How to train your dragon sex with toothless. part

How to train your dragon sex with toothless. partAstrid cast her eyes on her axe before looking back to Toothless. He simply lay there waiting and accepting his fate. She could bring her axe down and end his life. End the life of her Hiccups guardian, first and best friend. If Toothless had shown himself the day after her ****, his blood would already be seeping across the floor. Today, however, she was conflicted. What she said to Hiccup was true she loved this b**st. Hiccups stuttered suggestion ran through her head and she had to focus to prevent herself from ripping her clothes off and riding Toothless and Hiccup into the ground.Astrid thought of the situation, she couldn’t let this go; he deserved some form of punishment. Death would be far too much. An idea formed something she used with Hiccup, but there would be no reward for now. Hiccup stood behind her, and she could hear an occasional sob escape him. He wouldn’t make a move to stop her, and she hated making him feel like this. The axe clattered to the ground and both Toothless and Hiccup snapped their eyes to her. Hiccup held his breath as Astrid stepped passed her fallen weapon. Toothless watched her approach, making no move to escape whatever she had planned. Astrid glared down at the ebony b**st before reeling back and punching Toothless’ shoulder.”That was for r****g me.” She growled, while striking again. “That was for making me horny for the past week.” Her fist cocked back one more time. “This is for making me want to do it again.” She blushed as Toothless stared at her, confused. “If you ever do that again without my permission…” She jabbed Toothless’ snout. “… I will make a skirt, boots, and belt out of your hide, and,” She glared at him. “I’ll make Hiccup wear a vest.” She added malevolently, behind her Hiccup blanched but hung his head in acceptance. Toothless glanced from Hiccup to Astrid and bowed his head. “You should apologize to Hiccup, and stay here while I take my bath, by the gods if I see you watching me.” She stalked towards the door grabbing a towel on the way. Astrid yanked open the door and turned around to glare at the b**st before shouting. “BOOTS” With that, she turned, walked out and slammed the door shut, leaving a confused Toothless and a mildly relived Hiccup.Toothless stood up shakily and slowly walked over to Hiccup, nudging the axe and looking at his friend.”You don’t get out that easy,” Hiccup stated, taking the axe off the ground and placing in its place of honor. Toothless gave him a confused and scared look. “You ****d her, you ****d my wife; your life is hers.” Hiccup sighed, and Toothless hung his head and warbled sadly. How could he be hers, he would never let her fly him, that was Hiccups job. Hiccup shook his head, a part of him was angry bahis firmaları with his friend but a part of him was drawn back to what Astrid. He loved Toothless, and he loved Astrid. Toothless was his first true friend, and Astrid is the woman who accepted him for his eccentric ways. He paused for a moment, and Toothless sat down in front of him, his eyes wide.”Look buddy I…” Hiccup shook his head. “I should be more upset with you.” Toothless warbled again and the two friends fell into an awkward silence. Before long Hiccup stomach grumbled and Toothless looked at him inquisitively.”Yeah, maybe its time to get some food, we’ll go for a short flight afterward.” Hiccup stated as he walked towards the door. The two friends made there way to the Mead Hall. Hiccup was still trying to sift through his feelings. Taking his food he sat in the corner while glaring at his friend. “Some days I wish you could talk.” Hiccup grumbled and Toothless went through a series of warbles and trills. “In a language I can understand.” He amended with a smile while Toothless huffed. They ate quietly until Hiccup had his fill, and with a sigh he stood up and waved Toothless to the door. When they reached the Haddock Homestead Toothless stopped, while Hiccup gave him a confused stare.”What’s wro… Humph,” Hiccup never finished as Toothless wrapped him and a tight grip. His friend was purring punctuated with sad trills and warbles. Hiccup still had no idea what he was saying, and before long Toothless released him and paced continuing his draconic rant. Toothless knew Hiccup had no idea what he was saying, damn primates and their inferior speech.”I take it that was a heart felt apology?” Hiccup asked, and Toothless nodded. Hiccup shook his head, and smiled slightly. “I.. Just… I mean I cant condemn your taste in women but…” Hiccup eyed his best friend. “… You should have asked her.” Hiccup finished and Toothless warbled confused. “Don’t give me that, you could have figured something out, instead you used you pheromone things to force her too…” Hiccup gestured awkwardly at Toothless. “…By the sounds of it you could have asked and she might have done it.” The young man shrugged, while shaking his head.”She loves you know?” Hiccup stated, while Toothless fixed him with an incredulous look. “What? I know I love you,” Hiccup stated truthfully and Toothless made a disgusted noise. “Not like that,” Hiccup shook his head. “I mean if you were a woman…” Hiccup chuckled, while Toothless gave him an annoyed look. “… Look I know you’re sorry, but Astrid will be upset for awhile, can you stay at the stables for a bit until she calms down?” Hiccup asked and Toothless nodded slowly. He chuckled softly, and shook his head. “If it was anyone else, you would be dead, you kaçak bahis know that right?” Hiccup frowned. “I would have killed them, but when she said it was you I didn’t believe her, you would never do that, or at least that’s what I told myself.” Shaking his head he turned to his friend. “The way Astrid acted I knew it was true and I thought to myself why had he done it? And why am I not upset.” Toothless looked down sadly. “Just don’t do it again, I don’t want to wear a vest made out of my best friend, and she would do it too.”The Cove.Astrid walked to the cove still upset, and it had little to do with the recent altercation. Actually it had everything to do with the altercation because now Hiccup and Toothless were at the house and she was heading to her bath alone without the possibility of sex.When she arrived at the small lake in the cove she walked up to the rock she used last week, a small smile graced her face as she undressed. She took her time imagining Hiccup and Toothless watching her. Slowly sliding her skirt off, sensually shifting her hips as the leather item slipped from her waist. A part of her felt silly, imaging their lusty grins but it felt good. With a new found good mood she slowly lifted her tunic, letting the fabric ghost over her skin, goosebumps forming as the cool air nipped at it. Tossing the tunic on the rock she kicked off her boots and stretched her legs showing off her flexibility, the thought of their eyes roving every inch of her body started to heat her core. Shimmying out of her leggings she slid her hands up her stomach before griping her under-wrappings. She pressed her breast together before unwinding the wrap. She let out a small giggle as the air touched her bare chest. Resting her back on the same rock Toothless used her on, she slid her hands to her final artical of clothing.Astrid could imagine the look on Hiccup and Toothless’ face and couldn’t help but make a come hither gesture before slipping them off. Her hand slipped into her folds exploring gently while imagining Hiccups caress, and Toothless warm tongue. Soft moans escaped as she found that wonderful little bump, exploring it as best she could. This was never as good as when Hiccup did it, and it made her want him more. She brought herself closer to the edge, her breath becoming erratic, her moans growing louder. She thrust her hips into the air, rocking into her hand, trying to comprehend what it would feel like to have the two of them fill her. To feel the two of them stir her insides, and it brought her over the edge. She screamed out in her release before collapsing to the rock. Resting against the rock, while enjoying her after glow, Astrid mentally slapped herself for including Toothless in her excitement.She was suppose kaçak iddaa to be mad at him, though she had done similar things with Hiccup. There was the time he forget her birthday, and locked himself in the forge for hours and forgot about her, then there was date night… It slowly dawned on her, every time Hiccup messed up, Toothless was right there. She always thought Toothless was with Hiccup, but every time Hiccup was too busy or was being well Hiccup, Toothless was there. She shook her head sadly, did she over react? No, but can she forgive him… She thought as she waded into the cool water. Her thoughts strayed to that rock again, and all the possibilities. ‘Damn pheromones…’ She would try to convince herself. ‘Just pheromones.’Hiccup finished, then went in and tacked Toothless up. The pair flew calmly while Hiccup reflected on the recent development. It was all too fast, Astrid ****d by his best friend, and how she was unsure on how she should feel, the thought that she wanted to try the three of them together. He was still trying to wrap his head around that. How it work and what it would feel like, and would the idea last when the mating season fled. Their flight lasted an hour and before they knew it Hiccup and Toothless landed at the dragon stables. Dismounting he removed the tack and patted his friend in farewell before heading home. When Hiccup returned home Astrid was preparing dinner, she smiled softly.”Stoick was by, said he would be leaving tonight for The Meatheads, asked me to say goodbye for him.” She relayed before gesturing to sit and eat. “Is Toothless out there?” She asked quietly and Hiccup shook his head.”No, I asked him to stay at the dragon stables.” Hiccup informed Astrid who nodded. They sat in silence while eating before Astrid broke it.”I’m sorry for earlier, but you know I would never kill him.” She said softly and Hiccup looked up at her.”I didn’t think you would after what you said.” Hiccup replied cautiously, Astrid blushed and nodded.”I thought about it while bathing.” She added. “I love him.” and Hiccup smiled, Astrid blushed and took his hand.”I love him too.” Hiccup replied with a smirk. “So what does this mean?” He asked and Astrid shook her head.”Nothing, I’m still mad at him, and when this stupid mating season is over he can come home,” Astrid said and Hiccup gave her an inquisitive look. “I don’t need him around, I already jump you every possible time I can,” She added. “I don’t want to start jumping him too, I don’t know if you two could handle me like this.” A sly grin crossed her face and Hiccup blushed.”So your still um horny?” Hiccup stuttered, while Astrid blushed. She gave her man a seductive grin before dragging him towards the stairs. “And when this is over?” He asked, and Astrid shrugged.”I don’t know, I might want to know what it feels like to have those I love fill me.” She murmured seductively. “But that could be the pheromones talking.”This is not really a sexually active story just an ending want more tell me.

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