How to get fired….with style! Part 2


How to get fired….with style! Part 2I’m sure Gary saw the dread in my eyes just as he said “Ready for round 2?” He talked me up while positioning me on all fours on top of my bed. He informed me that “it does get better” which I struggled with as he pushed his cock into my backside hole. I grunted loudly and gave out a faint sob as he began to slowly work in and out of my body. My hole was heating up, the friction was extremely hard. Gary’s strokes went deeper as did my pain. I yelled out a few swear words and slammed my fist into the mattress. Gary changed gears and began to degrade me. “You’re just another hole for my cock!” And a few more things were said but that line about me just being another hole really excited me. I liked how slutty it made me feel. I put my head on the mattress and put both hands on my ass cheeks. I spread them open and began to buy into my role. “Fuck me hard!” “I’m your bottom boi!” Gary’s pace quickened and soon the slapping sound echoed in my bedroom. His pelvis slammed hard into me. I still felt enormous pain but I liked the treatment Gary was giving me. Then just before Gary pulled out of me to cum on my ass. The pain disappeared, a warm sensation covered my sweaty body and I became almost numb. The last few deep strokes into my slutty hole were barely felt but I do recall an empty feeling as he pulled out his longsword and emptied his contents onto my backside. My hole throbbed, it wanted him back inside were I could feel him. Gary let out a few manly cries as he rubbed out his creamy seeds onto my crack. I felt the liquid run down my back and off my side. I reached back and ran fingers through it and then tasted the salty and terrible tasting fluids. I gagged them down. Gary rubbed his softening cock up between my ass. He had me hold my newly enlarged hole open for him as it slowly tried to close. I pushed out some secretions as Gary instructed. It slid down my dangling ball sack and dripped off onto the mattress. I remember feeling incredibly weak and struggled to stand up. It was wierd but I stayed on my tippy pendik escort toes instead of flat footed as I followed Gary into my shower. Gary let me wash his body and I tried to get him erect by falling on my knees and sucking his cock. Gary was spent, for now…still he seemed amused with my efforts.I wanted Gary to stay but he had to leave for home. He had a job to get to. He got dressed. As he stood in the doorway, I approached him…still naked after the shower. I felt compelled to kiss him but he stopped me. “I have a partner and I don’t kiss just anyone.” It hurt a little and I felt cheapened by his comment. Tears formed in my eyes, I wiped them away and couldn’t look him in the eye. Gary sighed heavily. “Look, I like fucking young tight bottom guys like you”, he put a hand on my shoulder. “I have an open relationship with my partner and he knew about us meeting for sex. We are committed to each other and I never kiss on first times. But, if you’re interested in…” My eyes got big and my sad tears turned into tears of joy. Gary let me hug him. He let me squeeze him for about a minute then pushed me back a little. “”If you are serious about meeting again, I need you to do a few things for me.” In that moment I was willing to do anything in my excitement. “First, you can’t have sex with anyone else…that includes sticking anything up your ass… I want it as tight as it is now. Second…” Gary paused and he looked as if he was about to insult me. “I need you to lose about ten pounds.” I tried to hide my disappointment. I was stunned that my 115lbs slight frame wasn’t enough. Gary interrupted my thoughts, “I like really lean bois, if you want to keep my attention you need to lose the weight and tone up. I like six pack abdominals and a hard ass. Do lunges and squats for the ass and sit-ups for the abs.” Gary saw that I was still processing. He said later and left. I locked up and went to sleep. I awoke from a deep hard sleep to discover my body ached all over. It was nearly impossible to lay on my backside or even sit in a chair. I called escort pendik in sick, took lots of pain medication and slept. I only woke up to make mad dashes to the bathroom to expell the remanents of our encounter. It burned as I pushed out. Still, I dwelled on how good it felt having Gary’s cock in my ass…. I began to wonder when it would happen again. I messaged him.It took over a day for Gary to get back to me. My body still ached but not as bad. I started doing the perscribed workout instructions. I also began rubbing ice on my still swollen hole. I’d sit on the toilet and administer the treatments between my legs. Gary was interested in meeting me again but this time he wanted to come to my workplace. At first, I was hesitant but Gary pressured me by saying he had another boi in waiting if I “wasn’t up to it.” I caved easily. We agreed on meeting nine days later. I started my shift and had done my first rounds of the building. Mike parked behind the building and I let him in by the loading dock doors. I was shaking nervously as I made sure the door locked in behind him. I took him to a corner office where no cameras were. I took off my pants, socks and shoes. Gary insisted I keep my shirt on because it turned him on. I bent over a desk and spread my ass open. I heard Gary unzip and lower his pants. His belt buckle made a metallic sound as it dropped down around his ankles. He moved up against me and teased me with his cock rubbing up in my crack. I felt his warmth and his pole enlarge. I got really excited. Just then my walkie went off. I heard my supervisor’s angry voice “Why are you not at the front desk?? I just drove by your building.” I turned quickly and fumbled around for my walkie. I thought quickly and told him I was in the bathroom and I’d be out in a minute. I felt pretty good about my excuse but it was short lived.”Why was the door near the docks opened a few minutes ago and did you know there is a strange car parked by your car?” I looked at Gary and saw a surprised look in his eye. I looked down at his long hard tool, it pendik escort bayan bounced around almost calling me. Gary smiled, he liked this! My nipples got hard and I u*********sly began rubbing my cock with my other hand. I came up with a suitable excuse saying I’d forgotten my lunch and had to run out to get it…as for the car, I said it was there when I got here. My supervisor accepted my answer but gave me one more question to check if I was ok. I gave the appropriate answer and the crisis was overtted. Gary turned me around and pushed me over the desk. He stuffed his meat into my shaft. I gulped hard as he penetrated me for the first time without any lube. It hurt but not nearly as bad as that second round. The desk shook as Gary gripped my hips and buried his tools into my tight box. My knees banged into the metal drawers. Gary’s breathing got heavier as did the pounding into my ass. My head bobbed up and down each time he slammed down into my hole. I felt the burning sensation, I felt how empty it felt when he pulled out and how full I felt as he slid back into me. I couldn’t believe how awesome this moment was. But just when I was really getting into it, Gary climaxed inside me. He pumped his bodily fluids deep inside, breeding me. I weakened as if my body was giving up. A sweat started to bead up over my face. It felt right. I then slipped up by saying, “I love you.” Under my heavy breathing. It was met by silence. Gary bent over me and held himself deep inside for a few moments. He then pulled out unexpectedly and quickly pulled his pants up. I continued to be bent over the desk. I feared to turn around and see the look on Gary’s face. Then Gary asked if I was going to move. I stood up and a rush of blood made me off balance. I stumbled for a few seconds, then got dressed. I felt secretions run out of my hole down my leg. I pressed my pants leg up against it to stop it from running onto my socks and shoes. Gary said he needed to go. I checked the cameras before opening the back door. Gary slipped out and very faintly he said “I really like you.” My heart began to jump. I watched him drive away. Just minutes later, I found myself on the toilet pushing out Gary’s seeds. Still, I hoped some stayed inside me.Part 3- where I actually get fired coming soon

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