Huda dances poked smacked waxed table tied


Huda dances poked smacked waxed table tiedSeveral weeks ago we hiked in the park and over the past week we invited Huda’s hubby over for snacks while she worked, He told of her randy ways and that her feels there marriage has barely scratched the surface of her wild desires. I has met many of her friends and they tell of her explorations but then he tells we have struck a nerve , she came home relaxed and wild for a change riding him to the wee hours of the morning. We show him one of our guide forms and he looks and tells this could be what she needs so we describe what we might do while he is away on a work trip, A wide grin on his face he mutters he would like a video if possible. A day later we get a call and arrange to meet on Friday but the wife goes to meet her at work to give her a diet guide to follow several days before, then shows her the first page watching her wiggle in her seat then sign at the bottom. Huda remarks that dancing for us would be a pleasure and agreeing was easy and that she would bring some arabic belly dance music as well as a bedlah style outfit so the music would flow and be captivating.Then while at lunch the wife informs her the dance might be paused at times and Huda looks at the wife perplexed as she places the second page on the table, Reading the text eyes widen as she reaches the bottom then swallows and looks at the wife and with a shuddering voice “this could be interesting”. Signing the bottom she remarks it has been several years since she has had a contract so racy and then tells us “ the weekend can’t come soon enough”, the wife tells her to get lots of rest before coming over Friday and they hug and she says “ok”. Several workmates I spoke to later that day wondered what happened at lunch because Huda was giddy and excited but productive, then showed of some new scarves she purchased for the weekend then met her friends after work and they though it would be good for her to explore after being married.The wife picked up Huda and they were home and showered when I arrived but were making the outfit for the dance as a surprise for me, the wife likes to make clothes because we often make and sacrifice an outfit during a scenario and Huda’s was not any different even though she has not been told . Several times the wife came out to give me peek at the outfit with its fitted bra and wrap skirt, my hand went right into my pants after the wife left but I know things would be satisfying by evenings end. The living room was prepared with a thick mat and other details to prepare bakırköy escort for the entertainment as the last preparations get done and I get comfortable on the couch and arrange the big coffee table. Several minutes later the wife comes out to join me and brings a bag of toy’s and starts the music, a minute passes then a flowing outfit emerges from the side and glides around the room revealing the color and fluidity of the smooth music. Then as Huda stands and opens her arms wide the wife pauses the music with her back facing us, we can see her deep breathing as the wife motions me to get up and grope our guest dancer while she remains frozen. Instructed not to speak and to hold indefinitely I rub and squeeze up her firm back and arms then pass the back of my fingers down her front while she takes a deep breath ending by brushing her inside thigh, the wife resumes the music and the dancing flows around the room again her eyes slightly gazed at the suggestive handling. Retrieved from the bag the wife pauses the music again while Huda is slightly bent back arms above her head we stand on either side and then give a light Smack on her thigh, each strike gets a squeak as she holds her posture then the wife cradles her head for balance. I give steady taps on her legs and thighs and then stomach getting shuddered breathing then the wife lets go, sitting down the music begins and Huda tries to flow but stumbles slightly I look at the wife and she rustles through the bag. Clothes pins are revealed and as Huda finishes a sideways move and comes to a near standing position the music pauses, arms outstretched and feet flat we approach and apply cloths pins to her sides and back with string and I suggest she dance and not lose any. Big eyes as they pinch her skin making her squeak then we sit and start the music, slowly she begins and minute later a pop and several fall to the floor followed by a O M G expression from Huda as we pause the music. The wife brings an adjustable clamp to reattach with some weights and she cringes as she tries to hold her frozen position, panting to overcome the pinch we give her several smacks then start the music and continue smacking timing the strikes as she approaches. Ten minutes pass and the weights swing freely so the wife grabs the string and as she moves away the clothes pins are removes with little squeals, we continue smacking her as she dances around the room Huda’s eyes in a daze and are often closed as she falls into a trance beşiktaş escort of calmness not knowing she only just begun. Pausing the music the wife adds several more clamps and weights with little response but then adds small rope to each clamp and holds the long tail as the music begins, holding the dozen rope restrains dance movement the limit found as the clamp pulls then the wife reaches in and we remove all of them. A soft moan emerges as the tender skin recovers and her eyes closed she moves around the room for the last turns then the wife rustles through the bag and pauses the music, short needles and beads are revealed and Huda’s thick smooth skin on her sides gets pinched and we insert a needle with beads on string for weight and release to hang. Now panting we have inserted six on each side and the dangling weight makes her shudder when they swing, the wife adds several more remarking a bare stomach should have decoration other than the beads on the outfit.The music begins again and we hear grunts as the weights pull her skin with each movement so the wife lets her dance for five minutes and then pauses handing me scissors, several pieces of flowing material are removed from the top as well as half of the bottom exposing Huda’s swollen pussy giving the wife a reason for several clamps to be added. Wanting to close her thighs but stopping herself the wife spots this and scolds in a whisper going back to the bag for another weight, then the music resumes and movement is slow to keep the weights from swinging too much so an option is retrieved from the bag. Now paused and standing arms outstretched the wife motions me to approach as she gives Huda her option, pussy clamps or nipple clamps but you still dance but while she thinks about it the wife adds more weights to some of the strings while I brush me hands around her chest over her breasts feeling some hidden firm pert erasers. Deciding that more weights would be the best for now the wife and I insert several more needles with weights and the music resumes, Huda grunts softly arms out stretched the weights swinging her endorphins numbing her body as well as being relaxed.The wife pauses the music after five minutes and brushes her skin as well as rubbing her pussy getting a loud groan and lots of moist juices, slightly groggy and stumbling through the dances Huda has her mouth open taking deep long breaths. Several long movements ending in stumbles helps the wife and I to decide to make a change and pause beylikdüzü escort the music, then we get up and grab Huda’s wrists have her stand in the middle of the room. Adding a blindfold we remove the needles with each causing squeaks and grunts then firm rubbing of her whole body while supporting her , then while she pants long breathes we move her to the coffee table and lean her backwards to lay down. Huda’s body is relaxed from all the weights and needles submitting fully as we secure her wrists and ankles to the table legs, the wife rubs her pussy her finger slipping inside the moist cave she turns and smiles as I grasp my pole.Huda lays there stretched long but cringes and jerks as I brush her lips her hips lifting to try for more of my pole, ready to enter I push her hips down holding then push a third inside she crunches exhaling and gripping the head of my pole. The gives her a deep kiss and holds her neck pointing out that Huda’s arousal is apparent by her top barely restraining her points, the wife ready to proceed I begin to thrust my pole while the wife drips wax getting deep pants and abrupt jerks the breathing consuming her body without time to speak. Fully inside I hold agents her hips restricting movement but Huda spasms and pants heavily perhaps numb and unaware of the wax covering her shoulders and stomach, then I hold her hips to the table and pull out slightly and thrust roughly several times then I hold fully inserted her body freezes for several minutes fully consumed.Lifting her hips in the air the wife gives her a kiss then holds her head while I pull out with just the head inside, Huda tenses her stomach and legs stretching her arms gripping the head of my pole preventing escape wanting my girth inside her hungary tunnel. My hands clamp on her sides then I thrust my pole roughly causing her to exhale but then hold as I pound a dozen times her pussy slurping she lets out a moan as she tenses her body, now lifted off the table the wife brushes her chest Huda lifts higher when her nipples are brushed she yells “FUCK” then lowers on the table panting softly her body twitching mouth wide open. Pounding steadily her juices leaking on the table and feet pointed she gives little grunts as the wife brushes the wax off her shoulders and stomach, removing the blindfold Huda has dazed eyes closing each time she jerks my thrusting rhythmic her pussy getting nearly a hundred thrusts. The wife rubs her chest and just as I thrust and hold she grips squeezing her breasts she softly mutters “Ooooooooaaaaahhhhhhh” as she arches her back in one last twist and jerk then relaxes on the table breathing softly with her eyes closed.Several minutes later Huda begins to snore tired from her pounding to sleep for six hours tied to the table, later she appears in the kitchen for a snack to comments she enjoyed dancing for us.

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