How to get pregnant part 1 and 2


How to get pregnant part 1 and 2How to get pregnant Part 1Donna and I are a white couple, We have been married for 2 years . Some people consider us as an odd couple because of how different it was between my wife and I. I am 60 years young, a fit build, very out going and confidant. Donna is 37 years old, on the plump side, keeps to herself and has no confidence .You got to wonder what I saw in her. After dating a lot of bimbos it was a pleasant change to meet a down to earth woman. I could see Donna really cared about me and that was something missing in my life.What did Donna see in me? A person who listened to her. A man who took his time to make sure she was satisfied and happy. Some one who wanted more than a physical relationship.Donna did not have a lot of sexual experience. All of her former boyfriends were the type to fuck the plump chick, dump your load and go. It was amazing to Donna that I wanted to do other things with her like go out dancing and having dinner together . We ended up being married with in 6 months of dating. Donna did gain some confidence and was more aggressive sexually in the 2 years we were married.A year ago we decided to start a family. Donna’s biological clock was ticking and she always wanted a c***d. After no success it was time to visit a doctor. Here we are sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Donna goes in and has her exam. She comes out and tells me they want a sperm sample from me. The nurse walks out and hands me a sample cup. She then instructs me to go into this private room where I am to masturbate for the sample. I ask if my wife can come in with me. She said yes.Once we are in the room I noticed porn magazines are in there. “You can go out honey I just look at these magazines” I said.“I think I got something better than your magazine “ Donna said as she pulls out my dick and starts sucking on it. I still was looking at the magazine as Donna was sucking me. In no time I was ready to shoot my load. Donna pulls my dick out her mouth and into the cup while still jerking me. I did come good and hard.“ Boy you camed fast and hard. What the hell were you looking at?” as she grabbed the magazine to see .It was a picture of a black stud fucking a skinny 20 year old something white chick. Donna looked at me and shook her head.We waited to get some of the results. They called us back in. The doctor gave us the results. First off it was said my sperms were not the strongest swimmers but in a normal fertile female they might get the job done. Then the news about Donna.It was said she was close to the end of the line for being fertile. It would take a bit more for the sperm to impregnate her and every biological factor would have to be 100% lined up for it to happen. We had options if we wanted them like donor sperm with artificial insemination or the best option of my sperm and Donna’s egg with a host mother. If all else fail you had adoption. Best thing to do is not to think about it and hope it just happens but time is running out.Donna was desolated. She all ways wanted to carry a baby. On the way home she did not talk. It broke my heart to see her so down in the dumps.Once we got home Donna broke her silence.“No man wants me. Not even my husband. You had to look at a picture of a young woman to be able to give a sperm sample. You plan on leaving me for a skinny younger woman.” she said.I tried to explain to her that is further from the truth than you think. There is no other woman out there that I want to be with. She still did not believe me despite all my reassurance about our relationship. Donna was slipping back into being insecure about herself. I got to do something about this.I told her we were taking a vacation time from our jobs and spending a couple of nights at a nice 5 star hotel. She told me she did not want to go. She also told me to go by myself.“We are going together as a couple. Now make plans to go.” I said forcefully.It was the day to take our mini vacation from our high pressured lives. Donna did not speak much on the way to the hotel. Once we checked in she did loosen up a little seeing how plush a place is. The hotel had a happening night life bar and pool area know for its salt water pools.I took Donna out for a nice supper. She seemed a little happier with us out. It was about 8pm when we were heading back to the hotel. The bar at the hotel was opened and music was playing.I said lets go dancing. At first she was a hesitant but gave in. We danced a couple of songs and had one drink. The crowd was a lot younger than what we are used to . Mostly early twenties. “I can see most of the skinny young women are getting to asked to dance. I bet no one comes up to me and ask me to dance.” Karen said.Here we go again . Things were getting better now she is slipping back.“Of course no one is going to ask you to dance. You are with me.” I saidDonna still thought otherwise.“I tell you what. I am going to the bathroom and then I am going to sit at the other end of the bar. I bet you with in 15 minutes someone will ask you to dance. But before I go you got to throw out a little bait” I said.“A little bait?’ she asked.I reach over and unbutton the 2 top buttons on her blouse. I then told her to pull up those bra straps to show more cleavage. To my surprise she did pull up her bra straps and tugged a little on her breast to show them off. She does have a nice set of breast.I went into the bathroom to take a leak. Man I just hope some one ask Donna to dance or it go to be a long depressing night. Just happen a young good looking black man walks into the bathroom. He takes a whiz right next to me. I glance over. Let me just say if I was packing a six shooter he was packing a cannon.We started to make small talk about how this bar is a happing place. I told him my wife and I are from out of town and we are here to relax. He tells me he is local and comes here to dance with all the women.I asked him what his name was. He told me Jamal . “Jamal I am in a bind . My wife thinks nobody in here will dance with her. She got this self low esteem problem. I need to prove other wise. I will buy you a couple rounds of drinks if you ask her to dance.’ I saidJamal said he would be glad to help me out. Besides he does love to dance and no drinks need to be bought.He just needs a description of her and what she is wearing.I gave him the description from her body build to her clothes and told him to just look for the cleavage. I also told him to compliment her on how fine she looks. Don’t forget we do not know each other.I left out the restroom and went back to the bar at the opposite end from Donna. Jamal came out a couple of minutes later. He look across the bar and spotted Donna. Donna was just sitting at the bar moving her head to the music. Jamal walked up to her and started talking to her. I could see he made the gesture to go dance. Donna shook her head no.No! I said to myself. After all the work I did to get you to dance and you said no! I am a sob. But Jamal was not taking no for an answer. I could see he made her laugh with a joke and then she went off to the dance floor. After the first song they stayed on the floor for the next song. This time Donna really got into the song and she was a shaking canlı bahis and a baking . I loved it when she moved back then towards Jamal leaning forward with the top of her cleavage wiggling. They danced one more song and then went back to sit down.I figure that was my clue to walk in so Jamal can make his exit and dance with the other women. Hey Donna, who is your friend? I ask.“This is Jamal. He is a real good dancer. “she said.“This is my husband. “ she said to Jamal.Jamal and I shook hands.“Well it was nice meeting you but I have to go.” Jamal said.“Could you stay for a couple of more dances?” Donna asked while she look for an okay look from me.“If it is okay with your husband I will” Jamal said“Go dance you two. I will have another round of drinks for all of us waiting.”Again they went off to dance. I can see Donna is starting to enjoy herself again. This makes me happy.A slow song came on and they were dancing close together. Jamal was rubbing Donna on the ass and she was enjoying the attention she was getting.The song was over. The two were heading back my way. I could see Donna was enjoying herself with Jamal. I made a gesture with my hand pointing to my wedding band. Donna does the same but covers her wedding band and gives me a laugh. Things are finally looking to be back to normal.“Man I need to go this time. Not that I don’t enjoy the dancing but my buddies across town have pay per view for the fight tonight.” Jamal said.“I plan on watching the fight in the hotel room. If you want and Donna don’t mind you can come up to our room to watch it with us. I will get room service to bring us some beer and hot wings” I said“It sure beats driving across town tonight that is if your wife don’t mind.” Jamal said.“All you guys are the same. You only have the 2 S’s on your mind. One S is for sports and the other S is for…. You know what I mean. And of course I don’t mind having you as a guest. Donna said laughing again.We get to the room. I get the pay per view going, Call room service for beer and some hot wings. Jamal and I settle into a couple of chairs to watch the fight. Donna sits on the floor with her head leaning against my legs and rubbing my legs with her hand.Half way thru the fight Jamal says jokingly it is not fair that Donna is massaging my legs .I tell Donna to go massage Jamal’s legs so I won’t have to hear him crying for the rest of the fight.She gets up and starts to give Jamal’s legs a rub down. I can see Jamal is enjoying it a little too much by the large tent pole in his pants. Donna noticed it too and back hands it a few times.It was getting close to the end of the fight. Donna said she was going to take a shower and get ready for later having lost a bet.After about 5 minutes the fight is over. Jamal was getting up to leave.“Jamal before you leave I have to ask you something” I saidHe listen to what I had to say.“ I would love to“ Jamal answered to my question“ But what would Donna think?” Jamal asked.“I will talk to her. Just leave those details to me.” I told Jamal.Jamal was walking towards the door leading out the hotel room.“Goodbye Donna it was nice dancing with you”. he said“Bye Jamal I had a great time. Maybe we can meet again on our next trip back.” Donna said thru the closed bathroom door.You could hear the door open then close leaving out the hotel room.“I did not bring any sexy clothes but you will still like what is underneath this robe. Besides it is time for you to collect on the other S.” Donna said as she walks out the bathroom with her robe opened.Donna dropped her robe off in front of me showing off to me her sexy body . From the corner of her eyes she spots Jamal sitting on one of the 2 queen beds in the room. She hurries up and crosses her arms across her big breast and hides in front of me so Jamal can’t see her naked. “I am sorry I did not know you were still here Jamal” Donna said will trying to grab her dropped robe.Donna quickly puts the robe back on. I grab her in my arms and kiss her softly.“Remember when you saw me looking at the picture of the 20 something year old white girl with a young black stud? The reason why I was so excited is because I was picturing you with the black stud. I want to give you a week end where I hope to make you feel like you are in your twenty’s. I want you to have an sex appetite of young woman that only can be satisfied by a young man. A young man that will fuck you all night long. You deserve to have this” I said.Donna was lost for words“Now you don‘t have to do this if you don‘t want to. I will not hold it against you if you do or don‘tBut I am giving you a chance to have your body ravage by a young black stud. I will sleep in the other bed and you will sleep with Jamal for the next 2 nights.” I saidDonna was still lost for words.“ The choice is yours. You can crawl into the bed with Jamal or you can walk back into the bathroom and I will send him home.” I saidDonna walked back towards the bed with Jamal in it. She stands in front of him and drops her robe to the ground. Donna is now completely naked standing in front of Jamal. Jamal pulls off all his clothes showing his lean and muscular black body to my wife. Jamal’s cannon was rising to attention. He pulled down my wife next to him and starts to kiss her. He then grab one of her white breast and nibbles on her nipple .Donna responds back by gently rubbing his cock. They both explore each others body. Donna kisses Jamal on the chest and works her kisses down to his black cock. She takes his cock and starts to suck it. Jamal positions himself to were they are now doing a 69 . Donna likes having her pussy licked. In no time she was having an orgasm. Jamal then lays Donna on her back. He lifts her legs up and starts to rub the head of his dick against my wife’s pussy.His massive black cock slowly inches its way into my wife. She moans softly as Jamal thrust deeply back and forth. There I was watching my wife with another man. Not just any man but a young virile black man .He had his black body on top of my naked white wife giving her sexual pleasures like she never had before In her life.I had been watching them for just about 2 hours. I watched as my wife wrapped her white legs around Jamal black body and thrashed violently every time she had a orgasm. I started to fall asleep to the sounds of my wife getting pleasure. Their bed was squeaking hard and in a fast rhythm. I now must be dreaming Feels like someone is performing oral sex on me. I woke up casting an eye down between my legs and see my beautiful wife giving me a blow job. I glanced at the alarm clock. It showed about an hour and a half since I felt my eyes go close.“Honey why are you not laying in bed with Jamal? I askedShe stopped sucking me. She looked up at me and was softly stoking me.”Jamal just finish his 4th time he cumed in me. He wanted to rest a little so he can do me again in the morning. I just wanted to come over and give you some relief.’ Donna said.I told Donna to sit over my face. I can smell and see the sex Donna and Jamal just done. It was intoxicating.A black man’s cum was dripping out my wife. I was licking and sucking her pussy. That was the quickest Donna ever camed with me doing oral on her.I rolled her over on her back. My hard bahis siteleri cock was racing to get into my wife’s love channel.I started, not make love to my wife, but to fuck her.“ Don’t hold back. Go ahead and cum in me. I know you want to. Just like that black cock did in me 4 times. I know you were enjoying watching me fuck a black man like a white slut.” Donna said.I never ever heard words like that out Donna’s mouth. I camed with in a second of her saying a black man was fucking her. I felt like I was a twenty year old cuming.Donna then got out of my bed and went to lay down naked next to Jamal. Her white breast were resting on his back. She felled asleep with her arms around Jamal. I then went to sleep with a smile on my face.The next morning I was awoken to the sounds of Jamal on top of my wife. He was fucking her hard and fast again. I watched them for a little while. I then got up to take a shower. I finished my shower and looked at Jamal and my wife still fucking . Jamal left out a little grunt and camed again in Donna. Jamal rolled off my wife. His black dick was dripping with his cum, “You two birds. Why don’t you go take a shower together while I order some breakfast. I need to add Jamal as our guest to our room for last night and for tonight. Might as well tell them to bring an extra robe while they are at it.” I saidJamal and Donna jumped into the shower together. I can hear the water running. They left the door open so I can take a peek to see what was going on. There was my white wife in a shower sucking on a black dick. I called the front desk to order breakfast and all the other things I needed to do.Donna and Jamal were just finished their shower and drying off when room service knock at the door.I answer wearing a robe and let the woman in rolling the cart. She started to hand me the robe but I told her to just hand it to my wife. Donna just walked out the bathroom tying close her robe. She took it and started to hand it to Jamal who had his black arm out to grab the robe. I winked at the woman who brought the food and robe when she saw Jamal’s arm. She winked back at me with a smile on her face. I tipped her good and sent her on her way. We all sat down and ate our breakfast. I asked Jamal and Donna what were the plans for today besides getting naked in the bed. “Staying naked in the bed does sound like a good plan to me but Jamal and I was thinking of going swimming here. Donna said.“Yes we can start off swimming but I have to get home for 2 to 3 hours to get more clothes and my bathing suit” Jamal saidWe finished eating. Jamal got dressed to head home. Donna walked him to the door. She open up her robe to let Jamal fondle her before he left.Donna looked at me and started to rub my hard on under my robe..“You like me sucking on a black cock in the shower. I bet you will cum in my mouth like Jamal did”Donna said.I gave my wife a deep French kiss and moved her head towards my erect dick. She suck on it and I camed quick.We got dressed and went to the nearest mall. Donna wanted a new bathing suit. She held out her hand for the credit card. She told me to go do with guys do when they go to malls with their wife. I left to find me a good cup of coffee. I sat at the coffee shop drinking my coffee .I was thinking of how this couple of nights will forever change the sex life between my wife and I. I know it will be for the good. Donna called said she was finish shopping and wanted to get back to the hotel. Told me she did not want Jamal to be waiting for us. I now know the secret to getting your wife to leave a mall. Just say your black boyfriend will be waiting to fuck you. We better get on home.We were back in the hotel for a couple of minutes when there was a knock at the door. It was Jamal in his bathing suit. He came in, Jamal and my wife embraced. I could see Jamal was getting an erection in his bathing suit. Donna reach down and pulled his cock out. My wife then dropped to her knees and in front of me started to suck on Jamal’s black cock. In no time Jamal was shooting his load in her mouth and she swallowed it all.She then jumped up and went into the bathroom to change into her bathing suit. She came out to model her new bathing suit. This was the first time I ever saw my wife happy to model a bathing suit. It was a bikini! Her large breast were hanging out with just her nipples covered. It had just a little patch in the front and the back barely covered her plump ass. Dam she looked so sexy.All 3 of us get to the pool. My wife and Jamal jump in and play around in the water. They flirt with each other and do some kissing. I sat in a chair drinking a beer. I watched them for a while pretty much had to keep a towel on my lap to hide my hard on. It was getting a little late. The mixed couple in the pool told me they were going to the room. I told them I will be there in 10 minutes after I finish drinking my last beer.I get back to the room. Jamal is on top of my wife with her white legs on top of his black shoulders. He is pounding her hard. I walk over and hold her legs up for him. This way he gets to fuck her harder and deeper. Donna cums quick. I hold the legs up till Jamal shoots his load deep into my wife.I go back and sit in a chair as the two takes a quick breather before starting back up again. Jamal fucks Donna for another 2 hours. He cums in her again. They lay in each other arms. Jamal said he has to leavesoon because he does have to be at work early the next morning. Jamal gets up and goes into the shower. Donna follows him. Again they leave the door open so I can watch. With the shower running Donna takes Jamal’s black balls into her mouth as she strokes his cock. Then she works her way back to the head of the cock. Again I get to see a black cock in my wife’s mouth. This time it took a little while but my wife did manage to suck up some black nut butter from Jamal.With out my wife’s mouth on Jamal’s cock he was able to get dress. Donna lay in the bed as I walked Jamal out. Jamal gave me his phone number and told me to call him if we want a repeat. After the door close I took off all my clothes and jump into the bed. I was atop Donna and started to fuck her hard like an a****l.“You really must enjoy watching Jamal fuck me. I enjoy it too. Maybe we can do this again where you can watch a big black cock fuck me” Donna said.We did it all night long. We did it more than what we did on our honeymoon. I felt like I was twenty years old again.For the next 6 weeks every night Donna and I went at it. We had a lot of dirty talk as we did the deed about her fucking black cocks.Then one day Donna came home from work with tears in her eyes. She went to the doctor who told her she was 4 to 6 weeks pregnant. I took her in my arms and gave her a big kiss as I rubbed her tummy.“But, but it may not be yours” Donna said.“I don’t think that will be a problem. When you were with Jamal it was at your least fertile time. Not only that but Jamal told me he had no k**s. He is sterile . In eight months we will find out. The baby will be our c***d no matter who the biological father is . All Jamal did was to get us to be more younger at heart and bring the fire out of both of us. It worked.“ I said.Donna was very happy. She gave me a big bahis şirketleri kiss.“Do you think we can go visit Jamal in 5 months? Do you think Jamal will want to fuck me with my belly sticking out? Donna asked“I bet Jamal would love to fuck a pregnant white woman with her belly sticking out I said .Donna and I had removed all our clothes. We were at it again like a****ls.“You like the idea of Jamal with his black cock fucking your pregnant white wife……………” ————————————————————————————-5 months later……Part 2Donna’s stout, round body was looking good being pregnant. She had that glow about her. Her belly was sticking out, her breast filled out even more and her ass got bigger. She looked so sexy. I could not keep my hands or my dick off of her. Our sex life never slowed down. In fact I found this past week it got more heated.I came home one day from work. Donna handed me a magazine. It was the same one from the Dr’s office. She had the page folded where it showed the white girl sucking off the black guy.“Well I am now 5 months and if I remember correctly you said we can go visit Jamal again.” Donna said.I looked at the picture. Donna started to rub my groin. Would you rather look at the picture or see the real deal she said.I took off all my clothes. Donna started to take hers off. “I bet you would like to see me take off all my clothes in front of Jamal. I bet you would like to see me on my knees sucking his black cock. I bet you would like to see his black hands rub my white pregnant belly. I bet you would like to see Jamal’s black face sucking on my white breast. But I bet you would love to see the most is your wife’s pregnant pussy swallowing up Jamal’s black cock” Donna said.I lost all control. I was fucking Donna on the living room floor. When we were finished I told her I would make a call. Then I laughed and told her next time to just ask.The next day I called Jamal. I asked how things were going. He said he can’t complain. He said he is having a little dry spell with the ladies though. I told him not to worry. Stay loose for next weekend. Donna and I want to come on down and visit. We plan on staying at the same hotel as before. If he had no plans he is welcome to come on by.Jamal wanted to know if he should pack an overnight bag. I told him I did not want it any other way. Jamal wanted to know how Donna was doing. I told him she is doing great. She got a lot of self esteem back. I told him Donna would love to feel him in her again. Need I say more?I told Donna I made plans for us next weekend to meet Jamal. Donna looked at me. “I really did not think you would set it up”.“Well I can call him back and cancel if you don’t want to go” I saidYou better not she said. “Did you tell him I am pregnant?’ Donna ask.No I did not. I want to see the look on his face when he sees you.For the rest of the week again we fucked like teenagers. Donna was getting very vocal about having a black cock in her. I was getting very vocal in return saying I wanted for her again to have a black cock in her.The weekend was finally here. We made our way to the hotel. This time Donna just wanted one big king bed in the room. Donna jumped into the shower to get ready. I told Donna Jamal will be here in twenty minutes. Donna was still in the bathroom when I left Jamal in.I told Jamal why don’t he make himself comfortable and take his clothes off. Jamal had his clothes off in no time. He was sitting on the edge of the bed sporting a hard on .I looked over at him and said “ By the look of your hard dick you must be thinking of fucking my wife.”“You know I am” Jamal said.Donna came out the bathroom wearing a sheer red short gown that hardly covered her breast and belly. She had no panties on and she shaved her pussy. I was ready to fuck her then and there.Jamal eyes got wide open when she let him see her belly poking out. His eyes looked like something you see in the cartoons when a black person gets a surprise.Donna you look like you are pregnant Jamal said.That is because I am replied Donna.How that happen Jamal coughing as he asked.It is from you or my husband fucking me. But don’t worry . Either way my husband and I will raised it as our own. Now come over here and fuck me. It is too late to worry about who the baby’s daddy is.I got undress. Donna sat between Jamal and I . She reached down and started to jerk off each of our cocks. I told Donna to go ahead and take care of Jamal. I told her you know what I want to see.Donna wasted no time and grabbed Jamal’s black cock and slid it into her pussy.My pregnant wife was now on top of a black guy with his black cock being swallowed by my wife’s pregnant pussy. The best part was that swollen belly could have been caused by the same black cock that is in her now. Baby is this what you wanted to see? Isn’t this better than some magazine pictures? Donna askedDonna camed . Jamal then rolled Donna on her back and started to fuck her the way she was meant to be fuck. Him on top of her. He busted a nut in no time. I could see his black dick snaking his way out my wife’s pussy leaving a trail of cum behind.For the rest of the night Jamal and I took turns fucking my wife. All 3 of us felled into the bed exhausted and fell asleep.The next morning I had Donna in my arms facing me. Jamal slid behind her. Donna grab his black dick to guide it into her pussy. Jamal started to fuck her. Donna told me she wanted to feel the two men that could be the baby’s daddy inside of her at the same time.I lay on my back and while Jamal was fucking her from behind. She slid my cock into black loving pussy. I could feel Jamal cock ride against mine as we both fucked Donna at the same time. I did not think we would have enough room with my dick, Jamal s’ dick and Donna’s belly occupying the same space at one time but we did.Donna started to cum and it was the wettest I ever felt from her pussy. I could feel Jamal tense up and his dick got harder as I felt his hot load spilled into my wife’s pussy. After feeling my wife and Jamal cumming I too shot a big wet hot load.Jamal said it was time for him to go. He jumped into the shower. I told Donna to go join him. It looked very erotic them two in the shower with his black hands washing her white swollen belly. He rolled her over and mounted her from behind. I walked in and opened the shower door to hold up my wife while she gets fucked for the last time by Jamal.On the way out Jamal said to call him when Donna has her baby. He said he wanted to know what the baby looked like.I told him I will be sure to let him know if it was a boy or girl.On the way home Donna looked at me and wanted to really know if I was all right with a possibility that Jamal could be the father. I told her if I had a problem I sure would not have arraigned this weekend for her to fuck him. She then took my hand and placed it on her belly saying we will be one big happy family.Four months passed by. It was Donna’s due date. We had a bouncing baby boy.I called up Jamal to give him the news. He was happy to hear about it.A year goes by. One day while the whole family was laying in the bed I asked Donna if maybe we should try again. Maybe it would be nice if our son had a little sister.Donna said she would love that. You know what else would be nice if they both would have the same biological father as I reached over to call Jamal to see what he was doing this weekend. Donna had a big smile on her face.

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