How My Boyfriends Friend Tricked me

Double Penetration

How My Boyfriends Friend Tricked meIt was a late Saturday night, maybe around 10 pm or so. I was relaxing on the couch watching TV. The lights were turned off, and my boyfriend **** was out having a guy’s night out with his best friend Jack. This was so perfect. I had a nice night to myself, doing woman things like doing my nails, taking a wonderful hot bath, and even shaving my legs, and my pussy so soft and silky. I was wearing just a long triple x-shirt, I borrowed from ****’s closet, no bra, and a sexy black thong underneath. Out of nowhere, the door unlocked, and opened. It was ****, and Jack coming in. I was startled. I wasn’t expecting my boyfriend this early, and I had no idea Jack was coming home with him. “You’re home early,” I said to ****. “Yeah, it was boring out so we came here to drink,” **** responded. I could tell they were already buzzed from being out, but they brought home some Tequila, and a twelve pack of beer. I was wearing a skimpy shirt that covered just below my ass, but I didn’t worry to much about it since it only showed off my legs. As long as my nipples didn’t get hard, I really didn’t worry about changing clothes. I just sat back on the couch. **** turned the lamp light on, and the boy’s continued to drink. **** asked, “Summer, want a shot of Tequila?” “Sure, sounds good,” I replied. I had a few shots, and was getting so tired. I was in a light buzz now, and was feeling great. It was around midnight. “Okay boy’s, I’m off to bed,” I said. I gave **** a sweet kiss, and off türbanlı mersin escort to bed I went. I got in my room, and took all my clothes off. I was completely naked. I got into bed, and lay on my back. The lights were then turned off, the room was totally dark. I was listening to the men be loud, as I was falling asleep they were drinking away. It must have been shortly later, ****, and Jack ran out of booze. **** agreed to run to the store to get more, it was late, and the nearest liquor store was about 25 minutes away at this time of night. I’m still not sure to this day, but Jack made some kind of excuse not to go with ****. **** grabbed his keys. “I’ll be back in about 25 minutes Jack.” **** left. I was now asleep in my warm comfy bed. I was lying on my back. Out of nowhere. I slightly woke, My pussy was being licked. I spread my legs open, and let Jack was have his way with my pussy. The room was pitch black, my eyes were shut, and I was still half asleep. Jack was digging his face, and fingers into my wet hot cunt. I was slowly gliding my hips. My arms were at my side as I continued to enjoy a nice pussy licking. “Mhmmm, Jack that feels so damn good,” I said. I figured if **** was going to let him fuck me, then I’m down. Jack just continued away at my pussy, taking nice advantage that I was letting him service me so good. I could feel Jack’s hands caressing my tummy, and breasts, back and forth as he was mulling my pussy with that tongue türbanlı mersin escort bayan of his. I figured my boyfriend **** gave Jack the go ahead to come play with me. All of a sudden, I felt the sheets being pulled off me. Jack got on me, he then slid his cock into my soaking wet pussy. Jack was slowly grinding me good. For some reason this cock felt better than ****’s. I figured it was feeling so good because I was still half asleep, and my buzz was still rolling. “My god Jack, your cock feels so good, hit me harder.”Jack was now pumping my pussy real good, I was moaning loud so **** could hear me from the living room. I was so in a dead sleep, I thought my boyfriend was enjoying Jack giving me this good hot pounding. Jack grabbed my tit, and started sucking on it. My pussy was continuing to be fucked as Jack was mounting my pussy with his hard cock. I must be out of it with this buzz, cause this feels way better than **** usually does it, damn it was feeling so fucking good. Jack then rolled me over on my tummy. I spread my legs, and lifted my ass slightly. I was lying there still in half asleep. Jack started eating my ass. My god this is my favorite thing. I could feel his tongue gliding in, and out of my asshole. I was so being tongue fucked like I never have been before. “Oh my god Jack, eat my ass, my god eat it, Fuck Jack,” I was moaning loud. Jack continued eating away at me. Then Jack crawled up. He stuck his hard cock in my ass. Jack türbanlı escort mersin was slowly working my asshole till he worked his hard throbbing cock all the way into my ass. Jack started thrusting my ass so furious, his hands cuffed my tits, as his hips were slapping hard against my aching tight ass. “Fuck me baby,” I cried out. I could hear the moans from Jack as he continued thrusting my ass, it must of been feeling so good to him cause his moans were deep, and my tits were being squeezed like no other. I finally awoke from my sleep. The thrusting of my ass was feeling so good. I let Jack continue to drill my ass, I didn’t care at this point what **** would think. I was starting to climax from my ass being brutally fucked so hard. “My god baby, hit it, keep hitting it, I’m going to cum.” I was panting, and whispering so naughty, and even biting my lower lip as Jack was fucking me. All of a sudden Jack started really moaning so loud.I then felt my ass being filled up with hot cum, Jack’s cock was unleashing cum into my ass load after load. Jack finished, and then pulled out. I was ready to fall back asleep, and then pass out. Of course with a smile on my face. That was great sex I must say. Sometime passed, and **** crawled in my bed. **** was trying to get some, and woke me up. “Stop it ****.”“You let Jack come in, and then let him fuck me,” I said. “WTF” **** yelled out. I told **** what happened, ****’s jaw dropped. Jack had already left. We did kind of laugh about it, that fucker had a plan that night to get a piece of my ass. We are still friends with Jack till this day, but trust me, **** will not ever leave him alone with me. I can’t believe to this day that I really thought **** let Jack come in our room, and then let him fuck me. That’s what you get for going on a beer run, and leaving your girlfriend at home with a drunk friend. The End ..

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