How it came about with my son. Chapter 2


How it came about with my son. Chapter 2How it came about with my son: Chapter two:It had been just a little over a week since my son had used my prostrate vibrator on me and I had just came in the door and my son said to me, “Dad I think I am ready to try out that new toy of yours if you don’t have anything else planned.” Boy was I glad to hear those words coming out of his mouth. Nevertheless, I asked, “Are you sure?” He just nodded his head yes and then I told him to go into the bedroom and I would go get the play toy. When I got in the bedroom he was just taking his clothes off and he turned grandbetting yeni giriş to me and said, “You don’t mind if I get undressed do you?” I gave him the thumbs up signal and just as I did I got to see his wonderful looking hard cock. I wanted to grab a hold of it right then and there but just let my temptation slide on by. I told him to lie down on the bed and get in position so I could lube him up good. He looked over towards me and asked, “Why don’t you just get undressed too.” Without answering him I took off my clothes and went over to the bed and had just grandbetting giriş poured some lube in his crack and was starting to work some in with my finger and that was when he reached back and took my cock in his hand and started stroking it.I let a small moan and that is when he spoke up and said, “I want to make you feel batter if you will let me.” I just shook my head yes and then he sat back up on the bed and put his arms around my waist and pulled me toward him and grabbed my cock in his hand again and then put his lips down against it and started licking it with grandbetting güvenilirmi his tongue and I thought I was going to shoot my wad right then and there. He deep throated me a couple of times and then without saying anything he pulled back and got up from the bed and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed down on them until I was seated on the bed.Then he pushed his cock with pre-cum on it against my lips and started pushing it through my lips until I gagged some then he pulled back some and started fucking me in the mouth. I felt him tense up and he jerked it out just before he shot his load. But some of his cum lit on my chest and he was about to wipe it off when I heard a car come it the drive. He looked out the window and said. “Its mother!” we both jumped up and he headed for his room and I grabbed my clothes and hurried off into a nearby bathroom. Watch for Chapter three:

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