How my wife found out I was Bi!


How my wife found out I was Bi!This story is very true.And my life has been richer for it,let me explain. My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years now, but this story takes place almost 18 years ago. She is a beautiful, sexy woman, she owns her own business and has been successful for many years now.She’s 5 foot 6 inches, 140lbs which is just how I like it. Very top heavy 44DDD, hourglass figure like the pinup girls from Marilyn Monroe era of women.Both nipples are huge and pierced, and a few classy tattoos that are well hidden. That said we have been together since our late teens and around the time of this incident we had fallen into a rut.So when her birthday came around, I asked her what she really wanted, and at first she said that she just wanted some clothes or some nice perfume. And I knew that she deserved more.Our sex lives have always been very spicy, and by that I mean very little was out of the question. So being the husband that I am, I took it upon myself to book us for a week at Hedonism in Jamaica. For those that don’t know, Hedonism is a wild couples resort where swinging is all but encouraged by its nudist perspective. I wouldn’t tell her anything other than gaziemir escort I was taking her away out of the country for a week.Now with her owning her own business, and me owning mine there were no boss for us to check with. We arrived in Jamaica and the transport service swept is away from the main resort, to our own slice of adult heaven. Upon check in we were given our itinerary for the first few days experiences. Complete with a toga party,and lots of food and drinks. We made it to our room, and couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. Of course I packed plenty of toys for us to play with four the week. So I picked her up by the waist, flipped hey upside down, and we were locked in a standing 69 for what seemed like forever. I didn’t put her down until I started to cum down her throat. As I lay her on the bed she’s shaking and shivering becausea massive wave of orgasm had swept through her from head to toe.We lay there catching our breath and she mumbles”best birthday ever”.And I told her that she hasn’t seen shit yet. Later that evening we went to the toga party, and I had scored some really good pot after we arrived. So we were feeling very good, but hungry. gaziemir escort bayan We hit the buffet and met a couple named Pete and Becky, they were a wild couple who lived to have a good time. As we ate, I noticed that my wife and Becky were really getting along well. And had made plans for us to hook up after the party for a nightcap. I had known that my wife was Bi but never told her that I was too. So after the party we went back to our villa, and Pete and I had some drinks while the ladies continued to dance and make out. Becky reminded me of the pornstar Janine Lindemulder, and Pete reminded me of WWE star Roman Reigns he was a pacific islander with superlong hair and a big bulge, which told me everything I needed to know. As the girls were dancing and making out, I suggested that we go out to the pool area naked so we could all have some fun.The girls needed no further prodding, and neither did the boys. We all stripped naked and I rolled up a fatty and off we went.Pete was at least 6 inches soft, and my mouth was watering. The girls were starting to kiss and finger each other and my cock was getting so hard between their sounds of wanton lust, escort gaziemir and my desire to taste Pete’s big cock.Then it happened, Pete reach over and grabbed my cock and without warning, starts going down on me underwater. Fuck that felt sooooooo good.He’d come up for air every minute or so, and we’d kiss. I thought to myself, next time he comes up for air, I’m going to eat that monster he’s got till he’s pumping my guts full of yummy cum. He came back up and by the time he cleared the water from his eyes,my throat was wrapped around his throbbing cock.Now I’m not saying that I’m part fish, but I didn’t need to come up for air as often.And I heard my wife ask Pete where I was, next thing I know she’s underwater with me passing his big cock from my mouth to hers then back again.We eventually got out of the pool and made our way to the bedroom suite. The girls 69nd and so did we. And we were all going for broke.Then Pete yelled that he was cumming and he flooded my mouth and throat with his sweet tasting cum, and I wasn’t far behind. Because he got more than a mouthful, but greedily swallowed everything I had to give.Doobie time. We smoked for a bit while the girls finished up, and then the girls joined us with the Doobie.We all laughed and talked for hours until the sun came up.Get ready for part 2Because that was the first time my wife ever pulled my ass apart for a huge cock, but it sure wasn’t the last. Tell me if you like it, and if it’s worthy of the next effort.

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