really is a nice guy. She leaned back in her chair and continued to suffer through the rest of the presentation.


She threw her book across the room and flopped on the bed. Finally, the day was over. She had a few hours before dinner to enjoy all to herself. Using the remote control she turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. Nothing was really on but the local news on. Bored, she thought about going to the pool but it was a little too chilly for that. Maybe I’ll just sit out on the balcony and read. The hotel room she had was on the fourth floor and overlooked a pond bahis siteleri area and a thatch of pine trees. She opened the sliding glass door and sat down in one of the small white chairs. The monorail passed by and she watched as kids with their faces glued to the window and their exhausted parents sailed by. How upsetting to be in Disney World and not really having any fun, she thought. It would be so cool if I was here with Rachel, or even Brian. At least I feel more comfortable with them and can let loose.

She felt the breeze on her face and shivered a little in her sleeveless shirt. Opening her book she started to read a few paragraphs before she realized that she was just reading words on the page but thinking of Brian instead. Oh Brian she thought as she smiled, “What is it that keeps you coming back to my mind?” Glancing down she noticed her nipples begin to firm up in the cool air. Catherine had always been proud of her naturally full C-cup breasts. Of course, not one to be the life of the party she used them sparingly, but they definitely had their advantages. Putting down her book she ran her right hand lightly up her stomach and to her chest, gently cradling her right breast in her hand. The feel of her touch made her remember how amazing it felt like to have someone touch her like they wanted her. It had been so long since she felt that way. Usually her husband was in such a rush he treated her more like a one night stand, if he was interested at all.

She continued to caress her breast, imagining what it would feel like to have someone else find her desirable, wanting to touch her and hold her the way she most desired. However, she had never chosen to act on such temptation, believing above all else that marriage was about loyalty, something she deeply believed in. And so, she continued to fantasize. She had often heard Brian make jokes about his relationship with his wife, so maybe it was normal to be unsatisfied and wanting of so much more. Maybe that was the reason she had thought about that night in February more than once since then.

And then the irony of it all occurred to her, and suddenly, sitting there as she began to tease her nipple between her thumb and fingertips. Brian entered her mind in a capacity where he had never been before, her fantasies.

She imagined him to be a cautious and conservative lover at first, until completely comfortable with himself and his partner, and the she pictured he might have a wild side similar to hers. What would it feel like to have his hands on her face, his eyes looking into hers? She slipped her hand between her wrap shirt and underneath her bra so she could feel skin on skin. Her nipple was hard, reacting to the stimulus she was providing, both physical and mental. She continued to tease the right one until moving to her left breast. Both of her nipples were now clearly visible through her white bra and shirt, full and engorged from her touch. She leaned forward to undo her bra, removing it from beneath her shirt as her breasts were let free. She continued to tease her nipples, imagining Brian’s hand on them. How amazing it would feel to have him take one in his mouth and tease it with his tongue, she thought, an idea that made her stir in her chair. She undid her shirt a bit, and slid her right breast out of it and brought it up to her mouth where she used the tip of her tongue to lick the nipple. Oh how she wanted to feel him take it in his mouth and suck on it. She wanted to put her hands around his head and pull him to her bahis şirketleri breast and offer herself to him. She let out a deep sigh as she continued to stimulate them. How she wanted to remove her shirt and go free here on the balcony, but unfortunately being in full sight of the monorail she had to disguise her activities somewhat.

She felt herself growing more aroused and a warm feeling began to grow in between her legs. She stretched her left let up and out, placing her foot on the balcony rail. Still touching her breasts she said Brian’s name out loud imagining her calling his name out as the foreplay between them continued. Her hand moved from her breast down her stomach and down and around her thigh. She anticipated Brian’s touch would be gentle yet firm, exploring her curves for more than few moments before unwrapping the rest of the package. Oh and how she wanted him the more she fantasized. The silk black Capri pants she was wearing felt slick and smooth next to her skin as she moved her hand to her pelvis area. With them still on, she moved her right hand lightly down in between her legs to answer the growing desire. Rubbing herself through her pants, she could only last a few minutes before having to undo the side clasp on them. Just as she did she heard the hum of the monorail and felt the vibration of the impending train. She stopped to let the train go by before she continued further. As it passed she thought about running her hands through his hair as he pulled her towards him for passionate kisses, until she begged for more. The heat of his body next to hers would set off a chain reaction down her spine and in between her legs. Her clitoris would begin to tingle against her panties as he moved his hands up her thigh beneath her skirt to tease her.

When the monorail passed she moved to slide her Capri pants down and off onto the balcony floor. Now sitting in her shirt and underwear, she continued rubbing her breasts with one hand as the other moved back down to rub against her flesh. She sighed deeply at the feel of her engorged clitoris through her white cotton underwear. She felt the damp wetness that was flowing from her opening, soaking through her panties. She slid a finger beneath them, pulling them to the side and exposing her throbbing slit to the cool air. She slipped one finger into her dripping hole while she rubbed against her pussy lips with the others, imagining what it would feel like to have Brian’s cock tease the opening of her hole.

She gasped as she masturbated herself harder, wanting to feel his hard dick inside her moist cunt. Oh yeah, she thought, the feel of his rock solid member inside of her would bring her to screams. She loved a wild noisy fuck. In and out she played with herself, shoving three and then four fingers inside her tight slit as she pictured him fucking her in every position imaginable.

The images came clearly in her mind. The two of them fucking on a hotel bed, her bent over being slammed in an elevator, riding him in the pool…one after another they flooded her as she brought herself to the brink of orgasm until she could take it no longer. “Oh god, fuck…” she screamed out loud into the air. “I’m cummmming…” And with that she shook violently with her fingers still up her hot cunt as her orgasm reached her, and the wave of relief came over her. She smiled and paused for a minute, marveling at her dripping pussy and the intensity of her orgasm. I can’t believe I just did that she thought. Clearly there was more to her relationship with Brian than what she originally pictured. Now the real question was whether or not she would ever share her realization with him. Probably not, she thought. After all, they would never act on it so what good would it do.

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