Hubby’s best friend. (Covid19 return)


Hubby’s best friend. (Covid19 return)Hey u guys :)So… like the rest of the world, me 2 has been lacking in sex lol.It was my hubby’s birthday this week (June 2020) an we decided to organise a bbq for him.With covid19 restrictions in place, only a small bbq with some friends was organised.Obviously I was inviting my hubby’s best friend from my first story lol.The party started at about 5pm and carried on into the early hours of the morning.Everything was going as planned, and we were all when on our way. (Tipsy)I headed to the kitchen to prepare a drink when I stumbled across hubby’s friend Darren.He waisted no time in passing me a very rude compliment lol…. ” you know exactly what your doing with that big arse in that skirt dont you lol, I would absolutely destroy now if I could.”Soo obviously Darren’s extremely horny too lol… I replied to darren with no no no not at all, I know exactly what I’m doing with what’s underneath lol. He then came closer pulled me towards the hall area, just a little bit out of site of window. He gave me a little snog while popping his hand under the back of my skirt.”No knickers, I love it u little slut” I grabbed his cock and said i love this…I then backed away an said go back to party before were istanbul escort noticed.The party carried on with a good laugh and plenty of rude compliments lol.It was close to 10pm when we realized we hadn’t quite stocked the correct amount of alcohol.I knew this was my chance to have a little fun lol, so I told darren to organise a lift as we were all well over the limit.I told my hubby I would go with Darren and his friend to grab some more drinks.Darren’s friend arrived and he was a hotty, only wearing a vest, football shorts and flip flops. I was still impressed lol. We headed off for the off licence to purchase some drinks.I still didn’t quite know how anything could happen with Darren’s friend been present.We went into the shop and Darren started being Darren lol, he was laughing and joking and pulling out of me like a k**.I then asked how the hell can we do anything with your friend with us.He told me my hubby doesnt know him, and he wont say a thing.I was confused and had so many questions, but I was horny and drunk lol, so too many questions weren’t asked.We left the shop when Darren told his friend to head for the industrial estate near my house.I didn’t really avcılar escort say much, as I didn’t know what to say in front of his friend.We pulled into an enclosed area of the industrial estate. Darren waisted no time and straight away pulled out his cock.It was huge exactly as I remembered….I said what are you doing you mad thing, clearly because his friend was sitting present.He then says relax, and to his friend says “this is the little milf I was telling you off” to his friend.My jaw hit the floor and I went red in the face lol…His friend then tells me “I heard you like a big cock on the side”Right then he pulls out his cock, and omg he had such a fat cock…For the imagination his cock was the width of jar of jam or something along that line.I gasped for air, while been very shy. Darren then grabbed my head an pulled it towards his cock.I didn’t hesitate 1 bit, and start to suck Darren’s huge cock hard.I dont get horny giving blowjobs, but when it’s like Darren’s I do lol.It didn’t take long to get hard and I was really getting into it.Then I hear ” she has no knickers on Darren yup lol” his friend getting excited lol, I then felt him pulling up my skirt and roughly starting to lick my clit from şirinevler escort behind while holding me arse cheeks. Few minutes in and I come so hard jus from his tongue…Darren then pulls me over an says hes fucking me first…He pulled me out of his friends jeep and bent me into the back seat.Forcing his cock so hard straight into me, I was been used…His friend slid under my face an forced his cock into my mouth.Darren fucked me so hard from behind I struggled to suck his friends big cock.I came and then they swapped, this continued for another 5 orgasms. I was on top of his friend on back seat of jeep with my bum towards the door.Darren pulled me towards him while been on his mate and forced his cock into me aswel.I squealed and moaned so hard as they jus went harder and harder.After over an hour of positions and orgasns from just me, they lied my down and wanked over me.I helped with there 2 huge cocks over my face to soon receive 2 massive loads of all over my face, hair and chest.I was destroyed in come and headed straight for shower when we got back home.Darren told my hubby I felt a little sick while we went for drinks and had to stop for ages because of me.I was having a hot shower with the biggest smile on my face.Just been fucked by 2 studs straight after LOCKDOWN lol.The party went on until 3am and everyone went home.I went to bed a happy lady, so I treated my husband to a good blowjob lol, ps my jaws were so sore from sucking Darren and his friend, but thankfully my hubby ain’t that big pmsl.Until next time guys love use xxx

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